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Deep Blue Wonder!

Chapter 8:


Present Time: 20yrs past...


'Hmm... nope not there?'


'Damn...not there either!'


'Where the hell can it be...?'


'Shit...this is hell...where the fuck is it!'


'Man I'm here on the bottom of the south pacific...looking for god-knows-what...on a green screen!'


"Hey Keitaro...dude...you okay back there?"

"You sound pissed?...any thing new to report buddy!"

"No! Dirk...and for the twentieth time...no there's not a thing...not a damn thing on this bloody screen!"

"I've been staring at this fricken thing for the last two hours... and still nothing like before...a...?"


"What...what is it!?" Dirk fell silent, and leaned around from the pilots chair to focus on Keitaro; gazing intently into the screen!

"Keitaro what did you see...well?" Dirk pleaded, while Seta looked on from his chair.

"It's...it's..." Keitaro gazed at his screen?


"Oh nothing... I thought I saw something!"

Keitaro looked up and smiled at Dirk, who in turn glared straight back to him!

"You jackass...you had me going there!"

"he!, he!, he!... well you deserved that... I'm cold, hungry and bored!" Keitaro smiled at them both as they glared 'daggers' at him.

"Well don't do that again, we've only got another four hours before we have to ascend" Seta coughed before continuing.

"Besides if we don't find it now we have the next three weeks before the ship has to return to port".


Keitaro sighed but continued to smile as Dirk just shrugged his shoulders and turned back to resume piloting the sub, and Seta returned to viewing the screens before him. Which left Keitaro to watch his – once again! He thought.


This continued for the next eight days, each trip resulting in the same conclusion; they must be in the wrong place! And each time Seta, Keitaro and Kaolla poured over each waking moment translating old charts and studying the satellite maps of the ocean floor. But still no matter what the charts said the same thing – they were in the right place?

"Ah this is getting us no where...!"

Keitaro took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, then replaced them to look at the others gathered around the table strewn with charts, maps, books and other junk!

"I have to agree with Keitaro, we've been over these papers for the last four days and nothing...nothing... I mean what else is there to do?"

Dirk like most of the others present just nodded their heads in agreement, they were stuck; no matter how long they checked and re-read all they had. It said that they were in the right place, but still there was nothing? Seta wasn't going to give up – the look in his eyes confirmed that he was doing the right thing.

'Besides this is the only chance I have left... if I don't come up with some results... I'll lose all my funding, and those stuck up professors will laugh at me! Those bastards!'

Seta sweat dropped, and scratched his head again before pulling another chart closer. This one displaying the seismic plates on the sea bed, showing possible movement for the last four thousand years! Pulling another one closer his eyes darted from one to the other, and then another chart joined his staring contest! While he was doing this silently the rest were grumbling among themselves and walking to and fro, checking, reading, eating and generally trying to solve the problem around them.

"Hey Keitaro come here please"

Seta looked up to see his part timer engaged with Kaolla, talking about something he couldn't hear. Keitaro upon hearing his name being called looked around to see who called him, seeing Seta smiling he headed over to see what was wrong.

"Seta, what's up!"

"Well I've got a problem..." Seta wasn't sure what he had before him.

"Join the club...we got a room full of problems!"

Keitaro laughed, but came up short when he saw the concern on Seta's face.

"Funny part timer...take a look at this will you, I need another opinion...just check these notes I made with these two charts will you"

Keitaro wasn't sure what to look for but obliged Seta and sat down next to him, and together they stared and read the notes together.


Kaolla was herself engaged with a small group of scientists – female scientists, and found them to be like minded as herself; though she would never wear a white coat and glasses!

'I'll never wear that crap...I'll look like a female version of Seta-san!'

She thought, but continued to smile as a young thing of about twenty spoke to her about all things – Seta and Keitaro! Like what was their favorite food, did they drink, did they like younger women, can they dance right to do they have younger brothers!

And the others just nodded their heads with each question the woman asked, with big round eyes and pouts they eagerly waited for replies from Kaolla!

'Damn don't they realize that I'm going out with Keitaro!'

Kaolla couldn't believe how dense these women were, they were so sexually repressed that they wanted and didn't care who both of these men were going out with! Besides she knew the classic signs in women in 'heat'!?

'I remember when Naru-san started going out the Kentaro-san...DAMN we couldn't get any sleep in the dorm for about two weeks!'

