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The wife of the Hyuuga clan head is is finding her time spent with the fox to be quite... amusing. As she, the fox, and Naruto go for lunch they meet an unexpected visitor on their leisurely day, one that Hitome mistakes as a threat to the fox.

Meanwhile Kurenai is finding out the meaning behind the saying, "Looks can be deceiving." Having already learned partially from the snake, she is further surprised by the spider, and his reaction to the demon sword that has just shown up in the market area.

The trek to the 'Ramen Place,' as Naruto had so exuberantly called it was less than a mere annoyance for Hitome. Of course she had no such qualms of walking on such a side of the village with him, even despite the glances and stares she received from some of the less fortunate or 'common trash' as her dearest husband would call bunches of them.

Although, she was interested in the way Naruto seemed to be fitting in so well. She had assumed that he would be glared at and well… she hated to even think it, but assaulted in some form as well, even in this part of her home, but she had been wondrously and thankfully disappointed.

The citizens in this part of the village acted as if he wasn't there, that he didn't exist. The second they had exited the park's playground and the park itself, she felt she had to protect him, but it seemed as if this wasn't the case. The farther they got the more invisible and unimportant he seemed to get to the civilians as their place in the village deteriorated into nothing but the homeless and drunks, and the average working class person going on with their daily lives.

She wasn't sure if she should be happy or worried, given the fact that it might have been her presence that kept them at bay in the first place, but she wasn't eager in delving into that particular possibility at the moment.

Hinata clutched to her leg as best she could; she was barely tall enough to reach her knee and her stubby legs had trouble keeping up with the tall woman's long legs. Luckily, every time she fell back, stumbled or tripped Neji would be there to give her a good push or stop her with his hand. But in Hitome's hormonal Hyuuga eyes, it was a little too much and a little too hard of a push, so a quick glare had stopped it after Hitome slowed down her pace… for now.

The trademark Hyuuga eyes of hers scanned across the environment at any shady place, or any place not bathed in light. After years of using her bloodline, she had developed a sense of familiarity with what she could and couldn't see to an extent. While she would never say it aloud because of her humble reputation among her fellow shinobi, it made her feel special.

Meanwhile she could still see Naruto march on proudly. This didn't surprise her at all, actually. It was his mother's side; the part that was so full of energy and happy even in silence that hadmade her such a refreshing person to be around. Yet with Naruto… it was, for lack of better word… dulled and uninspired.

Kami, she wondered why.

After mentioning the 'Ramen Place,' Naruto hadn't said a word. She could see it in his posture, the way his muscles clenched every time he glanced behind him and saw her omnipresent eyes staring down at him like a hawk. If he were anyone else, Hitome would have considered it amusing. But he wasn't, and it wasn't. It was downright shameful.

She took a breath to calm herself before she went on an emotional rollercoaster that would take her hours to get off of. This wasn't the time for it. In her situation, it wasn't the time for it, and with her children present it sure as hell wasn't the place for it either. What would the civilians think if they saw a Konoha noble having an emotional breakdown? Hiashi would never let her live it down, the cheeky bastard.

Neji tugged on her kimono. "Hitome-sa-" She squeezed his hand ever so tightly, thinking of the numerous things she could get away with by blaming her hormones. "K-kaa-sama," she released and smiled gently, even though he couldn't see. "That man… Why is he staring at us like that?" He pointed in front of all of them at a teen who was a good twenty feet away and was indeed glowering holes into them like hot knives into butter.

She saw what Neji didn't see. As Hinata dug her head deeper into her slightly grass stained clothes after letting out a mouse squeak, Hitome glared back at the teen, a split second showing him why the Hyuuga were so special. The teen reeled back in shock for less than a second, and then returned to his glowering in anattempt to shoot fire-lasers from his eyes.

His object: Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, though she would never tell him that.

