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S's View

The man that I had told Dr. Amy to call stands in front of me, but I feel disturbed by the fact that he came here so quickly.

"My name's Freakshow, master of all things ghost," he says. "I believe you called."

It takes me a second to recollect my thoughts, but a quick shake of the head does that.

"Yes, but he's not here. If you wouldn't mind following me, I'll show you to it," I say.

"Him," Freakshow replies.

I raise one of my furry eyebrows at him. Him?

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"The ghost is not an it, it is a him," he says.

He seems so serious on the matter that I wave it off. I invite him inside and lead him over to the bed. Jack had provided me with some tools, some 'Shen Gong Wu' as he had called it. One of them allows me to teleport to any destination of my choice. Naturally, it comes in handy at this point in time. I fiddle with some of the Wu on my bed before grabbing one that looks like a claw, the Golden Tiger Claws to be exact.

I put it on and pause to not only remember how to work it, but to also feel its power in my veins. I obviously am taking too long.

"Yes, it looks like a great design, now, the ghost," Freakshow says, ever so impatiently.

I simply nod my head in reply before slashing the air.

"Golden Tiger Claws," I say.

A portal appears where I slashed. I motion with my arms for him to enter. Slowly, he walks over to it, before hopping in. I am soon to follow.

Remaining in the room whenever the two leave, are the rest of the Wu. The door opens, and a tall shadow appears, followed by an evil laugh.


In Dr. Hall's lab, Freakshow and I pile in through the portal. Unsurprisingly, Amy herself is surprised. She goes back against a table, dropping the phone in her hand so that it hits the floor hard. On the table is the ghost in question. He has gray hair that falls below his shoulder and is wrapped in a pony tail. He's also wearing a slick black suit with a red tie around his neck.

"Wow, that was quick," Amy says.

"Is this the ghost in question?" Freakshow asks.

"Yes. Dr. Hall, what's the rundown on him?" Shadow asks.

Dr. Hall rushes over to a different table, grabbing a clipboard with some papers on it. She comes back while reading it over aloud.

"Ok, let's see, Vladimir Masters, goes by the alter-ego, Vlad Plasmius while a ghost—"

"Ghost form," Freakshow interrupts.

He says this while examining the body. I myself ignore him and return to focusing on Dr. Hall.

"The human Vladimir is rich and successful, tried to take over the world, but failed. Dr. Eggman found him wandering throughout space, alone. Shadow found him and saved him, so he brought him to me," she says.

"When did you learn he was a ghost?" Freakshow asks.

He's now going through his clothes and plucks a piece of hair from him before placing it in a small vile.

"I managed to snag a piece of his hair while in 'ghost form. It turns out there's no DNA in that form, meaning he was dead. But when he came back to human, it was a regular DNA," she says.

Freakshow ponders this a bit. He places his hand on his chin before letting it drop with a sigh. He then looks back to us, pulling out a cell phone.

"If you would excuse me, I have some calls to make," he says.

He walks out of a door in the lab. When it closes, I look to Dr. Hall.

"Run a background check on him," I say.

"Way ahead of you," she says.

She pulls out a tan folder with Freakshow's face on it. I clear a nearby medical table of some tools before placing it on there.

"Hey, that was very important stuff," she says.

I begin reading the data-log aloud.

"Freakshow is a carnie of sorts, having been living with his family for years, who were all carnies. Their carnival consisted of using ghosts for entertainment. He was jailed, twice, for trying to take over the world, and attempted murder. He was released for good behavior and became known as a ghost psychologist and examiner."

I toss the folder to the floor with a growl released from my lips.

"I don't care how, but get Jack and Ron over here now. We begin now," I say.

"Oh dear, um, Shadow, the device isn't ready yet," she says.

"Dr. Hall, if my calculations are right, this guy is bad news, and if everything goes as I think it will—"

An explosion occurs above us. Falling through the ceiling, we see a robot girl. She hits the floor hard. On her back, we see a girl. She has long blonde hair and a pink dress. How odd.

"I wouldn't go that far," the girl says.

My eyes widen, and when the smoke clears, I get a good shot of her.

"Cynthia? What are you—?"

A shock suddenly runs through me. It hurts so bad that I hit my knees in pain. I turn around to see me captor, and find Freakshow. Amy tries to attack Freakshow, but Cynthia knocks her out with a punch.

"Trust me Shadow, if anybody's reclaiming Mystic Island, it's us," Freakshow says.

He then fires another shot of his electric pistol-like gun. Another shock rolls through me, and this time, I hit the ground, knocked out cold.


J's View

Le sigh. Talk about bad hospitality. I've been sitting here, tied up under one light for hours. It gets exhausting after a while of boredom. Lucky for me, my annoyances are fixed. The door to the cell opens up, and light fills my room. A burly figure walks in. When my eyes get fixed, I see it's just the guy who interrupted the introduction earlier. He's got somebody on his shoulders. She's got long blonde hair and a white and black dress on. The guy drops her to the floor after noticing me.