She chuckled to herself remembering Motoko-san charging into their room one night, swearing if they didn't go somewhere else to play their damn games. She was going to skewer them alive and place their bodies at the foot of the stairs by the tea house, man was she steamed – and the rest of them shocked! the room was a mess with blankets, books, tables and clothes everywhere, and Naru and Kentaro in the most 'unmentionable' position that they only saw in books! (okay in Keitaros' magazines, he was never one to hide things good enough!?).

After that Naru spent most of her spare time (and nights thank Kami!) at Kentaro, and she only came back when 'he' needed a break or breather! But at least that problem was solved; only to have Shinobu-san get ideas of her own...

Shaking her head to clear 'that' particular thought from her mind, she came to as the three women before her continued their questioning about Keitaro and Seta. With having just enough of this lot nearly drooling about what they wanted or wished they could do with the two men, she decided to throw a 'spanner' into the mix!

"What about some of the other men on the ship?"

It was a innocent enough of a question she thought, and with the sudden silence and glares she got from her audience – she thought.

'No harm in asking is there...?'

"C'mon you three are very attractive and there a few good looking males on board...well how about them!"

Kaolla shrugged her shoulders and smiled at them, while they looked at one another and turned to look at her before the older one said.

"But their boring...only concerned about books, old charts, sonar readings, and the next meal!"

She looked at her friends to confirm what she just said, that got them nodding their heads in agreement.

"But there has to be at least three good men, that aren't only concerned about those things... huh is there?"

Kaolla was thinking fast, she had to get these three interested in someone else and not her 'Kei'! The three women looking at each other in thought and talked among themselves of 'likely' candidates!

"Well...there's Dirk?" The youngest one said.

"You may be right...He doesn't have anyone?" One pleaded.

"Ummm...you may be wrong he keeps talking about 'his' woman... though that's all he says!" One looked at the ground as she replied.

"Oh! How about the cook...He's not bad looking and when he sweats and it runs down his face...and his chest that glistens... and his moist arms..." Now her eyes started to 'glaze' over as her mind was replaying her thoughts back to her, and Kaolla thought she could see the poor soul starting to drool!

'These girls are seriously debating the concept of the men aboard the ship!'

Kaolla couldn't believe what was happening before her, these three women were so sex-starved-crazed-nymphomaniacs!

'I really pity the men that these three should ever 'latch' onto!'

A crazy thought came to her mind, and with a smirk she interrupted the women's conversations.

"I know how about...that guy 'what's his name?'...'Oh I know!'...that guy called Max?"



"Okay...don't all speak at once!"

And still silence...?

Kaolla wasn't quite sure what just happened but she swore that the three were seriously giving some thought about what she just said, and she hoped that they didn't explode at her! She was just about to intervene their thoughts when she smelt something familiar?

Turning towards the door she knew who was coming through it, and she smiled to herself.

'Ha!...my senses never lie!'

With a loud bang the door to the room suddenly imploded with a crash of steel meeting steel, and filling the whole open space left by the disappearing door was a huge sight of steam and flesh!?


Everyone jumped back an alarm as the resulting mass of steam and flesh formed into a huge form of Max carrying in each massive arms a tray laden with a large pot and dishes steaming with the promise of a meal fit for royalty! Stepping into the room Max yelled at two stun men to clear the table of charts and maps, and placed the two trays down with a resounding "thud".

Quickly before the rest could come too, Max began to dish out the plates laden with a bowl filled with a thick soup, and plates pilled up with enough paste-meat and veggies to feed a small army! Each person didn't say anything but took what was handed to them and found a place somewhere to eat and drink, slowly besides the murmuring or people eating and slurping was going on. Kaolla laden with her food spied Dirk sitting off to one side and decided to ask him a question, sitting down next to him she asked.

"Dirk...does this happen often with Max?" she whispered between each spoon full!

'Hell this taste even better than...Shinobu's cooking!'

Her eyes lit up in shock as she ate, she looked up at Max who was smiling as he passed out plate upon plate to each person. Without a harsh word he told each person to eat heaps as there was enough to go around, and apologized for his entrance and take care!

'Max is such a damn nice guy...it wouldn't be fair to him to shack him up with three women...though I think he might be able to handle it?'

She turned back to see Dirk stuffing his face with a pleased grin upon it, he seem to be really enjoying it! Seeing her looking at him and remembering what she asked him...