A gash held firmly on his nose right above a claw-like scar on the far left of his left cheek. His hair was long and spiky, and slightly disheveled, giving him a rugged appearance. From the way his face scrunched up in disgust at the mere sight of poor Naruto, she surmised his thoughts very well. And when Naruto stopped, she knew he did too.

Instead of making a scene, Hitome knelt down next to him and patted his head again. "Is something wrong, Naruto-kun?" Blue eyes dashed nervously between her and the intruder, but finally he stuttered, "N-Nope. Nothing at all!" The wide grin full of slightly yellow teeth and sharp canines made her frown on the insides. His mother was an abhorrent liar too.

"Hey gaki," a voice called out. Hitome was hard pressed not to let her reflexes smash the owner of the masculine voice in the crotch for sneaking up on her, but decided against it. She turned around and her smile faded into a quirked eyebrow at the youth before her. He had to be about seven inches shorter than her if she stood up. A midget, she giggled.

A vein pulsed on the youth's head and he grit his teeth. "What's so funny, lady?" Hitome smiled again. His voice was that of a true delinquent; lacking any respect or tact for his superiors. She was impressed. Looking him over for a few seconds she let her eyes linger on that vest of his. A chuunin, low- to mid-rank at best, she surmised. At the sight of the girth of his vest, she raised her eyebrow. It was completely unnecessary to hide an ANBU level vest underneath a chuunin one when all that was needed was a henge. He was ANBU, even more impressive, but he also lacked common sense. It was nice to see not all of them were devoid of amusing their peers.

"Stop undressing me with your eyes, you pervert!" The youth yelled, his scarred nose scrunching up again. She merely waved him off and tilted her head down at Naruto, who suddenly felt that accompanying Hinata in using her clothes as a drape was an excellent idea.

"Do you know this boy Naruto-kun?" she inquired, her voice truly curious. His face wasn't fearful, far from it. It was something she could only label as… uneasiness?

A laugh echoed behind her. A loud, boisterous laugh like someone had just been exposed to something tremendously funny. "Thanks a lot kid, you really make me love my rep." Her eyes widened when the youth reached out his hand at Naruto, and on reflex with a small scowl she snatched it and threw it back from whence it came.

The youth didn't miss a beat though, and simply laughed again. "Easy lady, I don't mean any harm. I come in peace." She gave him a withering glance and sighed. 'Blame it on the hormones,' she thought. "Forgive me, 'chuunin-san,'" she said mockingly, "I was not aware you were familiar with Naruto-kun."

He crossed his arms and scoffed. "I could say the same for you. What did he do this time? Drown someone in rainbow paint? Steal a puppy from the Inuzuka kennels? Or did he dip into the Akimichi's food storage again and have a little feast?"

"Hey! Those dogs followed me, and that was one time!" Naruto jumped forward in defense, but when he was stared down by his elders, Hinata, and Neji, he shuffled his feet and pouted. "They did…"

"Yeah, sure they did, gaki." The scarred one attempted to strike him deftly and Hitome had no way to stop it, as she was caught off guard. She failed Kushina… She failed Minato… She broke her promise…!

Despite the happenings in the pregnant one's mind, Naruto was growling after he had his hair ruffled. "Iruka-nii! Stop that!"'

Peeking through her fingers at the scene with tears sprinkling over dramatically at her eyes, Hitome gasped. 'Iruka-nii? Could this young man be helping Naruto-kun?' As corny as she knew it sounded, it made sense. No five-year old could survive in the village for even a night in this neighborhood. The only possible exception being Naruto, but that was still up for debate.

'Iruka-nii' chuckled. "You look cooler that way, gaki." Naruto grinned widely yet still maintained a squinted eye pout that she thought only Kushina would ever be able to use. Iruka-nii raised an eyebrow at the three Hyuuga and whispered to Naruto, "What the heck are you doing with these suits, kid? I thought you would be at the tower today."

Naruto tried - and failed miserably - to whisper back suspiciously by covering his mouth with the back of his hand and shifting his eyes around. "They're buying me ramen," he snickered. Hitome fought the urge not to blanch. They looked like elementary school children the way they acted just now, with one being almost a decade too old to be in it, and the other too young to even begin the stage of it, which was saying something. It was like watching two demented childrenchatter.

