This is my first fan fic so plz be nice! Special thx to CarlyTenibad for her wonderful help which I have now read and taken into account! And to salathedog because of the ideas she had given me and being ther for me! PLZ R&R


Ok, so I was thinking that Callum is still alive (don't ask how!) and he is going to get married to Sephy and they have Callie Rose! But of course Kamal hates Callum, so he, Minever, Jasmine (divorced from Kamal) and Sephy meet up to try and sort things out but probably Kamal just shouted. Anyway Jude now REALLY AND LOATHES Sephy and Callie Rose. He thinks Callum hates them but is to weak to git rid of them. So, of course, Jude takes matters into his own hands...

I had done it.

I had finally blown Sephy's family up sky high. Callum, you were to weak to get RID of them, but no matter, I did. I can even sort out the problam of your horrible daughter, Callie Rose! Funny that what ended it was what started it all off.

A bomb in the shopping centre.

Ironic, that's what killed our dad.

Well I have done it. Minerva, Sephy, Jasmine and Kamal are now all dead.

I have done it.

I did it for you Callum,

I did it for you Meggie, for everything you lost,

I did it for you Ryan, I miss you every day, more than I say,

I did it for you Lynette, because of them, you died

I also did it for you Cara, who is now long gone. I-I-I, I think I cared for you, a lot. If only Noughts and Crosses were not divided becuase of Kamal.

I am free of that rubbish family.


*I let out a sigh and long laugh*

My task here is done!

Okay so u probably want to kill ME now! Don't worry! All will be revealed!