"Yep...he pretty much does this if no one turns up when he and cook have prepared meals, and no one around to enjoy it!"

He grinned with food clearly seen stuck between teeth and on his cheek and chin! Kaolla couldn't help but smile in return, taking another spoonful of soup she marveled at the taste and flavors that she never had before. Seeing the look upon her face Dirk replied.

"The soup is Max's version of a seafood chowder..nice and chunky!"

"The paste is his creation as well...and before you ask...no he's not married...and he's been on the ship for the last two years as a handyman come jack-of-all-trades!"

Dirk smiled at Kaolla and laughed as he saw her face turn to shock when he realized that he pretty much hit the 'nail-on-the-head' with his query, and continued smiling while spooning more soup into his mouth. Kaolla just ignored that comment and looked at Max as he went around the room 're-filling' everyone's bowl – if they wanted it or not! She got up and moved over to where Keitaro and Seta were sitting rapidly stuffing their faces with both soup and paste at the same time!

'Their both like big kids!'

Kaolla remembering how she use to be, but knew that some habits she learnt to grow out off. Except these two just seem to keep hold of them, not matter how old they got - MEN! She said to herself. So taking a seat just out of range of the stray food flying around them, she said.

"Keitaro...you seem to be really enjoying your meal...you too Seta"

Being careful not to get hit by any strays, Kaolla leaned back waiting for his reply.

"Hey hon...this is fantastic...there's fish and shell fish altogether...it's heaven!" Keitaro like Dirk before smiled with half of his food present on his teeth!

"Close your mouth you idiot... I don't need to see that" She reproached him.

"Sorry I can't help it...so what's on your mind hon?"

'What is with these men, Dirk and now Kei? What's in the food...they suddenly become so aware?'

Kaolla didn't like to be outsmarted and it took her a bit longer to respond.

'Well you know those three women I was talking too earlier...well they seem to have taken 'a liking' to the both of you?"

The look and reactions from the two was priceless! Keitaro nearly choked and started sputtering while trying not to flay about without forgetting that he was holding food in either hands, and Seta froze with his spoon nearly half way to his own! She smiled as they snapped back into reality.

"What ever do you mean by that Kaolla...I'm still currently engaged to Haruka-san...very happily mind you!"

Seta continued moving spoon from mouth to bowl, and back again without saying another thing – pity Keitaro never picked up on the habit!

"What do you mean...I would never do something like that... I love you...and only you... you have to believe me... you are the only person for me...so help me Kami...I will never betray you...my love...my love of my life...my everything...my honey bunny...EEK sorry...!"

'I love it when he stammers...and his brain and mouth go into 'overdrive'!'

She just smiled and waited for him to calm down, after a minute or so his mind finally caught up with its mouth. She took his hand within hers and stared into his eyes.

"I will always love you...and only you...you know that and I feel that...we will never let anything come between us...okay dear"

She searched his eyes for any understanding of what she said, and knew that he understood it too. He would of hugged her right there and now, but with food sticking out from his teeth he didn't want to chance her from 'bitch' slapping him in front of everyone! So he just nodded his head and gave her a smile, she smiled back and they continued eating.


The next day the weather suddenly turned from sunny one moment and flat seas, to grey skies and rain with the wind getting stronger and the seas increasing in swells!


Dirk called out as Seta, Keitaro and he struggled to make their way to the lounge area where they set up their equipment, with each roll of the ship they would find themselves bouncing of one wall to suddenly bouncing of the oppersite side!


Keitaro couldn't believe it himself, as he walked spread-eagled down the hallway towards the lounge with his arms out front. Dirk reached the doorway and turned back while holding the frame and called back.


He smiled as he vanished through the door, and Keitaro came up to the door, and before passing through muttered to himself.

'Great...just great"

In the room waiting for them was Seta some scientists and the captain, who were leaning over a large table covered in maps, charts and many other various sheets of paper! Seta looked up and smiled when Dirk and Keitaro stumbled into the room, and called them over to take a seat and join in their conversation. Seta and James (the captain!) continued their talk.

"Well...as I see it with the storm front coming up we might be able to continue with the dives until it clears.."

James said while holding the table with two hands to keep himself steady, Seta looked at the weather chart before looking up to James and replied.

"Is there no way to wait until the weather calms down a bit...safe enough to continue?"

