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Prologue – A Mysterious Discovery?

"Superior! …Superiorr! …Suuupeeeeriiioooooorrrrr!" A certain black-coated Nobody whined as he tugged on my sleeve.

I had been on my way to Number Four's Laboratory when he had, for want of a better word, ambushed me.

"Yes, I heard you the first time, Number Nine –"


"Yes. What?!" I yanked my arm away from the ever-peppy subordinate, giving him my best 'I'm annoyed with you but I'll listen to whatever it is you wanted to say this time, Demyx' look.

"Y…You didn't have to shout…" Almost instantly his eyes were filled with tears.

How was it that, even though we were all devoid of hearts, Demyx still managed to tug on the heartstrings of the entire Organisation with his… antics?

"I wasn't shouting, I was –"

"You're MAD, aren't you Superior? I'm SORRY!" Before I could stop him, Number Nine had thrown himself to the floor at my feet, flinging his arms around my legs. "PLEASE! FORGIVE MEEE!"

"I… I do forgive you, Number Nine. What was it you –"

"OH MY GAWD! DEMYX! Xemnas, dude, stop molesting him!"

Number Two materialised in the air behind me, grabbing me around the waist.

I think he was attempting to pull me away from the grovelling Number Nine…


This was, naturally, the perfect moment for Saïx to round the corner of the corridor.

"Saï- Number Seven! This isn't what it looks like –"

I reached out a gloved hand to him in desperation.

"I… I have a mission to be going on now… sir…"


Last night had been so enchanting, the both of us lying beneath the glorious light of Kingdom Hearts, and then we had gone back to his chamber…

And now Number Two had gone and ruined it with his obsession for Number Nine.


"Dude, dude, getoffhim!"

My left eye twitched.

The corridor began to darken, shadows forming across the walls and floor.

Number Two let go first, rethinking his strategy. He unhooked Number Nine from around my legs and they vanished a 'poof' of black smoke.

I gathered a ball of Nothing in my hands and fired it into the air that Xigbar had previously been occupying.

The wall behind it shattered beneath the force, and I sighed.

The Castle's infrastructure needed some serious remodelling, or it would be collapsing about our feet before you could say 'Kingdom Hearts'!

Well, there was no time like the present to start.

The rubble was a good indication that I had vented out the rage that I should not have felt, which meant that… well, it meant something, obviously.

However, one thing that was not quite so sensible was the explosion of sparks that occurred while I was learning to lay bricks using only the power of Nothingness.

My head snapped up, eyes wide and alert.

"Hey Xemnas, why do you look so unfocussed?" An ear-piercing shriek came from the vicinity of behind the wall.

"Number Twelve… What are you doing behind my wall?"

"Ahaha… Well, if you must know, I found some security tapes, and I was using my power to –"

"Security tapes?!" I dropped the brick I had been working on. "Tapes that tape the security of the Castle?"

"…Obviously, Xemnas. Anyway, as I was –"

"Give them to me!"


"I said, give them to me, Number Twelve."

"What if I don't want to? What if I don't want to hand over the evidence of you and wolf-boy having some doggy style fun in the –"

"Give me the tapes, Number Twelve."

"Fine… But I'll be watching them, you see if I don't."

Less than an hour later, the entire Organisation was either sitting, standing, or lying on my bed. Although, in the case of Numbers Thirteen and Eight, well… they were doing unspeakable things. Absolutely unspeakable.

I will need to throw out my bed sheets.

Vexen had pulled an ancient tape-playing machine from the basement, and set it up in front of the window.

Apparantly it had 'the best view from the bed'.

How was I supposed to look on my Kingdom Hearts with that lump of machinery in the way?!

Anyway, as the first tape was inserted, I wondered when I had had security cameras installed…

Perhaps it was a package. Did it perhaps come with Sky?

But the Castle didn't even have Sky…

Mental note – call the Sky man.

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