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Two weeks later, Remy and Rogue arrive at JFK exhausted, but relieved to be home. They are greeted by a perky Kitty, who starts jumping up and down excitedly and waving as soon as she sees them. Before Piotr is aware of what's happening, Kitty squeals and tears across the concourse, throwing herself at the southerners.

"Y' don' t'ink she 'appy t' see us, do y'?" Remy asks jokingly as Rogue laughs and tries to disengage herself from the girl's grip.

" I don' know, Rems. I think she's lackin' some in enthusiasm." Rogue shoots back as Piotr walks up to the threesome.

"Welcome back, my friends. As you can tell, Katya has been looking forward to your return." The Russian observes with a gentle smile toward his girlfriend.

"Oh, like, so much has happened since you've been gone-" Kitty begins, but is interrupted by Colossus.

"Katya, they will find out soon enough. They look tired, so we should get them home and into their new room." He softly suggests.

"Aw...but I want to tell them about-" Piotr lays a finger on her lips.

"There will be plenty of time for that, after they rest." He tells her quietly, but with a look that brooks no further argument.

Rogue and Remy glance at each other in humorous awe. No one, not even Logan can keep the chatty girl quiet, once she gets wound up. What Pete just did is nothing short of miraculous.

"T'ank y' mon ami. Roguey an' I are jus' t' tired aft'r de flight. All we wan' is t' go 'ome an' sleep." Remy says tiredly.

"Yeah." Rogue adds, stifling a yawn. "Kit, how about we get tagetha afta Rems an' I wake up. Tha four a us can go do somethin'. Tha jet lag is catchin' up ta us, big time."

"Well...okay, I guess so." Kitty reluctantly concedes as Pete puts an arm around her. The foursome head to the baggage claim, where Remy and Pete grab the luggage, then they go to the car. Remy and Rogue breathe a sigh of relief when they see Pete slide into the driver's seat, Kitty taking the passenger side. Rogue shoots a look of gratitude heavenward, thankful that Kitty won't be in back with her, providing a constant stream of chatter. She's just too spent to contribute. She leans her head against her husband's arm and listens to the girl talk to Pete about her plans to go to the local college. Rogue's eyes soon grow heavy as they turn onto the highway toward home.

As they pull up to the mansion, Remy looks over at his bride, his gaze changing to one of tenderness. Rogue is asleep.

"'Ey, Pete." Remy whispers. "Do y' t'ink y' can get some 'elp wit' our bags, please? It looks like 'm goin' t' 'ave t' carry Rogue in an' I don' wan' y' t' 'ave t' carry all o' dem in." Remy asks quietly.

"It is no problem, comrade." Pete replies easily as he enters his code into the security system. Piotr pulls up at the front entrance, where Scott comes out to help, Jean having received Pete's telepathic message. The two men take the bags as Remy turns toward Rogue. His shifting wakes her up.

"Are we home?" She inquires groggily.

"Oui. Scotty an' Pete are takin' our bags in. 'M goin' t' get out, den 'elp y' in." He tells her as he gets out of the car.

"I don' need help. I can get inside myself, Rems." She argues, but it lacks her usual fire.

"Sure y' can." He replies as he reaches in to help her out of the car.

"I can, ya know. I've been doin' it long before ya came inta tha picture, Swampy." She retorts as she attempts a glare.

"I know y' 'ave, cherie, but I made a promise t' take care o' y', s' let me do it." He demands gently as he scoops her up into his arms. "B'sides, I 'ave t' carry y' across de t'reshold, s' y'r stuck eit'er way." He reasons humorously as he carries her inside, Rogue protesting all the way up to their room. He chuckles as he sets her down on the bed.