"Well that's a possibility... we'll just have to wait and see... once I have the next weather report I'll fill you in...until then I'm afraid that all dives are cancelled until further notice...sorry professor I know how much you want to continue...but until this storm breaks...there's nothing I can do"

James knew how hard it was for scientists to wait for things like this, he's been captain of this vessel for the last ten years; and seen many things happen during that time. Seta just grumbled and looked at the other two sitting there.

"Well that's it folks until this storm breaks... there's nothing we can do about any more dives!"

"We're got at least until the end of next week...to gather results...and to find that location we detected last month!"

Keitaro felt dejected, he knew how much this meant to Seta and the rest of the crew. They hoped that this would be the one chance the he and Seta could prove to the faculty, that they weren't silly dreamers chasing after the so called 'Turtle-cult'!

"So we got only the next nine days to find this location on the sea floor?"

Keitaro didn't feel to confident in their chances in finding anything, but he could hope and dream – couldn't he?

"I know that look part timer... we'll find it...just have a little faith"

Seta smiled before continuing.

"Besides that gives us time to look at all the research we have, to make sure we do a decent job once the weather clears!"

The storm continued for the next three days, life onboard a ship that spent most of its time rolling this way or that, and heaving to and fro made most of those not use to it either spending time in bed looking a bit 'green' or in the bathroom looking at their insides! Keitaro felt like as if he was being punished for something that he must of did in a past life, and Seta definitely had a green tinge every time he was on deck trying vainly to light one cigarette after another; saying that the nicotine helped him to keep down food – or the whiskey he kept in his room!

Dirk and Max on the other hand took it all in stride like seasoned pros, and would torment them at meal times gaping at them with stuffed faces and trying to see who would break first and run to the bath room to hurl! Which meant Keitaro would win hands down and Seta coming a close second! Kaolla didn't think this was all that nice every time they did that so, she 'added' her gift to breakfast one morning with her 'special' monster-black-death chilly peppers.

The end result was half the crew five minutes after consuming the meal would run like death was behind them, and the fight for the few toilets on board; meant that those who lucked out had to 'hang' over the side of the ship! Which in a storm wasn't the safest thing to do...

But when you had to go... you had to go!?

It wasn't pretty seeing grown men and women fighting for privacy to relieve themselves, when 'both' ends of your body had to eject its contents! Not pretty at all! But Keitaro and Seta got their 'revenge' thanks to Kaolla, who didn't care as long as no one touched her bananas!

All's well that end's well – well with both 'burning' ends... They weren't to judge, but they had a good laugh. And Dirk and Max learnt a very valuable lesson: Don't mess with Kaolla's love interest!

"Nuff said wahine!" was Max's only reply.


The storm raged on until the fifth day; as soon as it came – it suddenly disappeared? Max told them that this was normal as he began to prepare 'Penny' for that morning's dive, Dirk was already on board prepping the equipment as Seta and Keitaro got on board before Max could lift it over the side and into the water. Keitaro took his seat at his usual place and ran through his checks, and Seta did like wise turning around he looked at him.

"Keitaro you grabbed the co-ordinates Kaolla gave you after the meeting?"

"Yep! Got them right here"

Keitaro held up a hand and tossed said paper in Seta's direction, who caught it before it had a chance to hit the deck!

"Nice catch...sensei!"

Keitaro laughed as Seta just looked up at him and smirked.

"Easy grass hopper...or your sensei will make you swim with big-friendly-fish-with-big-pointy-teeth!"

They both laughed as Dirk came back down after securing the hatch and climbed into the pilot's chair, he smiled as he thought.

'well this is going to be an interesting trip?'

"Well ladies buckle up we're off!"

Making sure that they were secure, Dirk started the engines and began to dive; the trip down was uneventful as it took about an hour to make the descent, and all three spent their time running through checks after checks with small talk to pass the time. Once after what seemed a life time they finally made the required depth, or to be exact once the sea bed came into view Dirk simple called out.

"We're...here ladies!"

Keitaro marveled every time he saw the view when he looked out his small port window, it wasn't like anything at all in a Disney movie! There was no light except for the ones attached to the sub that shone out in all directions, but even then the distance was limited and the view wasn't that spectacular. The sea bed wasn't covered in sand like in the cartoons nor was it green like grass, but black and grey – it was like mud... a black/grey looking mud! What vegetation there was didn't resemble any that he has ever seen before, Dirk gave them descriptions of various plants or life forms that happen to come into view. Keitaro couldn't believe that someone who spent most of his time either eating or clowning around at his expense, would know so much about life under the ocean! He was amazed at the knowledge he had and Seta just lapped it up like some devote, he listened as he continued staring at his screen for any tell-tale signs that some thing was down here.

