Grammar, misspelling, complete suckage and N.A.R.M... This had it all. Now edited, maybe you'll get a better read.

A certain spider stumbles on the village of Konoha with no memory of his past even a day prior, his presence will shake the foundation of normalcy we all know too well. But what happens when he meets the resident predators of the village, the fox and the snake? Will these predators of nature form a bond tighter than time, or will they fight?

With a shroud of mystery of what is yet to come, time is the only factor here. That, along with the fact: When you put a spider, a fox, and a snake in the same room together, what shall you get when you let them out?

Unpredictable, chaos incarnates, in the form of children, thats what.

Chapter One: Enter: The Spider

The world can be summed up in a few short words.




The way to combine those words are so few and far apart, however, that the only thing to actually say about the world is: "That's life." Yes, well, life is unfair. Life is deadly, and life is dangerous. People fear what they don't understand and hate what they cannot conquer by power or otherwise. War, fights between lovers, quibbles between friends, its all the same because it can all spiral out of control.

And in this situation it did.

For you see it wasn't a mere accident that brought this situation into existence, it was fate. Destiny, the natural timeline, whatever have you, it was meant to happen by the fear and ignorance of the world. This is where the tale begins, it's going to be a long ride.

Dark eyes snapped open with a start and darted around tiredly. They looked through the room, and found that they were in a hospital. The sound of voices in speakers and rolling of gurneys made that pretty obvious. But it was the stench of death and disease that made the person scrunch up their nose in disgust, and let out a mouse sneeze.

Bad idea.

The person was a little boy, with dark brown hair, though it looked black. He was in a hospital gown, and his hair stuck to his forehead in sweat and got in the way of his eyesight a bit, but not much. When he sneezed his head knocked into another person's head and instantly rubbed his head in pain.

"Ow! Ow owow!" a voice yelled out, a girl voice. He looked past his hands that were now covering his forehead to meet the pupil less eyes of a girl with peculiar purple hair, tied back into a ponytail, and wore a trench coat that was obviously to big for her.

She looked at him and before he could say anything, she ran out the room. He plopped back onto the bed, and absentmindedly rubbed his forehead a bit and looked around. He covered his nose with the hospital gown and frowned as he sneezed again, the smell of death and medicine really getting to him.

He could hear exceptionally well, and his ears perked up when he heard voices come from out the door. He didn't really pay attention to them and sat quietly. He supposed he should be asking someone where the hell he was and how he got there, but then again he had no idea where he was before, much less anything else.

"But Kurenai-chan! I wanna go back inside too! Please!" the little girl's voice rang out again, making him cover his ears while silently cursing. His voice was much to dry to speak, and his throat hurt like all hell with the perpetual cough itch that he had. He looked at his hands and sighed silently. They were really red, with tiny, tiny little black hairs coming up from them. Not that he could actually see them, but he felt them tingle all over.

He then looked at his wrists. Little diamond shaped discolorations on them were pulsing to no end, and throbbed even more when he poked them.

Scratching the back of his head, a tingle rang through out his head and he suddenly ducked suddenly. Just then, the door popped open and a teenage girl with dark black hair and piercing red eyes came in with a tray of food. Of course, so did the little girl that was marching around with confidence and accidentally knocked the tray out of the older girl's hands, and while she was able to catch anything from falling, she wasn't able to stop the fork that embedded itself into the wall behind the little boy.

She glared down at the little girl who had the grace to look sheepish. She sighed and looked at the boy and instantly her eyes softened. He was no older than the girl that was beside her legs, and looked like a kicked puppy with some fight left in him. His hair was oddly shaggy, and hung all over his head, neatly covered his ears, and sloppily parted in front of his eyes. His face was cut a little, and still had some dried blood on his cheeks. But what caught her attention were his eyes.