"Y' finished, mon amour?" He questions with obvious amusement, pulling out a pair of boxers to sleep in. "O' are y' goin' t' keep dis up all nigh'? 'Cuz if y' are, den y'll be talkin' t' y'self. 'M goin' t' change, den go t' sleep." Remy informs her as he goes into the bathroom to change. When he comes back out, he snickers at his wife, who is muttering to herself about how men don't listen and do exactly what they want. He comes up behind her and begins kissing the back of her neck, adding small nips here and there.

"I'm really mad at ya, Remy." Rogue says with a note of warning.

"Mmhmm...an' I love y'." He murmurs as he moves the strap of her tank top to continue to her shoulder.

"Remy..." Rogue protests, but with less conviction. He turns her around and her breath hitches as he finds the sensitive spot at the hollow of her neck.

"I thought ya wanted ta sleep." Rogue replies huskily.

"'M t'inkin' I need somet'in' t' 'elp me sleep, firs'." He replies seductively, kissing her ardently, then leading her to their bed.

Several hours later, Rogue opens her eyes and moves closer to Remy, pulling the sheet up more securely around her.

"W'at time is it?" Remy asks with a sleep-roughened voice.

"Let's jus' say that Kit's gonna have ta wait til tomorra ta catch us up on everythin'." Rogue answers sleepily as she looks at the alarm clock.

"Dat late, huh?" Remy questions, kissing Rogue's shoulder.

"Yeah. Ya gettin' hungry?"

"I could eat." He answers idly. They both climb out of bed, Remy pulling on a t-shirt and Rogue taking out a pair of sky blue silky pajamas, consisting of a spaghetti strap tank and pants. Descending the stairs, they stop suddenly at the sight of Logan and Ororo standing just inside the door, in the middle of a passionate make-out session. Rogue's eyes widen as she places a hand over her mouth to keep from making any noise and Remy stares at them with an upraised brow. He turns to Rogue. "'M t'inkin' it be a bon t'ing dat it's us catchin' dese deux an' not some o' de young'r residents, m' love. Imagine de example dey'd be settin'. Mm, mm, mm. Shameful." He shakes his head in mock reproval and wraps an arm around his giggling wife's waist, escorting her into the kitchen.

Storm is bright red with embarrassment at having been caught and Logan stares after Remy in outrage, for the same reason. After kissing her good night and watching her go up to her room, he stalks into the kitchen and grabs a beer.

"So, when's tha weddin', Logan?" Rogue teases, taking a bite of her sandwich. Remy chokes on a bite of his as he laughs.

"At leas' w'en we made out, it wasn' righ' w'ere ev'ryone would see us." Remy points out facetiously, earning him a glare from Logan.

"Remy!" Rogue covers her face with her hands as he chuckles evilly.

"Cajun, unless ya're wantin' ta make yer wife here, a widow, ya'd better not be tellin' me about what ya did before ya got married." Logan growls menacingly.

"Why, what did they do before they got married?" Kitty questions curiously as she phases in.

Just as Remy's about to open his mouth, he glances over at Rogue, who is glaring at him. He quickly amends his answer. "We 'ad a lot o' fun, Chaton." He smirks at Rogue, who gazes idly at him.

"Good answer, sugah. Jus' for that, ya not on the couch tanight." She responds lightly as she pops a chip into her mouth while Logan rolls his eyes.

"So, like, since you're up, maybe you feel up to hearing about some of what has totally happened since you were gone."

"Why 'ear 'bout it, w'en y' can see it 'appenin' befo' y'?" Remy quips as Rogue nearly spits out the sip she just took and Logan gives him a thunderous look.

"Huh?" Kitty asks, clearly confused.

"Shouldn't ya be in bed, Half-Pint?" Logan inquires gruffly.

"No, like, I'm 18 now and I'm not in school anymore. I don't start classes for a couple of months, so I can stay up as late as I want. Oh, and, like, my session isn't until the afternoon, so I can totally stay up as late as I want to." She informs Logan. "Besides, I need to, like check and see that I have all the ingredients I need to make dinner tomorrow night."