"Seta can you give me the co-ordinates that Kaolla gave us"

"Sure Dirk... here you go"

Reaching back Dirk looked at the paper and started to type the numbers into the navigation computer and adjusted the direction and depth of the sub for effect, Keitaro could feel the sub begin to descend deeper into the black depths. He could feet the temperature drop rapidly, and Seta shivered and quickly donned a thick jacket he bought with him. Keitaro did the same and immediately felt the warmth as soon he zipped up the jacket , and smiled as his face began to warm. Dirk just whistled to himself as if the cold didn't matter to him, and they continued to dive deeper for about an hour.



Keitaro just stared into his screen, and still nothing appeared each time the yellow line made a complete circle around the screen. Just a green circle of light reflected back to him, looking at Seta he saw the same expression on his friends face; and Dirk had become silent as he stared out into the black and would view an instrument or two as they fell even deeper...



"We should be near the region that Kaolla gave us...I just wish it wasn't in vain!"

Seta voiced the thing that everyone was thinking and got a nod or a word of recognition from the others to confirm his thoughts.

"Lets hope so we only got another five and a half hours left before we have to start ascending...lets hope so!"

At Dirks questioning the other two renewed their determination that this had to be the one that would mean something, and silence was all that was passed as each man fell into their own thoughts...



'C'mon...there has to be something out there?'



'C'mon Penny... you're done it before girl...you can do it again!'


'I'll show those bastards back at Todai...laugh behind my back will they...'










Keitaro could off launched himself into space if he didn't remember that he was still buckled into his seat, and he was in a sub eighteen-hundred feet under the sea! Seta quickly unbuckled himself and crawled over to see, with both men staring at the screen they watched; as the yellow line spun clock-wise. And before them with each 'ping' sound a shape came into view each time the sound echoed the shape on the screen grew larger, and larger until it filled nearly half of the screen. The sound of the repeating echos within the sub was both intoxicating and terrifying, all three of them had huge grins and slapped each other on their backs congratulations done they got back to the job at hand.

"Right...Keitaro give me the numbers"

Dirk called out still smiling. And started to type in the numbers into the navigation unit, the sub changed directions again but this time it didn't descend but travelled along at an increased speed?

"Seta keep an eye on our hull pressure...if it starts to go into the yellow let me know!"

Seta called back to confirm the instructions. And kept both eyes on the equipment and various gauges!

"Keitaro...let me know when we're at least three hundred meters out from the contact..I wouldn't like to run full speed into it!"

"Okay will do..Um what would happen if we did?"

"Lets just say that you wouldn't like the feeling..."

Dirk left the answer hang, as Keitaro and Seta knew exactly what will happen if they did. So Keitaro gulped and dedicated his full attention at the screen and counted out the distance in his head until he knew that they were at the correct range.

"Dirk you can start slowing down...we're at least three hundred and twenty meters from the contact"

"Thanks...starting decreasing engines back to fifty percent...activating rear thrusters to seventy percent..."

"Speed dropping down to twenty...eighteen...fifteen...twelve...ten knots!"

"Keitaro what's our distance from target?"

"Two hundred and twenty meters!"

"Excellent...Seta hows the hull pressure!"

"Still within margin of safety...still in the green!"

"Great even better... we might be able to have a look around for a bit before we head topside!"

"Dirk... we're at one hundred and eighty meters now!"

"Good...decreasing rear thrusters to ten percent...engines to twenty percent"

Dirk was running on 'auto-pilot' giving off instructions and the others following his lead, they became the very model of submariners of past; each one dedicated to their tasks knowing that one slip would cost them their lives and the lives of their comrades. The feeling was electric and the adrenaline running through their veins feed their fears and hopes, the tension was becoming unbearable but they couldn't feel a thing!

"Speed now at five knots...Keitaro distance from target please"

"One hundred and ten meters...Herr Captain!"

Dirk smiled before laughing.

"Relax Keitaro...sorry if I sound a bit off, I'm just running on automatic. Old habit kid!"

"Sorry...I'm so nervous that's all!"