"A-Ano… Hello Iruka-nii-san… I-It is a please to meet you." Hinata broke in, her face pointed downward and her hands folded across her waist line. Hitome took a moment to mentally applaud her daughter. Yeah! Almost no stuttering! It was the hormones.

"You just had to call me that didn't you?" 'Iruka-nii' groaned at Naruto who shrugged meekly. He took a moment to look Hinata over and then grinned at the blond, "You got a girlfriend already? I'm proud of you, gaki!" Hinata started to poke her fingertips and struggled to say something else, but it appeared her one time burst of confidence had dwindled for the day.

Neji looked back at his Aunt and inquired, "Hitome-kaa-sama, what's a girlfriend?" Hitome covered her lips and giggled again when she saw the blush on Naruto's face and the curious expression on her daughter's. "I'll tell you when you're older, Neji-kun."

"Anyways," Iruka-nii started but paused noticed that Hitome was staring at him with - at least in his eyes - a creepy smile that was only accented by her almost white eyes. He scoffed, "Got something you want to say to the people, lady?"

Hitome shook her head and tucked a hair behind her ear, "Nothing you should concern yourself with, 'chuunin-san,'" she teased and turned her back on him, grabbing Naruto and Hinata's hand and silently beckoning Neji to follow her.

Naruto snickered and waved at the long haired youth with a grin. "Bye Iruka-nii!" It took a moment for the words to sink in but after that time elapsed, Iruka had noticed the sizeable distance between him and the Hyuuga trio and Naruto. "Hey! You just gonna leave me here?" he shouted, gathering the attention of the passers-by but nonetheless ignoring them.

Hitome turned around and smirked at him. "If you wish to come along, all you have to do is ask, 'chuunin-san,'" If he truly was an acquaintance of little Naruto-kun then he would follow, but if he wasn't… then she could ignore him and make a 'complaint' to Hiashi and have him dealt with, ANBU or not.

She could see his muscles tense and his legs twitch seconds before he sprinted up to them rather quickly, not bothering to give any reason why, but she knew why anyway. He stopped aside Naruto and grinned down at him and ruffled his hair, but noticed the smile Hitome was casting out of the corner of his eye.

He scoffed. "I'm doin' this cause I wanna look after the little gaki, nothing else, got that?" His lip twitched and she received the underlying message: "Try anything and we're gonna have trouble." Hitome rolled her eyes. 'Are all of the teenagers in Konoha this impudent?' she wondered with a small sigh.

"Wait, you've been following him around all this time and still don't know where that place is?" Iruka flicked the back of Naruto's head and got a glare from him and Hitome, but brushed it off. "You could have gotten lost, you dumba-"

Hitome experienced a well-timed coughing fit to avoid the exposure of her children to such language. "Do you know where it is exactly, chuunin-san?" Iruka tapped his chin, scratched the back of his head, and then shrugged.

"Yeah, I do. Seeing as the clueless wonder gets lost on a daily basis looking for the place." He and Naruto tried glaring at each other, but all Hitome saw were smiles, "It's about a block or two away depending on which way you take."

Hitome perked up a bit. The roads and streets to, in, and from Konoha were straight forward and easily navigated, so getting lost would be quite a feat. "I see. Which way do you recommend we take then, chuunin-san?"

Iruka paused again and shrugged once more. "The easiest would be to turn back around and go two blocks over, because you're on the wrong street." Hitome looked down at Naruto and saw him shuffling his feet shyly. She shruggedherself. "Very well chuunin-san. If you would so kindly lead the way, I am quite famished."

"You're paying, Hyuuga," the youth put his hands behind his head and turned his back on her, already marching away with Naruto in tow. Hitome rolled her eyes again. "Of course, chuunin-san."