They seemed to be a mix between hazel and blue, and so sharp and light she could easily see them from her place about eight feet away. He stared back at her with an expressionless face and then tilted his head curiosity at her, not blinking at all. She couldn't but get lost in them… they were simply… odd. And this was coming from a girl who had eyes that mesmerized the greater populace of men in the village.

The little girl tugged on the older girl's jacket. "Kure-chan? What's wrong?" Kurenai snapped out of her daze and shook her head, her sight feeling dizzy for a few moments. She sighed and put the tray of food down and pinched the bridge of her nose and hesitantly looked at her jacket where the girl touched it. The normally tan and black cloth was now stained in a purple like substance.

"Anko… What have I told you about washing your hands after eating grape flavored dango?"

Anko looked at her hands with wide eyes. Then she grinned and hid them behind her back. "He did it," she said, pointing at the boy on the bed, who rolled his eyes at her. It was hard to believe the girl when her hand was still covered in the grape glaze, but she made a pretty convincing accusation, for a five year old that is.

Kurenai turned to look at the boy, who was staring at the ceiling as if everything was right with the world. She smiled slightly. He had his cheeks puffed out and moved them slightly as his eyes drifted from the dusty ceiling to her, and he tilted his head once again. "You're finally awake I see. That's good. We thought you'd never wake up," she said, chuckling as the boy's eyebrows twitched ever so slightly to break the stagnant atmosphere. Smiling, she went out of the room to go get a doctor assigned to the room.

Anko looked the boy up and down and grinned. "HI! I'm Mitarashi Anko! What's your name," the boy turned to her quickly and didn't say anything for a few seconds as he just stared at her. Anko didn't have many friends or any friends at all, aside from Kurenai and a couple others who were nowhere near her age. She just figured what would stop her from being friends with the weird kid wearing a hospital dress.

Her grin started to falter as his eyes stayed on her, unblinking without emotion. She squirmed under it slightly. When her grin was completely gone his eyes began to blink rapidly and then sneezed. Shaking his head a bit he turned to look back at her, and found her now staring at him with a frown. To him it looked more like a childish pout, but that was probably all she could come up with. He appeared to try at her, as if he was experimenting his facial muscles, and watched the frown disappear and turn into a full out grin.

"What's your name," Anko asked curiously, walking toward the little boy. He tried to speak, but found he couldn't. He rasped out a few words that she could barely hear. He pointed to his mouth and made a drinking motion. "What the hell are you doing that for? Are you stupid?" the boy gave an exasperated gesture and rolled his eyes at her, but couldn't help but lose against the small tugging at his lips.

"Ah. So he is awake. Very good, very good indeed," the doctor said as he and Kurenai walked into the room. He held a clipboard and seemed to be reading over some things with interest. He let out a few "Ah's" and "Hm's" as well, though they were mostly stifled by the board.

"So.. Where did you say you found him Kurenai?" The man asked curiously as he looked over to her and raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't find him Uncle. Asuma-ku- I mean Asuma-san did," she stuttered at the end with a light blush that would have been darker if she had not corrected her words in time. Teilu smirked. His niece was head over heels for the young Sarutobi, even if the bearded buffoon didn't realize it yet. Honestly, he was sure that the man's head was empty as a hallowed out coconut.

He looked over to the boy. Apparently while Asuma was guarding the doors to the Hokage tower he and his partner chanced upon the boy in the room. Or the boy chanced upon them, seemed more fitting though. From the report Asuma gave him, he had been bleeding profusely from his head, numerous bruises covered his body, and his wrists were almost split open vertically. It seemed quite gruesome for something to happen to a child, but he had seen worse, just not by much.

Taking a look at him now however he seemed to be just fine, except for the he remained stoic while Anko glared at him. But that was to be expected since the little girl did that to everybody to see if they were friendly.

It was cute… in a warped sort of way.

