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J's View

As I get off the ship's steps, my dark, dark purple suitcase in hand, I notice that the supposed "Island of Discord" was all but. In fact, everything I saw in the brochure was completely opposite of what I'm looking at. I set my roller suitcase down and lift the handle up. Before I make a move, I notice two girls to my right, one younger than the other. They both look devastated. One is wearing a blue robe with a hood up while the other has on a poncho like thing. The girl with the poncho has black hair that stands up and black high heels. They both let off a sigh of disappointment at what they're looking at.

"Well I feel jipped," the one with the hair says.

"Come on Lydia, let's head back home," says the one with the robe.

I raise an eyebrow to their apparent disapproval of the place in front of them. I may share that truth, but I paid good money for these tickets.

"You go on ahead Raven, I'm gonna check out something first," the one with the robe says, named Lydia.

"Shoot yourself," the one named Raven says.

The girl named Raven head off into the ship before it finally set off. I, on the other hand, ignore them both and just shrug. Still having a hold of the suitcase handle, I walk farther down the docks. In due time, I arrive at a welcomer. She's blond, she has blue eyes, and she's wearing a pink dress. The trio of anti-me.

"Welcome to the Island of Paradise. My name is Cynthia and I'll be your guide for your stay," she says.

I raise another eyebrow at her before handing her my bag. With a sigh, I let the question out.

"I thought the brochure said that this would be the Island of Discord?" I ask her.

The blond blunder, her wide smile not leaving her face, takes my suitcase before I let it go.

"That takes place next week. We rent the island this week," she says, all perky and happy.

I clench a fist and restrain the nerve to sock her in the nose. Or better yet, give her a little bad luck.

"Punching me and using your powers is strictly forbidden during your stay on the Island of Paradise," she says out of the blue.

How did she know? What kind of sorcery is this? She knew exactly what I was thinking! Does she have telekinesis? Is she reading my mind right now?

"Yay, two points for Alexia!" she shouts in the air.

Before anybody has the nerve to glance over to her perky self, my hand makes a shield over Cynthia's mouth.

"Never say that name again!" I yell in her face.

I remove my hand from her mouth, the demonic and creepy smile still there. Her teeth are as white as snow and I'm sure that when given the chance, she'd read her mind again. Cynthia pops her mouth and points a finger to the sky, ready for another retort.

"Shut up," I say. "Look, just take my bag to my room and come find me. I'll be at the Doom Deli, or is that also changed?"

"No, it's still the Doom Deli, we were unable to get the owner to change the name," Cynthia replies.

With another sigh, I make my way past her. Eventually, just when I think I'm out of her sight and I've reached what looks like a safe haven in the middle of a courtyard, I make a thought. "My god, what a whore!"

"I heard that Alexia!"

My eyes turn to fire and I turn in a flash. My right hand raises in an instant, a pink glow emitting from it. Just as I go to toss it, a hand grasps my arm. It's strong, and feels cold. I turn around to see a jade, blueish figure clenching my arm. The figure is flying in air with jet pack feet and her other hand's fingernails pop open to reveal a set of claws. The figure before me uses those claws and touches the back of my neck. A shock rolls through my body; not enough to knock me out, but enough to sting. My pink glow disappears and I fall to my knees. I shake my head quickly before standing up and turning around to face my new foe.

"What was that for?"

"Cynthia told you that using your powers was off limits. Don't let it happen again, or you will be punished!" the figure tells me.

She squints her eyes on 'will be punished', showing her serious self. But in an instant, she turns into a happy, perky, welcoming person, not unlike Cynthia.

"But until then, enjoy your stay at the Island of Paradise."

My face stares blankly at the figure in front of me, obviously a girl. I think. The whole jet pack boots thing is a little, well, weird.

"What up with you? You're using your powers!"

The girl was a bit confused, raising her eyebrow, but soon gets it and says 'ooh'.

"You mean my jet pack feet? No, I'm a robot, so these don't count," she explains.

"Way to find the loophole there girly girl," I say.

She turns the flames off, slowly descending to the cement path. She makes a hard clang when she reaches the ground, enough so that it makes me wince.

Out of nowhere, a shrilly voice reaches both our ears. It causes us both to react, both of us shocked.


