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Chapter 6: Thursday afternoon 8 weeks pregnant

That afternoon she had a call that there had been a homicide case and she had to go to the crime scene. When she got there Flack was already there waiting for her. "Hay what do we got here," she asked Flack. "Jack Landers, 32, Stock Broker, a man found him when he dropped something next to this pile of trash and had to move a bag to get it and saw the man's leg there," he told her. "Ok ill get started hear then, while Hocks gets hear and helps me," she replied giving him a polite smile. "Ok ill go talk to the witness then. O and hay how are you feeling?" He asked with that charm smile that makes any grill melt. "I'm feeling good thank you for asking" she replied with a smile. "That's good to hear Stell," Flack said with a smile and walked off towards the witness. Flack and the CSI's in the crime scene heeded back to the lab and the present to get to work on the homicide.

The next day Flack stopped by his usual diner to get his coffee and get Stella some of her favorite tea and some hazelnut cookies. He then heeded to the lab to see what the people there had from the Landers case and give Stella her tea and cookies. He stepped out of the elevator and into the lab where he bumps into Danny. "Hay Flack what's going on," Danny ask Flack. "Not much other than bringing Stella her tea and cookies and to see if Hawkes and Stella have anything on the case wire working on. Do you know were either of them are at?" "Yah there in the break room with Lindsay," Danny replied. "Thanks man, see you later" Flack said giving him a nod and heading to the brake room. When he got to the brake room Stella and Lindsey where sitting on the stools while Hawkes was standing next to Lindsay and eating a muffin. "Hawkes, ladies how are you this morning," Flack asked while putting the stuff down on the round table. "Good thank you," Stella was the first to respond while giving him a smile. "I'm good, so am I," replied Lindsay and Hawkes. "That's great" Flack replied giving them a smile. "I came to bring you tea and cookies and to see what you and Hawkes have on the Landers case," Flack told Stella with a smile. "Wire still possessing some evidence," Hawkes told Flack. "Ok well tell me when you get something," Flack told him. "Ok I'll let you know. Hay you didn't bring us any cookies," Hawkes told Flack with a smirk. "Sorry but no, there was only this type and well there Stella's favorite so I got her some with the tea she likes." Flack said with a smile. "And I for one appreciate the thoughtfulness because I was craving these cookies and tea sins I can't have coffee." Stella told Flack while touching his hand lightly. He smiled at her when that charm smile that all women melt with. Hawkes and Lindsay looked at the pair in front of them and just gave each other a look. "Well I got a get going I have some paper work to do at the present. I'll see you guise later for lunch," Flack told them at the same time that he was walking out the door. Hawkes walked out right behind Flack because one of the lab techs called him.

Lindsay and Stella staid at the break room eating their food till it was time to go back to work. "That was sweet of Flack to bring you the tea and the cookies," Lindsey told Stella with a knowing look. "I know. And don't look at me like that wire just friends Lindsay," she told her. "Stella come on the man is interested in you even though you're pregnant," she told Stella very seriously. "Lindsay his just a really good friend that said if I needed anything or help with anything he would be there to help me out that's good friends do." Stella told her eating one of the cookies. "Stella come on the man just went out of his way to bring you tea and cookies because he knows you can't have coffee. Look he could have just called to see if you had anything on the case, but no he wanted to bring you something to eat because he wanted to see you," Lindsay told Stella with a smile. "Lindsay stop it he doesn't look at me in that way ok. Why would he any way there are plenty of attractive young women that are allegeable and are not pregnant. He can very well have any of those women if he wanted to." Stella told Lindsay very seriously and taking a sip from her tea. "Yes, Stella there are many women that are allegeable and not pregnant as you say. But that doesn't change the fact that Flack wants to be with you and not any other woman because he's not interested in them his interested in you. Even if both are you are too blind to see it and the rest of us can see it so clear lee." Lindsay told her getting a piece of her muffin and putting it in her mouth. "Lindsay can we not talking about this anymore ever. I have to get back and keep looking at the evidence," Stella told Lindsay getting up from her chairs. "Ok we can stop but only because you have to get back to looking throw the evidence." She told her. "Ok," said Stella walking out of the brake room. Lindsay just looked at Stella and said to herself 'those two are going to end up together even though they can't see it yet.'

They didn't go to lunch because they had gotten evidence of what they needed to arrest the suspect whom Flack and Hawkes went to pike up and arrest the man. Well the suspect confessed to the crime that he had committed. By the time all the people involved with the case were finished it was 10:30 p.m. and they wanted to rest. Danny and Lindsay went home to their doter. Hawkes went for a jog before heading home. Adam went home and plaid video games before going to bed. Sid went home to his family and relaxed in there company. Mac did what he always dose after he is done with a case. Stella was going home to order some food and relax in front of her TV. When Flack bumps into her at the lab and asks her, "What are you doing? I thought that you would be heeding home already." Stella said looking at him with a tired smile. "I was heading home when I remembered that I had to give Mac some papers from the case we finished so I came to bring them to him. So that's why I'm here. So what are you still doing hear thought that that you and the res except for Mac had gone home." Flack told her noticing her tired expression. "I was finishing some paper work before going home because I have the day off tomorrow and I was planning on resting." She told him. "Oh ok, well if you wait for me a couple minutes I can take you home. If you don't mine that way you don't have to take a cab to your apt." he said. "Ok, but you have to stay for food at my house," she told him. "Ok you have a deal Stell. Just let me take this to Mac that way I can take you home." Flack said walking towards Mac's office.

Flack to the papers to Mac and headed back to where Stella was sitting in the brake room waiting for him. They left together down the elevator and towards the car. When they were going to Stella's apt she started ordering their Chinese food. When they got to Stella's apartment they got off and heeded inside. She told Flack to make himself comfortable while she went to change into something more comfortable. Flack sat in front of the TV and turned it on. In that moment someone knocked on the door and it was their food. He paid for it and took it and placed it on the center table of the living room. Stella was now in a tank top with sweatpants and white socks. Flack had changed at the present from his normal apparel to a green t-shirt and jeans. They ate there food while watching a movie that was coming out on TV. Stella had fallen asleep while watching the movie, so when Flack turned around and saw her he picked her up and laid her down on her bed and covered her. Flack picked up all the trash from the food and throws it away. He locked the door and heeded to his house thinking about the fact that he had just put Stella in bed and the privies week he had slept in the sofa with her.