He also seemed to have been suffering from slight muscle damage but when he was brought in and examined, his body was in tip top shape, even better than most chuunin and some jounin even. As he looked over the unusual traits he noticed that there were notes of diamond shaped discolorations on his wrists that throbbed mildly and his hands were inflamed, and also there seemed to be a tiny bulge right under the discolorations, as if something was trying to protrude from it. As if these weren't strange enough, what caught Teilu's attention was the side note about the boy's elongated canine teeth that were much to long for a human, and the vein like obstructions in them.

What was this child?

He looked over his clipboard curiously and smirked. Anko and the kid were making faces at each other. He heard Kurenai laugh at that, since he knew she thought of Anko like a little sister. He thought of her like a niece, just like Kurenai, even though they weren't blood related. But then again… sometimes he wondered if Anko and Kurenai were related by the way the two of them acted sometimes.

The boy looked at him curiously as he put his clipboard down and nodded his head profusely. Teilu was holding up a bottle of juice with a knowing smirk and tossed the bottle to the him. He caught it rather easily and began to guzzle it hungrily. "Kurenai. Look at his mouth and tell me what you see," he said quietly, becoming serious as he saw the boy holding the bottle with two hands and gulp it down.

After he ran out of breath, he inhaled and let out a contented sigh, showing off some pearly white fangs that hung a little bit over his bottom lip. Kurenai gasped quietly but apparently not too quietly since the boys ears twitched and he looked up at them with one of his fangs hanging over his bottom lip as he was about to take another drink. Teilu gave out a knowing sigh as he could hear Anko try to hold in squeals of excitement as she looked at the boy with star filled eyes. 'Three… two… one…'

"Cute!" Anko screamed aloud and attempted to glomp the boy as he just looked so cute with his fangs overlapping his lip, and his innocent, curious looking eyes. He tried to get out of the way but Anko seemingly teleported to him and tackled him to the ground hugging him all the while. Luckily the juice was unharmed and was somehow recapped on the bed. Teilu let out a soft chuckle as he saw the boy try to reach up to the bottle and grab it, but to no avail since it was just out of his tiny arm's reach.

"Anko! Get of him! You're choking him," Kurenai said, but even she couldn't repress a giggle at the sight. The boy was squirming and trying to get from under Anko feebly, but it was as if Anko had an iron grip on him. She picked up the little girl and held her in front of her as she started to kick around and whine.

"But Kurenai-chan! I just wanted to give him a hug," said Anko innocently as she pouted at the red eyed teen, who to her credit rolled her own. Teilu walked over to the child and smiled down at him, and it widened when the boy looked up at him. His hair was all ruffled up now and his eyes as well as his cheeks were all red. Though he wasn't sure if that was because of the air being choked from him, or because he was shy.

Without a word, he hefted the boy onto the bed and started looking at his head. The boy in turn started to skillfully move away as Teilu parted his hair to get a better look, but was stopped when Teilu put a firm hand on his shoulder that said, "Don't talk, stay still."

After he was done, Teilu stood up straight and took off his glasses, his eyes taking on a more serious tone as he turned to look at Kurenai. "He seems to have suffered from a concussion and head trauma. Tell me, do you know if he was moving in his sleep at all?" Kurenai shook her head, but Anko raised her hand nodded. "Yeah! He was turning and squirming a lots in his sleep." She spoke in a childish tone and gave an affirmative nod to prove her point further, eliciting a sigh from Teilu.

"It's possible that he has suffered from amnesia," Teilu glanced at the child who was looking at each and every one of them with a blank expression. "Follow my finger, okay?" He asked, and got a nod from the youth. His eyes slowly followed his fingers up down, left, right, west, east, north, out the door, up the wall, yeast, sest… well, you get the idea.

"Can you speak?" Teilu asked, and grinned when he got a rather hesitant nod from the boy. He seemed to struggle to get the words out of his mouth as he nodded, but finally succeeded. "…Y-yes…" the boy said hoarsely, finding the man's smile quite reassuring and infectious as he chose then to test out his facial muscles, only to succeed in a pathetic twitch. "Okay, good. Now, do you know your name?" The boy nodded almost instantly, and said, "…Peter."

