Fandom: Artemis Fowl
Pairing: Artemis/Holly
Theme set: Delta
Rating: PG-13
Warning[s]: Spoilers for "The Lost Colony," and gratuitous use of the semi-colon and dash. Written before "The Time Paradox."
Author's Notes - My little offering to the AF fandom. Wrote it a long, long time ago; found it again and polished it a little. If I don't post it now I never will x_x

Hunter's Moon, part 2

#26 – Lost

Blue into hazel into blue, each falling into the other: so this is what losing yourself feels like.

#27 – Metal

She watched the sun glint off the band on his finger, contemplating how gold never looked so precious.

#28 – New

Holly rubs her stomach tenderly, miffed but not too much at her husband's smug observation that their child could be named "Artemis III" no matter the gender…

#29 – Old

She runs slim fingers through moon-white hair, dips down to trace the lines on his forehead; her hair is red and her skin is smooth, but Holly feels older than the world.

#30 – Peace

The idea of a peaceful life – a life without explosions, worlds to be saved, intrigue, close calls, trolls, criminally insane geniuses, and Artemis Fowls or any number of other captivating, confusing things – appealed to Holly; for all of two seconds, and then she woke up laughing.

#31 – Poison

Looking back, he is amazed at what he's become, how much he's changed, how much he's grown to depend on them, on her; she curls tightly around him in sleep, and he watches her with gentle eyes: What have you done to me?

#32 – Pretty

He'd thought she was pretty when he first (abducted) saw her, but now – Holly smiling at him with that gleam in her eyes; Holly diving into chaos with no thought for her own safety; Holly's trust in him as natural as breathing – now it was a little different.

#33 – Rain

"It's been so long since I felt the rain," she murmurs, head tilted to the sky; behind her, Artemis listens to the patter of gray drops, watches water slipping from dark hair – thinking maybe that means she should try to go aboveground more often.

#34 – Regret

Holly was sorry that she would never get to tell Commander Root about her and Artemis, but she figured he'd have had a myocardial infarction and died anyway.

#35 – Roses

If Holly was a plant, other than a holly, she could be a rose, he mused – beautiful, classic, elegant, and wickedly sharp; out loud, though, confident in his abilities to outsmart death, Artemis compared her to a cactus.

#36 – Secret

They had to be cautious if they wanted to keep it secret – a mind like Foaly's could put two and two together faster than a dwarf could pass gas, and the media still trailed her like a mob of hornets; but with a mind like Artemis', Holly wasn't too worried.

#37 – Snakes

Take caution, girl – it sheds its withered parts as it grows, it flourishes in cunning and beauty, but a snake will always be a snake, the sprite psychic whispered; the Captain stiffened – but only barely, and she was herself again: "Yeah? Well maybe I like him that way."

#38 – Snow

Artemis haughtily declared that he would never be caught doing something so undignified as "playing" in mounds of ice crystals, and Holly listened very politely before lobbing his Armani-suited ass into the nearest snowdrift.

#39 – Solid

It settled on them, a solid weight on their shoulders – the reality of their impossible affections, and their responsibilities towards their worlds; the burden would only grow with time, but it was one they would bear together.

#40 – Spring

It was spring when Holly first suspected that her feelings for that infuriating Mud-Boy weren't as clear as she'd thought they were; she'd flown straight into a branch of new petals while fuming over his latest riposte.

#41 – Stable

"Artemis, it's not that I don't agree with you – no of course I'm not underestimating you (you egomaniac) – I just think that Foaly would probably squawk and alert the whole underground if we kept him in a stable overnight for the wedding…"

#42 – Strange

Old and young, tall and short, human and fairy – they were a strange couple indeed; if Mulch didn't (frequently) remind them about how the way they looked at each other made him want to either loosen his bowels or tunnel to the other side of the planet, they might not have thought they were a better fit than they appeared.

#43 – Summer

Now that the twins were here and his parents were still recovering from his prolonged absence, it would be tough to find some private time with Holly during this vacation; good thing Artemis loved a challenge.

#44 – Taboo

Holly thinks Artemis must be rubbing off on her when the forbidden nature of their relationship starts to amuse rather than torment.

#45 – Ugly

The wound is jagged and vast, pink, red, and white exposed to the sky; Artemis shudders beneath the sparks of her hands, Holly as calm as the hush before a storm – he will live even if it means her own life.

#46 – War

"Butler," Artemis pronounced, after recovering from a dream involving himself, a certain spirited elf, and the most depraved use of a spoon he'd ever seen in his life, "I do believe that I am going to declare war on puberty."

#47 – Water

On the rare occasions she felt poetic, Holly couldn't find a better element to compare him to: mercurial, self-composed no matter the challenge, and though not exactly clean or pure of heart, absolutely essential.

#48 – Welcome

Even among her own people (or especially from her own people), Holly didn't always feel welcome – exploited by slithering bureaucrats, slurred by ignorant criminals, set upon by hysterical, unreasonable citizens; her comfort was the thought that as long as Artemis was around, she had at least one haven she could turn to.

#49 – Winter

Butler smirks, Juliet snickers, and Angeline looks with fond befuddlement as her usually unsentimental son hangs a sprig of holly in his study.

#50 - Wood

Holly traces the bark with her eyes closed, breathing in the scent of the great oak – It's the seed you planted the time I, ah, kidnapped you; I didn't feel right throwing it away.