Tiny Dancer

Author Note: Rated M, but may change as or if the story continues? We shall see...!

Kia ora, and Greetings. This is my 'very' first fiction for this site, so any advice and help that you can give will be greatly appreciated. Please be kind as I have a tender heart!

The title of the story comes from a old song by Elton John, and is one that I haven't heard for many years. The reason now is that a few weeks ago I heard a techno-remix using the lyrics of the above title, and this along with many of the stories got me thinking the result being what you have here before you. Enjoy and I hope you like it, I will try to update at least once a week as each chapter is completed; unless you really hate this story! Kidding.

This story doesn't follow either the manga or anime, it is a complete fabrication of my imagination. Though throughout it many of the characters from the anime may or may not make an appearance, it really depends upon my mood and temperament – I am a Gemini after all! And the current happy medications at the time O_o

Enough yammering, on with the madness...


I don't own Love Hina or any of her characters and such, they belong to Ken Akamatsu. I can only hope or wish I did.


The Present:

Auckland, NZ


...Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man

Ballerina, you must of seen her dancing in the sand

And now she's in me, always with me, tiny dancer in my hand...

A lone car driving along a lonely stretch of highway, very few cars are either following or coming in the oppersite direction. The weather is bleak the rain is pelting down upon the windscreen making driving a hazardous affair, travelling along in the middle of the night isn't something that most people would care to do. Even most sane people would rather be at home snug up in bed fast asleep than be here in the middle of a thunderstorm trying to get to the airport like batman on crack!

.Turning back she just laughs

The boulevard is not that bad...

The only thought or sound that kept the man sane was the tune that kept playing back at him from the CD in the car he was hurtling down the highway, the one tune that would make him shed a tear every time he heard it on the radio. And now here he is listening to that one tune over and over again as he is driving to the airport like his very life depended upon it. But why after all this time does this song still reminds him of her, its not like he has spent all of this time trying to forget her – or even all of them for the same reason why he left in the first place? He just had to leave he kept telling himself all those years ago, being forty he thought it wouldn't matter now, nor did he think they would care now after all this time. He knew that one day they would track him down to this country at the bottom of the world, he even changed his profession and name just to throw them off the track. BUT NO! It's been nearly twenty years and they've found out where he lived, what the HELL is he going to do; how the heck can he say or do to change their minds of what he did back then?

...But oh how it feels so real

lying here with no one near

Only you and you can hear me

When I say softly, slowly...

DAMN IT ALL! Why did they have to send him those letters, why could they just leave well enough alone and carry on with their lives. It's not like he was the only one involved with what happened to her all those years ago, now after all this time my luck has run out.

For the past twenty years since he left Japan, Urashima Keitaro has changed; from the days when he travelled with his close friend and mentor Noriyasu Seta as his 'part timer' and the tragedy that followed in Tahiti. It was too much to handle after that, he tried his best to keep going but there were too many memories of him and of what they did together. It was even worse for Sarah who couldn't cope and tried many things to ease the pain, but she just couldn't erase the memories. Keitaro tried to help even with what happened, but like so many times he thought of others rather than himself. But when it got too much he did the one tried-and-true thing he did so well – run away and hide from every thing!

To him spending the years as a geography teacher at a local college not far from where he lived, and help training and running a local Kendo club gave him some measure of joy. At least for all those years life for Keitaro had been peaceful and enjoyable, his life in New Zealand wasn't as bad as he first thought when he came here to take up the teaching role offered by another of his friends Shirai Kimiaki. Who was living in New Zealand three years prior when the crap-hit-the-fan teaching all things Japanese to local rich kids in a affluent private college, and who managed to snag himself a wife – the daughter of a very wealthy media tycoon!

At least one of them found some happiness after all

But Kei couldn't complain after what he went through anything was better than what happened back then, and the things that were said and done that ended everything for him. But even now since then he always had a nagging feeling that some one or some thing would come up to him and tap him on the shoulder and say "Excuse me are you...?". That one thought has always been there at the back of his mind as he strived to start a new life here in an unknown country, with unknown paths for him to travel down.

...Hold me closer tiny dancer

count the headlights on the highway

lay me down in sheets of linen

you had a busy day today...

But still I always wondered what would have happened if I just took that chance, what could I have done to keep her safe and love the one that was meant for me. If only I was five minutes earlier and she wasn't standing there, if only I called out or said some thing to her...

If only there was a way to take it all back and make my heart whole again, the life I led would be complete and my nights not so dark and cold...

...Blue jean baby, L.A lady, seamstress for the band

pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man

Ballerina you must of seen her dancing in the sand

And now she's in me, always with me

tiny dancer in my hand...



Well that's my first foray into the world of LH, please feel free to critique my tale and any advice you can aid me in becoming better would be greatly appreciated. I will endeavor to upload more chapters as they are completed each week, unless you really hate my tale! Take care and God bless...