"Peter, do you know where your family is? Someone we can contact to come and get you?" Peter. "What's your last name Peter," Teilu asked patiently, knowing that in fact the child did have amnesia that it would take a while for him to remember, if that was the case.

Peter looked up to the ceiling and bit his lip, as he tried to think of his last name. Reilly? No…. Osborn? No. Stacy? Allen? Watson? Jameson? Brant? Robertson? No! Who the hell in the Elemental countries would have weird last names like those?

He suddenly shrugged halfheartedly but didn't bother to show any emotion to the doctor. Teilu simply chuckled and ruffled the boy's hair before turning around. "Well I was right. He's either an orphan or he does in fact have a mild case of amnesia. Whether it's long or short term I have no idea. Though I doubt he's an orphan, since he at least knows his first name. Ku-"

Before he could even finish the sentence, Anko whined and cursed as she took out a stick of dango she had in case she found herself craving, and attempted to catch the candy orbs in her mouth, but it flew from her hands as she took it out, and got stuck on the ceiling. "Aw!" She looked up sadly at the stick of dango and silently prayed that Kami welcome it into the celestial gates of paradise, where it would have tons of little dango babies that fell down for her to eat.

Peter however took notice of her sadness and jumped up with ease and stuck to the ceiling, and crawled toward the dango stick intently. Anko blushed as she thought that he had nothing on under the gown, but let out a relieved sigh when she saw he was wearing boxers. Teilu and Kurenai couldn't help but stare in awe as the boy clung to the surface as if it was normal. "Such… chakra control…" Kurenai whispered out loud, and got a nod from her uncle.

Then their eyes widened even more when they saw Peter slide down on a rope like substance and hold on to it with one hand and hand the dango stick to Anko with the other. Anko however was much more enthusiastic about the return of her precious dango stick and went to wash it off.

Dango was dango, and dango was a delicacy that should not be taken advantage of.

Peter hopped down from the rope like thing and landed in a crouch, his bones cracking in place and his head going into a tilt. "Huh?" He asked, seeing the slightly shocked look the doctor was giving him. Teilu shook his head and regained his calm composure as he cleared his throat. "Nothing at all Peter-kun. But would you mind telling me how exactly you did that?"

Peter suddenly frowned and grabbed his head before shaking it. "I've always been able to do that..." He back-flipped onto the ceiling and stood up, raising his arms in an effort to prove his statement. Though this was more inconvenient than anything else since while he apparently could defy gravity his gown couldn't, and it hung over his head and clouded his view. Just as Anko came back as she was slurping on her dango she happened to see as well and blushed profusely, her dango nearly falling from her mouth.

Peter started grunting to get the gown out of his sight and clumsily fell from the ceiling and onto the bed, thankfully. The three couldn't help but blanch as he had the grace to blush.

"Interesting… Very, very, interesting indeed." Teilu muttered with a chuckle. He wrote down a couple of things on his clipboard and looked toward Kurenai, "Kurenai-chan, I don't suppose you would mind showing Peter-kun around the village? I need to show something to Hokage-sama," he took the rope like substance and left the room before she could reply. To her amusement however, he seemed to have been struggling with the strange substance and from the way he was getting his hands stuck, he was having a difficult time.

Suddenly he popped his head back in through the door. "I took the liberty of getting him some clothes, seeing as the ones he had were dirty and ragged. They're at the checkout desk," he left after that. Kurenai and Anko looked to Peter who pushed up his wayward fang back into his mouth and sneezed a mouse sneeze. Kurenai had to hold back Anko from hugging him again.

Teilu sighed as he looked over the notes he had taken on the Jonathan Doe that was Peter. He was on his way to the Hokage office, and he couldn't help but feel… perplexed. There weren't many things that caught the doctor off guard, or even made him think much. He was praised for his ingenuity and intelligence during his time at the academy and now he had to use those brains to figure something out.