"That's alright...just relax"

"Seta any changes in pressure?"

"No Herr Captain...all reading green!"

Seta smiled at Keitaro before grinning at Dirk.

"Ah not you too...everything will be okay just relax we'll be there soon"

They all laughed and realized how much they felt so tensed and couldn't help but laugh even more, Dirk called out more instructions from them both as the time ticked on by.

"Distance now fifty meters Dirk!"

The tension was still there in their voices, but by now their adrenaline had eased.

"Thanks...okay I'm switching on the front high-beam lamps...these suckers can penetrate up forty meters at this depth"

With that said Dirk switched a button and suddenly exploding from somewhere underneath them, six white long beams of light shot off into the darkness! Illuminating the unknown ahead. And all three men just stared and followed the light as they got nearer to the target, each passing moment the echoing increased to a point that the sound became one continuos long note. At which point Dirk called out to Keitaro to turn it off! The lights shone ahead and no matter how hard they stared they couldn't see anything, time passed and nothing still was seen. Keitaro looked at the radar and confirmed that they were in the right position, and for twenty minutes the tiny sub drifted back and forth along the area – and still nothing?

"That's strange?...We're in the right area...but nothing?"

Dirks' rubbed his chin and looked out into the lights, and wondered if they were missing something? Keitaro just kept looking at his screen and would look out his port window to confirm that they were in the correct location, Seta kept his eyes 'glued' to the pressure gauges daring not to look away in case the readings turned yellow.

'I wonder what would happen if they turned red?' he thought...

"Now what's up...we're here...the radar confirms it...but still no visible sighting?'

Dirk still had no answer to this, and Keitaro was using every part of his brain to solve this puzzle.

"Hey Dirk maybe the radar is busted?"

"Nah...no chance kid...this sub along with all the equipment is the latest there is...the only other one like it is installed in a US military nuclear submarine!"

"EH!...then how did you guys get hold of one of these then!"

Dirk shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Keitaro.

"Don't know kid...you have to ask Seta...he was the one who got it for us?"

"Seta...who the heck did you bribe to get this...what did you do...?"

"Whoa!...take it easy part timer...its not like as if I sold my soul or anything"

Seta turned away finally from the screens and raised both arms in front of him as if Keitaro was going to throttle his neck, for something stupid that he was supposedly have done!

"It's not as bad as it looks..."

"What do yo mean not as...bad?"

"Let's just say that someone owned me a favor or two"

"Okay I'll let it slid...but I better not wake up one day at Hinata sou... and find the FBI breathing down my neck!"

"Nah...don't worry...its all legal like...you don't have to worry"

Seta just smiled and hoped that was the end of that, Keitaro felt a chill run down his spine and knew that it wasn't the 'end' of that! At that moment a thought came into his mind – a crazy thought!

"Dirk I have a question?"

"Sure...go right ahead... we got under three hours left before we have to go topside!"

"Well...the radar says that we are at the target...the readings aren't wrong...and no matter what I do...the radar just confirms that we are on the target?"

"What... are you saying that we are on the target?"

"Well that's what it says!"

"Hang on guys I'm going to try something...better yet buckle up its going to get rough!"

The two men looked anxiously at one another and did as they were told, once Dirk saw that they were ready he bought the sub to a complete stop? A new sound was heard and it grew louder then feeling the sub underneath them start to vibrate, Keitaro and Seta could only but stare at one another then gripping the rails around them for support they stared at Dirk. Who turned around.

"This was installed as a test the navy wanted us to try...just in case we needed it..."

Still not getting anything he continued as the sound grew louder, and the vibrations intensified.

"It enables the sub to direct the engines power to act like giant pressure hoses, in effect that the water is forced through the ducts and out underneath to expose what ever is under us!"

Seeing nothing but blank faces in front of him, he continued.

"Imagine a giant vacuum cleaner instead of sucking...but blowing air instead!"

With that analogy the other men nodded their heads in understanding, and just braced themselves.

"But why so loud... and when will it end..!"

Keitaro couldn't take much more of this; and then suddenly the sounds decreased and the vibrations slowed down, then nothing but stillness. Looking out he could only see a huge cloud of grey surrounding them?

"Don't worry its just the sea bed that was blown up around us from the jets... it will clear up after a few minutes"

Dirk smiled at their nervous looks and unbuckled himself before getting up and crawled back to them, sitting down he pulled out a flask and poured himself a hot cup of coffee and offered one to each of them. They sat there drinking and eating the food that Max had given them, and waited for the sea around them to clear.

