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Rogue has finished her DR session for today and she is going to her room to shower and change. The session was a rough one, since Bobby decided to re-program the training sim, placing them in an old B movie horror flick. They'd spent the time chasing giant frogs. She's decided that she's going to torture, then kill Bobby. Maybe after dinner.

Walking down the hall, she notices the door to Kitty's room ajar. "Must be another gossip session." She muses to herself and grins wryly. She pauses just outside the door and hears the latest on Tabby's date with Pietro.

"Like, can you believe she wore that outfit?" Kitty giggles.

"Yeah, there was hardly anything to it!" Jubes declares humorously.

Rogue shakes her head and stifling a chuckle, continues to her room. After she has dressed, she takes her Dean Koontz book and heads outside to sit under 'her' tree. She reads for a short time, but has trouble getting into her book. Her thoughts turn to her recent 'trip' to Louisiana, courtesy of Gambit. Even though he went about enlisting her help in the wrong way, she saw that his intention was honorable. Besides, they'd had fun while she was there. She'd missed the South fiercely and being in New Orleans brought back some good memories for her.

But there is something more. On that trip, they connected. He was the first person who even came close to being able to relate to her, given that they were both adopted for the personal gain of others. Sure, the X-Men are her family, in a sense, but none of them really understand her in quite the same way.

She'd made a mistake in telling him that she didn't care what he did when she was getting ready to leave. Rogue knows this, now. Secretly, she was hoping that he would ask to join them, since Magneto has disappeared, but her heart sank when he chose to go with Jean-Luc instead.

For awhile, the others had left her alone, giving her the solitude she needed in order to cope. It was during this time that she gained control of her mutation. Right before her 18th birthday, she had one last growth-spurt and that was when it happened. With a smile, she recalls that day:

Dani Moonstar had just recently joined. At breakfast, Rogue took her gloves off to thoroughly enjoy the cinnamon roll out of the batch that Jean made the night before. Kitty had volunteered, but at the looks of abject horror on the students' faces, Jean offered to 'help', which meant having Kitty fetch ingredients for her, while she did the actual mixing and baking.

Anyway, Dani, unaware of Rogue's absorbing ability, had reached over, touching Rogue's uncovered hand. Needless to say, Rogue was horrified, knowing the end result. When nothing happened, that horror gave way to astonishment. She immediately went to Professor, seeking an answer. He explained that with her last growth-spurt, her mind had also matured, allowing her mutation to be fully-developed. She was so overjoyed that Kitty managed to talk her into a shopping spree for all-new shirts, shorts and dresses. She even bought a swimsuit, since she was planning to spend a lot more time swimming.

Rogue's thoughts return to the present. Ever since that day, the girls think that she needs to start dating and 'living her life'. They don't realize that she's happy where she's at right now. Not only that, but there just aren't any guys around here that she really even wants to go out with. She chuckles to herself at the realization that most of them seem to be afraid of her. She has given them good reason to be, since she has threatened them in one way or another. It also works in her favor that they know that she will carry those threats out, if provoked enough.

What the girls don't understand is that she's already interested in someone, but he's many miles away.

Well, she was happy.

Rogue sighs and gathers her book to go back to her room. Opening her night stand drawer, she removes the Queen of Hearts card he had given her and gazes at it, remembering when he had slipped it into her hand. He had no idea of what he was saying when he told her that she 'had people watching out for her'. "Yeah," she thinks wryly to herself "they watch out for me, all right. More like watching my every move!"

Rogue quickly comes to the conclusion that she's going to have to take matters into her own hands, in order to save her sanity, or what's left of it, anyway.

Now she just needs a plan...

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