Of course, it didn't take him quite long. He looked over the notes and saw reports of the fangs, the bulges in Peter's wrists, and even the little white discolorations in his wrists. Then he looked at the part about the inflammation on his hands that made it seem like they were under pressure, something akin to when a body part is irritated or stabbed sharply. For some reason some doctor had written something down about him being a demon, which made Teilu scowl since those were one of the doctors that were prejudice and paranoid.

Though, he couldn't help the thought that Peter was nearly as perplexing as the Kyuubi container, Uzumaki Naruto. Speaking of the little blond hyper ball, he hadn't seen him in quite a while, which he wasn't sure if it was a good thing since he was one of the few doctors who saw him for what he really was; as an innocent child with a burden no one should have.

Looking up, he found himself standing in front of the secretary. The secretary smiled at him flirtatiously and opened the doors, letting him go into the office with a feminine, "Have a nice day." He repressed an urge to shudder violently as the secretary was a man. Granted, a very effeminate looking one that made a few males think he was a woman but a man none the less.

It reminded him of a time where he thought being androgynous was a birth defect and led him into some frightening situations. Now, he found the entire thing shudder worthy, and that included Hokage-sama's receptionist.

Walking into the office he noticed that the Sandaime Hokage was sitting leisurely in his chair with a little orange book. Teilu cleared his throat as the older man giggled perversely and his blush was visible from the corners of the book.

"Ahem… Uhm, Hokage-sama?" Teilu asked, not sure if he should actually be here now since it was obvious the man was busy. The Sandaime did a double take as he looked at Teilu with uninterested eyes but then realized who it was and with speed that contradicted his age, snapped the book shut and sealed it into his desk, and pretended to be working diligently on some dreaded paperwork.

The old man then looked up at Teilu as if he didn't notice him until that moment. He knew Teilu quite well, as he made it a high priority to keep all of the people who were actually humane and nice to his surrogate grandson that was Naruto close, but the ones that didn't, closer. In this case, Teilu fell under the first category, which in itself was fortunate since he was one of them most skilled doctors in the village.

"Ah, Teilu-san! What do I owe this pleasure," the man asked, fighting down his blush from his perverted students book that was now in his desk.

"I think I may have some very interesting news Hokage-sama." The Sandaime got a serious look on his face. Whenever Teilu said he had interesting news, and came to his office to tell him that instead of informing the council, it was pretty important. That and he rarely ever came to the office because of the Sandaime's secretary… shudder.

"Do tell my boy," Sarutobi said as he picked up his pipe that had been smoking in the ashtray for some time.

"There was a child last night that had come up to the Hokage tower badly beaten and bruised. He had several cuts or bruises all over his body. Your son, Asuma, found him and brought him to the hospital," Teilu stated as if he were reading a script.

He sat down in a chair and set the clipboard down on the desk. "But when he got there, they were nearly all gone," he saw that this piqued Sarutobi's interest, as he knew that Asuma would never lie about something like a child being hurt. "Now, several of my fellow colleagues examined the child and have written down some notes. Unusual traits, irregularities and such about the child. They are all here," he pointed to the clipboard.

"But even if these things, like the irritated skin on his palms, or the strange discolorations on his wrists were just coincidences, like possibly a disease that has come from another village, that still doesn't explain… this," Sarutobi nodded as he looked over those reports, and mentally scoffed at the doctor who thought the child to be a demon of sorts. He raised an eyebrow when he saw Teilu struggling to get his hands away from a sticky white rope, that shined in the light. "That would be…?" he asked, pointing to the rope.

"This, Hokage-sama, would be what came from the boy's wrist," Teilu set the thing down carefully as to not get it stuck to the table. "His wrists, you say? How did this happen?" Sarutobi asked, finding this to be very peculiar indeed, as well as interesting.