Rogue and Remy exchange looks of terror and Logan grimaces as she moves to the fridge. Seeing that everything she needs is there, she comes back to the table. "What was that you were saying earlier, about seeing it instead of, like, hearing about it?"

Logan knows it was too much to hope for. She didn't forget. Rogue glances at him mischievously and leans over, whispering what they had seen a short time ago.

"Rogue!" Logan snarls as she laughs. Kitty bounces in her seat, trying not to squeal. (It's okay, everyone knows they are dating now.) She can't take it anymore and surges out of her chair, running upstairs to see who is still awake.

"That was for disruptin' our weddin'." Rogue states with amused satisfaction. Remy cracks up laughing as Logan stares at her incredulously.

"Y'r good, cherie. 'M glad y'r on m' side." He tells her as they go back up to their room.

"Ya don' know how good, an' I am, for now." She replies with a cheeky grin, opening the door and leaving him standing at the doorway, a wicked smirk on his face.

"An' dey wond'r why I love dat femme." He murmurs as he enters their room.

Thirteen months later~

Many events have transpired over the months. Scott and Jean were married three months ago. It was your typical traditional wedding, both Rogue and Remy being in the bridal party, of course.

Kitty is still in school, but the night before, Piotr proposed and the two plan on being married upon her graduating next year. Needless to say, she is already excitedly making wedding plans.

Wanda and John are also planning on being married, but no date has been set, as of yet. Rogue still meets her for coffee every week, sometimes Kitty or Remy accompanying her.

These days, Remy stays close to Rogue. Their first child is due any day now and he doesn't want to miss a thing. He watches as she talks to the group of girls, tenderly laying a hand on her swollen belly as she winces at the movements of their baby. Jubes reaches over and lays a hand on Rogue's stomach, feeling the baby for herself.

"I want at least three." Jubes informs the group as Bobby happens to be walking by. Rogue and most of the others share entertained glances at the panic-stricken look on his face.

"Umm...Logan needs me for a...thing." Bobby squeaks out as he rushes away. Jubes is crestfallen.

"He'll never ask me." She says sadly, removing her hand.

"Aw, ya don' know that, hon. He jus' graduated an' ya still have anotha year ta go. Ya neva know what will happen in that time. He jus' ain' ready, yet." Rogue lays a comforting arm around the girl's shoulders.

"Yeah, just give him time." Jean chimes in. "Look at how long it took for Scott to finally ask me."

"I suppose you're right. It's just...hard at times." Jubes admits.

"Most of us know where you're coming from." Kitty adds. "In one way or another, we've been there."

"An' if that doesn' work, we could always ambush him an' dress him like a girl, complete with makeover if he doesn' come aroun'." Rogue suggests impishly, making the others laugh. Her joke has the desired effect, since Jubilee is laughing along.

In the other room, Remy notices everything with the two. As Bobby rushes out, he spies Remy and changes his course of direction, sitting on the couch kitty-corner from the chair, occupied by Remy.

"W'at y' be needin', Iceboy?" Remy asks as he casts another concerned glance at his wife. Seeing that she is fine, he turns his attention back to the young mutant.

"Y' know y' 'urt de young firecracker in dere." He states idly, carefully watching Bobby's reaction.

Bobby hangs his head. "I know. I just...I'm not..." Bobby trails off.

"Ready? No shame in admittin' dat, homme. But don' be leadin' de fille on. She wantin' t' be serious wit' y' an' if y' 'ave no intention o' followin' t'roug', den y' bett'r en' t'ings now. De long'r y' put it off, de worse de 'eartache will be." Remy advises.

"Well, the thing is...I might love her, you know?"

Remy chuckles. "Oh yeah, I know. I don' regret one secon' o' it, dough. Lemme tell y', all de femmes in de worl' couldn' even come close t' mon Roguey. Dat's 'ow I knew I loved 'er. Didn' even wan' t' t'ink o' m' life wit'out 'er. T'ink 'bout dat wit' y' an' Jubes, den go fr'm dere."