'Hmmm...this is way better than last time... I can't believe that a man can make sandwiches way better then Shinobu!"

Keitaro beamed and took another bite as he continued eating. Seta did the same along with Dirk who just sat there drinking his cup.

'I wonder if Haruka would offer Max a job as head chef at the tea house...they would make a killing from what he can do!'

'Ahh...now that hits the spot!...well my girl you did it again...well done!"

So deep in their thoughts they didn't realized that the sea around them had cleared, and was surprised when Dirk called out!

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!"

"What's wrong now!"

Both men cried out!

"Oh nothing...give me a second or two!"

Dirk climbed back into the pilot seat and started the engines and gently directed the engines to face downwards, once done he applied thrust and Keitaro and Seta could feel the sub slowly rise? Dirk began to press various switches and the lamps directed their light from around them, to point directly below them...

"Well fuck-me-side-ways-and-call-me-santa!"

Dirk cried out as he stared beneath him with eyes as wide as saucers, his mouth gaping like a fish out of water? Through the perspex of the floor below was a sight that could only come from the imagination of someone like Steven Speilberg or Peter Jackson (or yours truly...yeah you know it!).

Keitaro and Seta rushed up and joined Dirk to stare at what he was looking at! At which all three men had eyes like saucers and mouths like fish sucking in air!

Twenty feet below and directly in the lights of the sub as far as the eye could , an image of a very huge and old carving of a triangle that measured about fifty feet across with three symbols etched with two at the top – and one on the bottom? Like three very large eyes staring straight back at them! The entire area of which was uncovered was a light grey and the carvings were surprisingly colored in what could be describe as crimson paint!?

"Unbelievable...I...I wouldn't have believed that something like this could exist...what..how..where..."

Seta's mind just looped around the same question over and over, Keitaro had a sick feeling from within and couldn't but stare at the three huge eyes gazing back at him like some long lost lover finally coming to claim what's rightfully hers' to own! Dirk just thought that what ever they had uncovered was HUGE!

Coming back to their senses the three men did what they were trained to do while on the ship the past two weeks, Dirk raised the sub to a height to enable the cameras to take shot after shot, Seta began taking readings of the area around the sight; and Keitaro operated the drill. Taking samples from the object and surrounding area, after a short time they had gathered enough information to please all the scientists on board the ship for weeks to come. The excitement was infectious and they couldn't help but smile and laugh as they went about their tasks, they would happily stay here and do what they were doing right now except that when Dirk called out they knew it had come to an end.

"Hate to burst your bubble guys...but its time to head topside.."

They threw daggers at him!

"Hey take it easy... I like to stay but we don't have enough power...let alone the oxygen to last for another two hours...besides now we know the location, we can come back tomorrow...right?"

Dirk like every other male before him who was faced with certain pain or death, just flung his hands up before him and waved them around like a madman. Hoping that acting like an idiot will save him, well it worked for most men – unlike a certain manager of a certain 'all-women's' dorm mind you!?

So with reluctance Keitaro had to admit that he was right and started to pack up the equipment and stow away the drill, Seta looked like he as going to cry but he too realized that they could come back down tomorrow and prepared to return to the surface. Dirk checking that all the equipment and such was put away and re-checking that the location was logged in the navigation computer, he began the ascent to the surface once he was in range he radioed the ship and told everyone above of the discovery. Passing the headphone to Seta – he explained to the delight of the ship of what they had and seen, he would of continued until Dirk told him to seattle down as he was beginning to jump around in their cramped space! Next Keitaro was on the radio and speaking to Kaolla, which for some reason Dirk decided to put their call on the subs loud speaker?

"Keitaro...are you alright?"

"Yes Kaolla...we're all fine here...wont be long till we are on the surface..."

"That's good... I mean...are you alright... I know its dangerous down that deep... but I hope your safe..."

"Hey!...It's me remember...we'll be back soon...just you wait and see..."

"Well you get back here soon...I...I have something for you...I..."

"What's wrong...We'll be back around an hours time...don't worry Kaolla"

"I'm not worried..its just...its just...that I ….I LOVE YOU...YOU IDIOT...I LOVE YOU!"