"Well, you see, Anko was in the room, and her dango stick was caught up on the ceiling. The boy jumped from the bed, to the ceiling, and crawled on it to get it. It was then that this came from his wrist and he used it to slide down and give the dango to Anko," Teilu said as the Hokage sat back in his chair and puffed on his pipe. "Hmmm… I see. What do you suggest that it is? This rope here?"

"I thought over the possibility that he could be an estranged member of the Aburame clan, which is quite a plausible possibility seeing as he has the required er… personality traits." He stopped, leaving the older male a moment to imagine exactly what the traits were. When he started again, he held the white line up.

"This resembles a webline; something that spiders use too travel short distances. My speculation on the theory of him being an estranged member of the Aburame clan is that the Aburame clan does not house arachnids. They house insects, so that possibility is out the window for now." Teilu said determinedly, taking notice of the Hokage's scrutinizing looks of the line as he looked it up and down.

"From what you have told me Teilu-san, it seems quite possible that he has a bloodline of some sort. Tell me, what is the boy's name?"

Teilu pointed to the general information part on the first sheet on the clipboard. "That is another thing Hokage-sama. Asuma said that the boy was bleeding from his head when he found him. It's more likely than not that he has suffered from amnesia. He can't even remember his last name." Teilu said, and nodded when the older man raised an inquisitive eyebrow at him.

"What is his first name then?" Teilu smiled a bit. "Peter," he said, giving emphasis on the odd name.

"What do you suggest we do Hokage-sama?" Teilu asked, wondering what the old man's input on the matter was. "For now we keep the greater majority of this information secret. We don't know where the boy came from and if his family is looking for him. If the councils get wind of this the chances are that they will want him to make his own clan, or some of the more prestigious clans will try to breed him into theirs," Sarutobi frowned. It wasn't as if he didn't trust the village leaders as a whole, which he didn't completely, but the old ways still lingered in their way of life so things tended to get complicated. "Where is he now?"

"I asked Yuhi Kurenai to show him around the village for the time being. If I know her well, then she has just now found the clothes I told her that I got for him," Teilu chuckled. His niece was a skilled shinobi, but she still had trouble with some of the simplest tasks sometimes.

"Very well. I suggest that we have a meeting with Aburame Shibi and others to see what he has to say," Sarutobi sighed, looking at the webline on his desk and carefully picked it up. If this child in fact did create this sticky substance from his wrists, then it was most definitely arachnid related, and the only ones that would be able to give some form of useful knowledge would be the clan head of the Aburame clan among others.

"Wait a second. You're releasing him from the hospital already?" Sarutobi asked, the regal tone of his voice gone and replaced with that of a normal middle aged man.

"Hokage-sama, Peter-kun's wounds -whatever they might have been- are all gone now. His body is in perfect shape, even more so that some new jounin and chuunin I know. Is that all?" Teilu asked, though he knew that anyone would find that strange, even if they lived a world with ninja.

"Yes my boy. Good day," he nodded as he saw Teilu walk out the door unlike most shinobi, who just went out the window. Though he was grateful that the door still had some uses.

It was sure turning out to be an interesting day. He looked down and sighed. Below him, next to the clipboard left behind, was the deed to an apartment. Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage not that long ago and he had found him walking the streets, cold and dirty. He sighed. His beliefs that the Shodaime made a good choice making the village were starting to be questioned.

How could a village be good when the were all blinded by arrogance and hate, and their own stupidity that they beat and shunned an innocent child? Minato you fool. I told you that they would never see your son for the hero he really is. Despite your power and knowledge that far exceeded my own, you were still so naïve that you trusted everyone to your dying breath. Baka.

He knew his time on his earth was reaching a close, and that he could do less for Naruto than what he would be able to in his prime. But, once he was eaten by the Shinigami, he would have a little talk with his successor for his stupidity.

His power be damned.

But now, he would have to begin to arrange that meeting and find a suitable guardian to look after his surrogate grandson.

Grammar, misspelling, complete suckage and N.A.R.M... This had it all. Now edited, maybe you'll get a better read.