Kurenai had to hold the stinky, moldy, dingy box from the depths of hell's basement in so many positions her arms hurt. Over her head, to the side, at her knees, and behind her back were just some of the places she was able to keep it out of Anko's grubby little fingers.

As they had exited the hospital with an old pair of pants, underwear, and a shirt provided by the hospital that she told Peter to put on, Anko somehow, someway found it interesting to try to read the books over and over again, and repeatedly badgered her to let her see inside of it. She had succeeded once, and Kurenai wasn't going to let it happen again.

That one time she had shown it to Peter, still not knowing what any word in the entire book meant, much less the page, but still spouted nonsense about 'bobtaining class from dirty people because she was a classmaster.'

"Kami help me," Kurenai groaned, pulling the box away from her back just as Anko tried to jump up once more and swipe one of her Uncle's little treasures from the box. She was tempted to just shove the little girl in there and be done with it, but then she would have to deal with her pouts, her pranks, her cries, her pranks… dear kami, her pranks.

And as these thoughts and several situations went through her head of her being the victim of a botched crotch bombing, she was still aware of how empty the streets were.

They weren't barren, just empty. The roads were, that is. The sides walks were completely crowded with people shopping or going from place to place about their daily lives but they took a break to stare at her and her party instead. She could feel eyes wriggling over her and glares being sent Anko's way and whispers being cast at Peter who remained oblivious to it all.

The child John Doe was having trouble walking steadily like his elder. The pants were at least three sizes too big and taped around his waist and rolled into cuffs so much they might as well have been inside out. That wasn't the only problem though; Anko's long trench coat dragged across the ground like a snake in the grass and Kurenai frequently found him tripping, slipping, or stumbling to avoid falling down, but unfortunately she couldn't say the same about her surrogate sister.

She had warned her not to wear that coat until she was older but no, she wanted it as a birthday present. 'Honestly', she huffed, 'What kid wants a coat for a present?'

Anko brushed up against her leg silently and tapped her hand. She looked down and genuinely smiled at the shy and quiet look that was rarely present on the child's face. She was like this whenever they were in public, especially around this many people.

Kurenai grasped her hand tightly and laughed when Anko grinned. The tiny attention hog was always happy with that.

She sent glares at the crowd that was gathering around the trio and smiled menacingly when the greater majority of them backed up in gasps. She wasn't very popular amongst them, mostly because she had taken in Anko, but for more reasons than she dared utter aloud around untrusting ears. Or eyes.

"Kure-chan, can we hurry up? I'm getting hungry," Anko mumbled, the pupil less child looking down at the ground and averting her eyes from every which way a civilian got into her view. Kurenai squeezed her hand tighter and nodded before turning around to Peter, "Peter co-" She stopped, but he wasn't there. "Peter?"

Peter was at least twenty feet away from her at a random shop looking into the doorway. Grumbling, Kurenai walked over to him with Anko in tow and looked at what he was and did a double take. She followed his eyes at what lay behind a glass doorway and a shiver went down her back at the empty, lost look in his eyes.

The shop was a shinobi one made specifically for weapons, but specialized in Kenjutsu and stealth tactics more than anything else. She didn't know much about it other than Asume getting a few of his custom made weapons from there that he used with his wind affinity, but that was it. Even though she knew it was highly recommended amongst her chuunin peers, she never heard any of them speak of the specific type of weapon Peter was staring at.

It was a blade built for warriors, tanks of shinobi that could take as much damage as a training post and deal it back on an equal scale. The lightest of the types and the swiftest and smallest weighed at a whopping scale of 70 pounds, and the heaviest was always changing. They were associated with elemental affinities and the rarest of them were said to accent ones own control over it, but she would never touch one.

They were said to have been made by demons and cause insanity, bloodshed and acts of sin. Carnage would be the result of the venom that spread throughout ones blood as they wield it and toxin would result in any of their own blood spilled. They were said to pick their owner, not the other way around.

