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Callum's POV

I turned on the TV and was stunned into silence. I heard there had been a bomb at the Dunal (Don't know how to spell it!? Plz tell me) shopping centre, and the Sephy and her family had been there. I was shocked. No one has survived. No one. Not even Sephy. I started screaming "MUM! MUM! MUM"

Meggie's POV

I was putting away the washing when I hear Callum screaming! I ran downstairs where he was holding Callie, looking like he was about to faint. I watched the news. Omigod! Sephy was…was.. dead…..

SOZ THIS WAS SOOOO SHORT! I promise tomorrow I will make a chapter 3 which will be REALLY LONG! This was just a 1 minute shot on Callum's reaction!