"Hey, thanks! I better go talk to her." Bobby jumps up and leaves to find his girlfriend.

Remy turns in his chair to find Rogue framed in the doorway, smiling softly at him. He rises and walks over, holding her as close as he is able. He grins and gently caresses their unborn child.

"I love ya too, Rems." Rogue whispers for his benefit alone, stroking his handsome face.

Two days later, Rogue groans, causing Kitty's head to shoot up from the book she's reading.

"Like, is it time?" Kitty questions, worry and excitement warring in her voice.

"I-I think so, Kit. Could ya get Remy for me? He's in DR."

"Sure! It'll only take a sec." Kitty answers as she rapidly phases her way to the elevator. She enters the control booth and whispers to Professor why he needs to end the sim early.

"Hey! What's up? Why's the sim ending early?" Logan angrily inquires.

"Remy, Rogue needs you. It would seem that your child has decided that it is ready to come." Professor informs him over the intercom.

Remy wastes no time with showering and changing. He runs out of the Danger Room, where Kitty meets him to take him to Rogue.

"Cherie!" Remy calls out, rushing to her side. "We bes' be goin' t' see Beast." He says as he lifts her.

Awhile later, after being made as comfortable as possible, Logan comes in to visit.

"Hey, Stripes. How ya doin'?" He questions gently as he takes her unoccupied hand.

Rogue manages a small smile. "I'm holdin' my own, though I do wish my lil' one would hurry it up a bit." She pats her belly affectionately, then grimaces as another contraction comes. Logan looks around the room uncomfortably.

"Uh, I think I'll wait outside. If ya need anything, just call." Logan moves to leave.

"Logan, wait!" Rogue calls to him. He turns around and gazes at her inquiringly. "Remy an' I talked, an' we would like for ya ta be tha baby's godfatha. Will ya do it?"

"Ya want me?" He indicates himself, looking over to Gambit for confirmation. The other man nods once, showing his agreement.

"Please?" Rogue asks softly.

"I...I'd be honored." He answers in amazement.

"Good." She responds happily.

Many hours later, it is early morning. Rogue yells one more time as their child is born. She cries in joy and relief as they hear the baby's cry for the first time.

"We have a girl!" Hank announces jubilantly, cutting the cord, rubbing her briskly and finally wrapping her in a warm towel. She is delivered into her mother's waiting arms.

"A fille." Remy whispers wonderingly, gazing lovingly at his new daughter.

"Oh Rems, she's gorgeous." Rogue looks adoringly at their baby girl, tears streaming down her cheeks as she tenderly runs a finger down the soft cheek.

"She's belle. Tres belle." Remy leans over and kisses his wife's temple. "She looks like 'er mere." He pronounces with a warm smile, running a finger over his girl's diminutive hand. Their baby yawns, mewls and opens her eyes. Remy looks down in complete awe. "She 'as m' eyes."

"Yeah. Jus' what I wanted." Rogue replies contentedly, tiredness washing over her.

"I wan' t' name 'er Marie." Remy requests.

"I wanted ta name her Ruby." Rogue tells him.

"'Ow 'bout Marie Ruby f'r 'er official name an' we call 'er Ruby, jus' s' it don' get confusin'?" Remy proposes.

"That'll work. I like that." Rogue agrees mildly, her eyes growing heavy.

"Y' sleep now. Y' deserve it, mon coeur. I t'ink Hank's waitin' t' take Ruby t' get 'er bathed an' do some tests. I'll be righ' 'ere nex' t' y', ma Marie. Je'taime." Remy tells her as he lays down on the cot placed next to her bed.

Rogue gazes sweetly at her husband for a moment as he quickly falls asleep. "Who says online matchmakin' doesn' work?" She asks quietly, making herself comfortable and immediately following suit.

Hope y'all enjoyed the story. The last part with Ruby was requested by roguelover321. :)