Chapter 3

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Meggie's POV

My poor poor boy. He has been through to much in his very short lifetime. First with the hardship of his dad dying and then with all of us trying to drag him and Sephy apart. They day he was nearly hanged still haunts me:


Callum's head was covered by a black hood. The nasty man by the leaver was about to pull the leave. You could see the rope was frayed. Then, there was a snap and the rope broke. Callum dropped to the ground. Sephy rushed to his side and helped him up. Then Callum's lawyer walked up on to the stage and Callum was free of all charges. She had managed to convince Kamal to drop them. Callum and Sephy rushed off to my house.

End of Flashback:

We have lived there ever since.

Callum was sitting still on the couch. He had not moved in about 10minutes. He was still in shock. I couldn't believe it. I had really grown to Sephy and had a lot of respect for her. It just didn't still seem right. Then there was a knock on the door…..

Callum's POV

….. Sephy….Callie Rose…Jude….Bomb…Sephy…..NO!


"Jude" I snarled. How could he?

"Huh" said my mum, drawn out of her thinking.

"Jude" I shouted "Jude did it! He came to the hospital and said to Sephy he would kill her if she didn't stay away from ME! I should have left Sephy, and then she wouldn't be dead. If only I hadn't told her I love her. If only I had left her to let her have someone who she deserved. She deserve so much better than me! If only…."

*Knock on the door*

"Hello little brother, mum"

"Jude….. How could you… you killed Sephy didn't you?" I whispered.

"Now, little brother, lets not get hasty shall we? I did you a favour. We both know that. You NEVER loved that bitch Sephy. NEVER" Jude started to roar at the end of his speach.

"Jude I loved her." And then the whole world went black.