A screen pops out of the girl's next, coming in front of her face. I stare blankly at the back of the screen, losing interesting quickly. I just want a damn sandwich.

"I need you quickly!" the voice says.

"On my way mom," this 'XJ9' says.

The screen goes back into a small, pencil thin device and returns to the figure's neck.

"I'm sorry, I really have to go. My name is Jennie, bye!"

With that, her jet pack boots return and wings spawn from her back. In a moment's instance, she is off into the sky, leaving behind a trail of smoke. With another sigh, I turn around to go to the Doom Deli.

When I arrive, I quickly order a ham and cheese panini. The waiter was a small person, a kid even. He wore a blue top, camo pants and had fire colored hair. He ran off to get my food before I could order a drink.

For a good ten minutes, I just sit in my seat, reading a newspaper, glancing at my nails, looking at the surrounding people and disappointed people like me, feeling jipped because our deeply desired "Island of Discord" was changed with our hated enemy. It's a rather pitiful sight, but they'll get used to it.


I hear a voice shout. It isn't one that surprised me, I've already seen enough surprises today.

"Get me the Test boy!"

I don't bother looking for who it is, I already know. One of the first things we learn in HIVE is to recognize that voice and who it belongs to. He is nothing but trouble and will always end any scuffle he has with you in chaos and disorder. I'm sure Eris is proud, but any villain knows to avoid him. And if he tries to fight you, punch him once, that'll take him out.

"I'm on it-where are you Fire Man!"

The other voice we learn to always recognize. That voice changed from a serious soldier, to a higher, shriller, more idiotic tone. It's like Ed on helium, only more funny. This voice always hangs out with the previous one, and always is more of a nuisance then trouble.

Soon after the higher voice shouted out, my previous waiter comes running out. He gives me my panini on a plate and some water before running back to the kitchen. With another sigh, I eat my sandwich dry.

Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun...

S's View

My mission is simple. Go on, stop whatever evil they're doing, get out. One would think a mission like this would be reserved for someone like Tails, someone who usually always fails, but I found it strange they picked me for this.

After looking through my binoculars at the danger ahead, I set them down on the grass next to me. It's a strange feeling, but I always find myself interested and, almost intrigued by the feel of grass against your skin. With the fur that I have, it's hard to feel it, but at time, I like to take off my gloves and just feel the grass against my skin.

I notice, down at the docks, that more and more goths are leaving. I knew the fake "Island of Discord" thing would get some attention. It's enough so I can make my move quick. The only issue is that I don't know what evil is taking place.

There's a big building, the hotel, residing in the center of the island. That's my first stop.

"One last look wouldn't help," I say.

I grab my binoculars and glance around the island one last time. Cynthia, still perky as ever, XJ9, still a good security robot, Jinx, still-wait!

I quickly turn the binoculars back to what looked like Jinx! But it's nothing. Just another goth with wicked hair and white skin and black clothes. She looks disappointed as her hair, almost like a flame, flows around her. She has a guitar case seated next to her and is talking to a man I hired as one of the two back ups in case I fail. He's posing as a coordinator. He's doing a good job, one of the best.

But, still, I swear I saw Jinx? Maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me? Yeah, that's it. You've been up all night Shadow, take a rest in the hotel and start on it tonight. It's sometimes I thank the fat doctor for making me black and red, it really fits the whole goth scene.

A shadow forms behind me. I almost don't notice it, but I quickly realize that my shadow gets bigger.

"Did you check the ship?" I ask.

The shadow replies quickly. A voice young, but a body strong.

"Yes. Everybody who left, has left. Those who wished to stay, are staying," the shadow says.

"Good. Tell Amy to get the plan ready. We start tonight," I say.

The shadow forms a face; blue eyes, wide grin, circle nose. The shadow then jumps into the trees above me, soaring away to his job.

"Tonight, we claim back Mystic Island," I say with a clenched fist.

But I'm still sure that I saw Jinx.

Hey, this is gonna be an actual story. I'm still doing Only 1 Left and the Clocktower story (maybe about CT). Many Loves Found is almost done, with one chapter, or two, left to go to end of this one. Wow, and it only took two years. Shows you how much I care. (thumbs up and smile)

And remember, rubber, glue.