The zanbatou, a pure weapon of war was something she planned to steer clear from well past her jounin status. Should she ever become ANBU, then she would merely entertain the thought of wielding one.

"Do you remember yet?" That smooth, suave voice inside Peter's head whispered as if the world would fall to a cataclysm if it were too loud.

"I killed them all for you, kid. All of them. This is my revenge, my redemption, my payback. They say a demon is born one, and I sure have earned that right, but today, the only real demons were them. I'm sorry. You'll have your revenge one day, I swear to you on my honor as a swordsman. I swear you'll have your family back kid."

His eyes scanned across the foggy forest that once held in abundance trees of giants status, but had now been cut down. It was quiet and smelled of death all around. Bodies littered the ground with bones protruding in the most horrific ways in some and pitchforks, shovels, and katana in other bodies. They were all dead, but this wasn't his revenge.

His teeth became more pronounced and two knife like appendages protruded from his wrists. His breathing became heavier and blood spilled from his arms to the ground in torrents as his eyes flashed a ghostly silver.

"I'm sorry kid."

Kurenai watched as Peter's face changed rapidly from sad, to shell-shocked, to angry, to outright furious, and then back to that empty visage she had seen him as before but with only three minor differences.

His fingers were attempting to make that same sign she had seen him do back in the hospital and instead of the threads that came out the first time, it was blood. In droplets like a starting rain, they hit the ground and hardened the sand instantly. His eyes were that eerie silver again and his teeth were getting longer to the point that once again they were protruding out of his mouth.

Kurenai did the first thing that came to mind. Using the steel emotions that she was forced to obtain as a chuunin, she ripped off her sleeves and wrapped them tightly around Peter's wrists and tied them up. His fingers still wriggled for moments after, but despite the growing crowd wondering what was going on, she remained determined and held them fast until they stopped.

The tears had been reduced to something akin to a clogged and covered sink; not able to release and not able to take in. They remained at the tips of his bottom eyelashes while he just stared at the demon weapon in the shop display.

"It's a zanbatou," he laughed, his face twitching into a smile. "I've seen that one before. I swear I have." The owner of the shop, who up until that moment had chosen to watch like a frightened puppy from the clerk's desk he was leaning over, dashed out of the store and over to Kurenai, Anko, and Peter and asked in a voice mixed with concern and fear, "Is everything alright?"

Kurenai was tempted to glare at him, but saw Anko do it for her before she attempted to yell, but Kurenai shook her head just before. She stood up, held Peter's hand tightly to reduce the blood flow and almost outright commanded the shop owner, "I would appreciate it if you'd let us into your shop, please."

The owner nodded his head quickly and would have outright ripped the door off its hinges if he had been anything but human and ushered them inside.

Kurenai took Anko's hand and paid no heed to the watchers that were now mumbling about what had just transpired and gazing at the small puddles of blood on the sidewalk. She didn't pay attention to them, or the ANBU patrolling on the rooftops, or the coal black eyes of the Uchiha clan staring at her and her party as they entered the shop. As the door shut with a jingle from its bells, Mikoto Uchiha sped off away from the crowd with Sasuke in tow with one thought in mind.

'Hitome where are you?'

In the building Kurenai attempted to be as calm and lax as possible, even as Peter continued to wriggle and make that sign with his hands again. The blood was seeking through the cloth now, which had been apart of her brand new shirt she got to get Asuma's attention. She tried to use this to get her angry but didn't succeed. All made her was anxious and that was really starting to grate on her nerves today.

Anko stared at Peter with her eyebrows knitted together, then down at his wrists. That stuff that he had used to get her dango was now seeping through the cloth in a red tinge version of its former self and slowly covering his arms at a slow and steady speed. Anko took out a stick of dango from her pocket she had been planning to save for later and put it in Peter's face and stuck it in his mouth.

A glint from a tear met her eye and she nudged him with a fake grin. "I got cut before but it doesn't hurt bad enough to cry. Toughen up." Her poor attempt at a joke got her a glare from Kurenai that made her shrink, but the tiny smile from Peter made her relinquish it for the moment. Peter, as if he finally noticed the tears prickling at his eyes, nodded, "Thank you."