Dirk and Seta just smiled at him and hugged each other in an imitation of a 'lovers-embrace' and blowing kisses at him. And he was blushing furiously and thought what pain and punishments he would act upon these clowns, and what he would do to make Kaolla feel at ease and erase all doubts she had – which made him blush even more at the thoughts of what he 'would' do to her once he got back!

And through the speaker Keitaro could hear a commotion? Voices could be heard struggling with one another!

"Hey...get off...ah!...let go...you idiots!"

Hearing Kaolla's voice cry out made his heart jump, until he heard other voices come through the speaker!





Two of the voices sounded together, and he could hear them fighting and scuffling sounds were heard as they screamed and swore at one another! He could hear someone pick up the now discarded phone and speak.

"Sorry about that...you and Seta's fan club wanted to say something!"

At that he looked at Dirk and Seta, who at this point had begun to imitate the fight that was taking place on the ship. And did a very good job of getting the actions in time with each blow that could be heard through the subs speakers! Keitaro smiled and tried to keep back from laughing knowing that Kaolla would take it the wrong way, and he would have to pay dearly for it!

"Well we got to go...have to get ready to surface...we are nearly there...wont be longer now!"

He was trying real hard not to laugh as Dirk and Seta kept up their 'role-playing'!

"That's okay... I can't wait to see you soon...come back fast...real fast!"

He didn't need to told twice as he knew what she meant by that, before he hung up he could hear another voice – a much deeper voice?



Keitaro could only imagine that Max had picked up the women, and now would be giving them a huge manly sized huge that only he could do...

'Man how could he hug four grown women at once!?'

Keitaro shook his head and hung up the headset, and looked at the others laughing and smacking each others backs! He just looked on and said.

"C'mon you two clowns I have a woman waiting for me..."

Sitting back down Seta followed and Dirk as well, he looked and saw them smiling to themselves.

"I need a cigarette once I get back...can't believe that I haven't had one for about eight hours!"

"You know it might become your new habit...a good habit don't you think?"

"Hah! Wishful thinking on your part Keitaro...A man needs some vices in his life!"

"And I need my coffee...well that's one of many vices I have...ahem!"

coughed Dirk as he continued to survey his instruments and watched as the sub continued to climb up out of the depths...


The three men watched in silence as the sea around them began to lose its eerie grip of darkness and slowly start to fade, to be replaced with shades of green and the blue; the mist stretching out before them until they could see the sea life come into view. Many fish surrounded the sub as she climb zipping pas the perspex wondering what manner of fish was this, and if it was edible? They couldn't care less as they strained to look up and far above they could see rays of light penetrating the water like slender fingers of an angel reaching down to caress and tease, daring them to come closer...

For what seemed like forever without warning the sub broke the surface with a resounding crash, light poured into the sub blinding them for a moment; only Dirk had the common sense to look away and donned a pair of glasses before turning around. Keitaro and Seta blinked until they could see clearly and looking around they finally smiled at one another knowing that they survived another adventure into the unknown, hugging each other they laughed.

"Hey don't I get a hug as well...!"

Dirk laughed as he passed them to climb up to the hatch, he smiled as he disappeared and a few minutes later they could feel fresh air pouring in and the smell of salt. No begin able to see anything they could do nothing but sit there and listen as they could hear Dirk talking to someone, and the next thing they felt a tug as the sub was being towed back to the ship!

"Hey you to...if you want you can come up and enjoy the view!"

Without having to be asked twice they scrambled up the ladder and carefully stepped out onto the slippery deck, holding onto the railing to prevent them from falling off Keitaro looked around. The sky was starting to turn a shade of yellowish red and the seas gave off a radish color!

'What we're been away that long...the sun is about to set...we left when the sun was coming up!'

"Hey Keitaro look over there..."

Broken out of his thoughts, he looked at where Seta was pointing; the ship was in the distance its white hull giving of a slight pink color, she was gently sitting among a sea of green grass...

'I'm no poet!'

He laughed to himself, but soon that was silent as he stared at the ship and what he saw bought a smile that none of the other two have ever seen before?

Looking at the ship they saw one thing that would bring a man back from the dead let alone from the very depths that they had spent the day at, one thing that men would live and die for throughout history – and this was one reason that made life worth living. And feeling like a man!

A woman leaning on a ships rail waving at the man she loved, with a smile on her face and a tear on her cheek...

Yeah the three submariners could hear themselves say...


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