"What are you doing here?" he asks.

"I could ask you the same question," I respond.

He just stares at me a bit before shaking his head. He walks behind me and fiddles with the chair.

"What are you doing exactly?" I ask.

"I'm untying you. You shouldn't be here," he says.

I raise my eyebrow at this, but it goes on blind eyes. Once he unties me, I grab the collar of his trench coat and toss him over the chair. He hits the ground, hard.

"Ow!" he shouts.

I jump over the guy to make my way over to the girl. I untie her from her ropes before helping her up.

"Thanks, Eilonwy," she says.

"Jinx," I say.

As we try and rush over to the exit, the guy behind us shouts something completely and utterly random.

"Lasso Boa Boa!"

Just as reach the doorway, a weird rope-like-thing wraps around us both. We hit the ground on our butts, hard. Looking back, I find the guy clutching the rope, a scowl on his face.

"Just because I let one of you go out of the kindness of my heart, doesn't mean I'll let both of you go," he says.

I growl at him. I'm getting tired of calling him 'guy', so here we go.

"What's your name?" I ask.

"Jack Spicer, evil boy genius! That's Princess Eilonwy, the forgotten princess, and you're Jinx, or should I say—"

"Say it and I will kill you," I say.

He sighs. A silence between us where all he does is stare at me, very skeptically.

"Well…?" Eilonwy asks.

"You look familiar to me," Jack says.

"If you're looking to get it on, that's not the best way to start," I say.

He shakes his head quickly, while still looking at me. He snaps his fingers before getting a realization.

"Wait! Shadow! He has a picture of you in his room," he says.

It is at this point that I grow completely confused. My emotions are so mixed. I'm happy he's here, angry he's now getting to me, confusion on to why he's here in the first place, and sadness that he left me.

"You know Shadow," I slowly ask.

"Well yeah, he's sort of my boss," he says.

A pink ball of energy blasts the lasso away. I then grab his collar with my ball in the hair, ready to strike. Eilonwy gets up behind me.

"Whoa!" she says.

"Where…is he?" I ask, all serious.

He gulps. He then opens his mouth to respond.

"Answer wisely," I add.

He then closes his mouth, and gulps again, harder this time.

"Jinx, wait a minute! We need him! Not just for Shadow, but because, well, there's something big going on here," Eilonwy says.

I look back to Jack, and he nods quickly. Reluctantly, I let him go, letting my energy ball disperse.

"You'd better be telling the truth," I say through squinted eyes, all scorn in my voice.

The three of us here a small buzz throughout the room. The three of us glance around for its source, before falling back on Jack. When he notices this, he smiles cheekily and stands up. He brushes himself off and gets a cell phone.

"Y'ello," he says.


It's loud enough for all of us to cringe at its volume. That voice sounded familiar, like I had heard it just an hour ago.

"Ron?" I ask.

"Who don't you know here, seriously?" Jack asks.

Eilonwy raises her hand high, hopping a bit emphasize it. All Jack does is stick his tongue out at her.

"What's up?" he asks.

"We have a problem here! I just walked into Amy's lab, and both her and Shadow are gone!" Ron says.

I roll my eyes before swiping the phone from him.

"Listen to my words closely monkey boy! If Shadow's involved, I am going to help you and Jack, I will bring friends, and you will be sorry you ever kidnapped me!" I shout into it.

The whole room grows silent, even Ron doesn't respond.

"Fine! Whatever! Bring the whole National Guard! See if I care! Just get your butts down here now before—!"

The other end suddenly turns really staticy.

"Ron?" I ask.

It takes a few seconds, but we hear a voice, but it's not Ron's.

"Unfortunately, young Stoppable is unable to respond right now, but if you would love to, I would love to bring him a message," the voice says.

A pant a bit, my breath becoming slow and in-between. I look over at Jack and Eilonwy, who have the same look as me.

"Who do I make it out to?" I ask.

A chuckle is heard on the other end.

"One, Vlad Plasmius, if you would be so kind," the voice says.

I let out another growl before crushing the phone in my hand. Jack yelps at this, staring at it.

"Eilonwy, I know I just met you a few minutes ago, but tell me, what did you do get captured by…"

I look over at Jack and see him crying over his phone, now in pieces.

"…him?" I ask.

"I had lost my ring, so I tried to find my way back to the auditorium. I got lost, and managed to reach the laboratory. I had just found it when…"

She glances over at Jack, who is now pounding the floor, he face in the concrete, tears flooding the floor.

"…he had found me," Eilonwy says.

"Alright, then, you willing to help me?" I ask.

She smiles at this before offering her hand. I take it without hesitation. We nod to each other before heading towards the door. I stop, and look back towards Jack, still on the floor in tears. Eilonwy stops and looks back with me.

"Any chance you remember the way?" I ask.

"Not a clue," she says.

We then share a sigh. I rush back and grab Jack by the back collar, dragging him out of the room with me and Eilonwy.

Remember: rubber-glue.