The shop owner had led them into the back into the store past racks and racks of weapons, smoke bombs, and katana. He turned around and yelled, "Tenten! Get the med-kit! Now!" A little girl about Anko's age stepped from behind one of the few doors in the back of the shop. Behind her was a set of stairs, and an office behind them. "Dad? What's wrong?" A pair of circular glasses hung tilted on her face and were falling as she spoke, zooming in on her eyes and giving her an innocent, comical look.

"Just go!" Tenten dashed up the stairs grumbling something incomprehensible as her voice faded and the sound of a door slamming shut was heard throughout the room. The shop owner then turned back to Kurenai and sighed with a smile that was meant to break the tension but did a pitiful job of it. "Kids."

The sound of slurping and sucking made them look down at Peter who was munching down on the dango stick as if nothing was wrong. Kurenai also tried to break the ice, but didn't succeed. "Yeah, kids." They did a double take at the reddish silver substance leaking out of the makeshift bandages like a tar and the shop owner once more shouted, "Tenten!"

"I'm coming I'm coming! The katana that Umino guy ordered and that weird Gai freak's weights were burning so I had to cool… them… off…" Tenten came from yet another set of stairs behind them all with a small white box with a red plus sign in her hands along with a scroll. "Who the heck are they, Dad?"

The shop owner chuckled in a forceful manner as if to say that her ignorance was not required at the moment. Tenten got the message and held out med-kit and the scroll inn each of her hands. "Med-nin issue or custom, Dad?"

"Custom!" The shop owner practically yelled. Tenten frowned but pressed a symbol on the scroll, then caught a brown boxmarked with a white x in one hand and tossed it to her father with a pout. "Grumpy old man."

Kurenai let go of Peter's hand with a wince at how splotched red his hands were and yet not red enough, as the tar like substance was spreading to his hands now. The shop owner pried the box open and took out some alcohol and ripped some bandages and doused them in the alcohol and skillfully wrapped them around Peter's wrists in a matter of seconds. "This might hurt," he muttered through a tight lipped mouth as he tied the final knot over Peter's left arm.

A second passed. Then ten, then fifteen without a single wince. The alcohol was eating at the tar and diluting the blood on the cloth even further until it was clean white again, then a darker white to show that it had wet the makeshift bandages as well.

The shop owner sighed and rubbed his forehead clear of beads of sweat and stood up, his slightly greying hair bouncing a little before he ran that same hand through his hair. "Okay, done."

"Great! Can you tell me who they are now?" Tenten whined, seemingly oblivious of the fact that her father just had to bandage someone up, and a child at that. Kurenai scowled a little, but then faltered. It was in a child's nature to be naïve, but to be that obnoxious in such a situation… Maybe it was a gift. Despite her mental protests, she filed away the pros and cons of such traits for later study.

She was a chuunin, she needed to learn.

Anko stepped forward while grabbing another dango stick from her coat and stuck it in her mouth. "I'm Mitarashi Anko, who the hell are you, foureyes?" Tenten scowled and balled her fists. "Who are you calling four eyes, you midget? At least I don't have a giant's coat!"

"I am not a midget! I just don't eat my veggatabletables is all," Anko muttered the last part shyly but just as quickly returned to her brash attitude. "What's it to you, four eyes?"

Peter tugged on what remained of Kurenai's shirt lightly, "I'm hungry." Looking at the stump of a sucked-clean dango stick, Kurenai sighed. The day was becoming troublesome for her in the best way, and even then it was taxing on her.

She looked knelt down instead of replying and looked him over. He just stared at her, not saying anything but had a peculiar expectant look on his face like he knew something was going to happen. It was excitement or curiosity that surprised her, it was anxiousness.

