Fandom: Artemis Fowl
Pairing: Artemis/Holly
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG-13
Warning[s]: Spoilers for "The Lost Colony," and gratuitous use of the semi-colon and dash. Written before "The Time Paradox."

Hunter's Moon, part 1

#01 – Air

How appropriate, Holly thinks, resting her head on Artemis' chest; I finally get the chance to taste night air, and I can't breathe.

#02 – Apples

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away (or so that idiom goes); it might not apply to you, but I do hope you enjoy these and recover from your infirmity soon..."

Holly finished the rest of Artemis' letter through watery eyes and a migraine, attributing the flip-flop of her heart to the illness she'd picked up days ago; ignoring his cryptic "doctor" comment to figure out later, she bit into one of the apples - and she didn't know if it was because Artemis had bred it himself or whatever, but it tasted especially sweet...

#03 – Beginning

In the beginning, who would have thought

that they would come so far?




(Holly, do you trust me?

Yes. I do. More than anyone.)

#04 – Bugs

Foaly was paranoid and delusional, but Artemis thinks that bugs in his showerhead was going a little too far, even for the centaur...

#05 – Coffee

Forget the Ritual – there was nothing like a shot of Artemis' most expensive coffee to rev Holly up to maximum destructive potential.

#06 – Dark

Holly watched the edges of dawn rise over his shoulder, surrounded by his heat and the sound of his breathing… wishing the night could have held on a little longer.

#07 – Despair

Every so often, Artemis still wakes to the sound of a sword sliding out of fairy flesh, the vision of blood welling up through a mortal wound...

#08 – Doors

That was it, Butler decided; from now on, he would knock very loudly before he went into Artemis' study, or any of his rooms, for that matter (though really Master Artemis should have had the foresight to lock the door before he and Holly – oh, bother).

#09 – Drink

Holly will never forgive Mulch for spiking Artemis' drink with fairy wine and ruining their wedding night; their subsequent retribution ensured Mulch never forgot it, either.

#10 – Duty

It keeps her awake at nights, somehow more menacing and real than the threat of Mud-Men invading her world – the thought that one day, she might have to choose between him, and the People.

#11 – Earth

"Get your head back on Earth, Artemis, you know this could never work," she'd snapped; he'd replied, "What I know is that if we learned anything from each other, it's that the impossible is never as certain as it pretends to be; I am only surprised that the valiant Captain Short would turn her back on something without even giving it a chance."

#12 – End

It wasn't over until it was over, and during times of extreme peril, it usually wasn't over until Artemis had pulled his checkmate out of thin air; Holly had the last word for pretty much everything else.

#13 – Fall

Out of all spirits in the earth; out of all gods beyond her reach; out of all fairies and humans, there was only one man she knew would never let her fall.

#14 – Fire

Holly lived in the earth, but her entire persona embodied fire – fierce and passionate, warm and soothing, emotional and occasionally reckless to a fault; Artemis, who flirted with danger as a favorite pastime, couldn't help but draw closer.

#15 – Flexible

Foaly was perversely inquisitive about how Holly and Artemis tackled some of the more, ah, physical aspects of their relationship, considering their size differences, but his boundless intellect (and Holly's fiendish grin) told him he would be better off not knowing.

#16 – Flying

"Hang on tight, I don't want to drop you," she warns; Artemis smirks – the thought hadn't even crossed his mind.

#17 – Food

Artemis knew he loved Holly because if nothing else, he would indeed be willing to eat less of tonight's lobster croquette, braised quail, and pear almond cake to save room for (a little tiny speck iota of) her toadstool stew; she'd worked so hard on it.

#18 – Foot

"You know, being even one foot taller might make kissing you easier," Holly said grumpily; "Perhaps," Artemis said, pulling her into his lap, "But I can think of forty-two agreeable alternatives to standing."

#19 – Grave

Somewhere deep underground – minutes after a celebrated LEP officer revealed, in thoughts addressed to her deceased and most admired mentor, her engagement to the most notorious Mud Man known to the People – dozens of scattered particles suddenly began to spin; they eventually touched off a chain explosion of volcanoes that had communities of Mud-Men fleeing for their lives.

#20 – Green

When Artemis, who understands too well the corruption of the world and would never be disappointed if his ideals conflict with reality, sees the truth and passion and yen for justice blazing in Holly's eyes… for a moment, he wonders if maybe he's the naïve one.

#21 – Head

Artemis was either too smart for his own good, or not smart enough to realize that sometimes, he didn't have to dissect every aspect of a thing he didn't understand – especially when it came to his heart.

#22 – Hollow

Something hollow had been filled, something hardened had been eased, when Artemis "met" and slowly grew to know Captain Short.

#23 – Honor

It took Artemis the longest time to make Holly see that honoring her people and honoring her heart didn't have to be mutually exclusive.

#24 – Hope

He knows that it's a losing battle, but sometimes Artemis hopes wistfully that Holly's do-gooder attitude won't rub off on him too much.

#25 – Light

Having lived underground for decades, Holly can't help but squint in natural sunlight; what's hilarious is when Artemis, skin bleached from his computer screens, does the same.