She looked at his mouth; the teeth were no longer elongated and sharp, and his breathing was back to , she looked at his eyes and felt like flinching at the empty, dull hazel but was relieved to see that they were no longer the eerie silver that she had not grown fond of. Tears prickled at his eyes, but he didn't notice. With a sigh Kurenai used her sleeve to wipe them out, knowing that her shirt was ruined for the rest of the day already.

After that, she noticed that Anko had stopped antagonizing the other girl. Of course she could have stopped her in the first place, she really could have, but Anko being who she was, was just out for attention again and Kurenai didn't want to deny her that. She needed the experience, and if by Kami-sama's will, another acquaintance, if not friend.

What she noticed in place of the aforementioned arguing was that all eyes were once again on her and Peter, or more specifically Peter's arms. She too looked down and gasped at the sight of the whitish silver tar like material seeping through the bandages and covering it… And Peter was simply sucking on the dango stick in attempt to get more off of it.

Deciding to file that away as well and report it to her Uncle, she stood up and slapped her hands together and bowed toward the shop owner. "Thank you." She left the spot open for him to answer.

He muttered, "Oh!" and smiled. "Chitai. It was no problem at all, really."

Kurenai nodded back with a small smile of her own and looked at Anko, who was in a glaring match with Tenten at the moment. "Come on, Anko, lets go." Her head snapped up and she stuck her tongue out at the glasses-wearing girl and skipped to Kurenai's side. "Where we goin next, Kure-chan?"

"I'm hungry." Peter said again as he chomped down on the dango stick.

Kurenai sighed and rubbed the side of her face. With Anko everyday was already longer than normal but today was just a picture perfect setting for infinity. "How about some ramen?" She asked the two, opening the shop door with a jingle, not bothering to look back at the shop owner Chitai and Tenten. The crowd had dispersed and the blood on the ground was stomped out and too stained to be recognized. 'Good,' she thought with an approving nod.

Then, she stopped in her tracks.

'Wait a minute… Where the hell is the box full of porn at?'

"Hey, Yuhi, this yours?" Some asked. She turned to her left and in front of another store stood Umino Iruka, another chuunin of Konohagakure and one of whom she had the displeasure of meeting in the past. It wasn't that he was a pervert or anything, which he was, but the way he looked and acted just screamed trouble and unlike her kunoichi peers, she listened to warnings.

But Asuma's didn't count.

In his hands Iruka was holding up the same dank box which she also had the displeasure of meeting. She was once again tempted, this time to put a genjutsu on the thing to cover her name and leave it there, but her Uncle would kill her if she did. Then again, if she did what she was going to do, he would kill her anyway, so it all balanced out.

Iruka didn't bother waiting for an answer and grinned at her. "Didn't know you were into porn, Yuhi. I wonder what Sarutobi-baka would say if he knew that you had an enormous box of the stuff?"

Kurenai's widened and she gave him her best 'I am the Ice Queen of Konoha don't fuck with me' glare with a little bit of a growl. "I don't know what you're talking about Umino-san." She hissed, only for him to shrug and toss the box at her with ease, which she barely managed to catch. "Yeah. Sure you don't. See you on the next mission Yuhi-chan," He teased and pulled down his eye lid and stuck his tongue out at her, before laughing and walking back into the store.

The thoughts on her mind were now of this type: Frigging idiot. Rude bastard thinks he's so damn good just because he has meetings with Hokage-sama regularly. Jerk.' Though that was one of the reasons she disliked him so, it was one of many.

She had seen him look at other shinobi in the squad she worked the most with, mainly Uzuki Yuugao, even though she knew he knew she was taken by Hayate. He also had a notorious pranking streak that made him known throughout the village but there was a rumor going on that he had an apprentice of short stature. And he went on more B and A ranked missions that anyone out of the chuunin cell with the exception of Maito Gai, Hatake Kakashi, and Sarutobi Asuma!

It didn't help that he was good friends with all of them and with him around that youth spouting, spandex wearing freak of nature, the stoic pervert, and Asuma, she could never get any time to talk to him unless they were on duty! It was absurd!

Maybe the last one didn't count due to numerous bouts of jealousy but the fact still remained: Yuhi Kurenai did not like Umino Iruka. End. Of. Story.

"Kure-chan? You okay? You're turning red… and you're shaking. A lot." Realizing that they hadn't moved from the same spot, Kurenai stiffly turned around and marched in the opposite direction toward the nearest ramen stand. Anko shrugged and was about to follow, but noticed that Peter was as still as a statue and staring at something. She followed his gaze and saw a blond haired boy with weird slit marks on his cheeks staring back at them, eyes squinted.

"Anko! Peter! Let's go!" Anko knew that tone. It roughly equaled: no dango or sweets for a week and it was something she didn't want to experience. Quickly grabbing Peter's nearest hand, she ran to catch up with her surrogate sister, not noticing the boy waving at them with a grin.

Or that Peter had waved back.

"Thank you everyone for attending this meeting. As you can all see, not everyone is here at the moment, so you may relax and continue about whatever work you may have here until all members of our party have arrived. As the scrolls I have sent each of you have stated, this is a meeting is to discuss Village security, safety, and reconstruction. Now I know we all have been working our hardest these past few months, but today, we may have a more pressing matter on our hands, despite what others may say." Hiruzen Sarutobi stood tall and proud against the few assembled clans of Konoha, casting a glare at his two advisers and war consultant.

"What matter is it you speak of, Hokage-sama?" Aburame Shibi inquired, standing up to voice his question and straightening his sunglasses accordingly.

Hiruzen nodded in his direction of the large room and everyone stood up immediately. He smirked a little, shocking many. "It is a wonder you ask such a question, Shibi-san, for you and your clan may be a clue in this situation."

"Well Sarutobi? Speak on, some of us have limits on our age, unlike you," Danzo, the aforementioned war consultant and war hawk, as well as Hiruzen's rival in power jabbed, getting a few laughs out of the listeners in the room.

"I would like the clan head for the Kurama clan, the Aburame clan, and the Hyuuga clan to step forth at this moment, please." As they did, Hiruzen picked up the folder that Teilu had given him earlier that day and took the papers out. The only difference was that a greater majority of them were missing. He smirked again and stacked them.

"Seeing as the Inuzuka, Akimichi, Yamanaka, Uchiha, and Namikaze clan heads are not present,"he said,wincing along with everyone else in the room.. They didn't know that the clan heir to the Namikaze was still alive, and assumed that it was simply because of the village charter that he mentioned it every meeting. He planned to keep it that way.

"All of those here will have to suffice for the moment. I have called you, Kurama Murakumo, Aburame Shibi, and Hyuuga Hiashi forward because you three may be vital organs in finding out the mystery upon us." The chocolate eyed man, white eyed man, and the sunglasses wearing man all gasped to some extent, but calmed themselves.

"You three are the most skilled of your respective bloodlines in your clans. The only exception being you, Hiashi-san, being on equal ground to Hyuuga Hizashi, who is on a mission at this moment," the younger brother of the Hyuuga twins nodded sternly. "And that being said, I need your assistance. Last night, as I'm sure you all have heard by now, a young boy was found in front of the Hokage tower around 1:00am. He was brought to the hospital by Sarutobi Asuma and treated for his numerous injuries." This is where Hiruzen knew he had to leave pieces of information out until he was sure the situation was indeed the case of a bloodline.

"I have reason to believe he may have… abilities," enunciated the word to get the point across that it wasn't a bloodline, "and you three are the top candidates to consult me in such a case. Now, if you'll come with me, we shall go over a brief discussion and adjourn this meeting until the rest of the clan heads get here for the meeting."

As he gestured the three men to follow him off of the pedestal for the Village leaders, he noticed accusing, inquisitive, and downright suspicious glares from his advisers and Danzo. Casting a response to such actions to the wind, he exited the council chamber just as the Nara clan head muttered, "Troublesome."



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