Physics is the bane of my existence.

Seriously. I die a little bit inside every time I enter the freaking classroom. Our teacher is honestly the worse one I've ever had. And I don't have any of my girls in that class to join me in my bitch about him. So I just end up ranting on the nearest possible person – making weird innuendos and just spurting anything that comes into my head. At least a hundred times this year my partner has changed because I'm 'too distracting'. Or if your choirgirl Candice, I'm just too rude for her innocent mind. Or Liam, who got moved because I made him laugh too much. So now some random dude in our class has to pretend to listen to me.

You see, I can't go a whole lesson and not talk. It's impossible. Not that I've tried it – my mind would probably just explode.

The second the bell went, I was up and out of that godforsaken classroom. I ran and came to the table at the back of the cafeteria, furthest away from the 'normals', as me and the girls call them.

The six fuck heads that I call my best friends looked up, smirks on their faces. "Good lesson?" Moose asked. I shoved her face away with my hand, sitting down grumpily. They know of my hate for physics, and because we love each other dearly, they insist on reminding me about it for at least an hour afterwards.

She slapped my hand making a disgusted noise. She hates it when people touch her face. Really hates it. It's like a phobia or something. She especially hates it when I stick my hand in her face. It's brilliant.

"Bite me." I muttered as I crossed my hands on the table, resting my head down. Barely three seconds later, I felt six teeth clam onto my arms. "Great, nice once, bitches. Real original."

They snorted. "Thank you for appreciating our true genius-ness'," Annie said, all sarcastically as she gripped my arm in a thankful fashion.

Kat shrugged. "It's not our fault you don't understand our true hilarity."

"It is your fault. Who else's fault would it be? Leave me alone." I mumbled, trying to fall asleep on my arms.

"That's just mean."

"Totally uncalled for."

"I'm hurt."



"I know," I sighed. "I'm a right cold-hearted bitch."

"I reckon we tear her limp from limp and send her home to the devil after we remove her brain with spatulas and feed it to my dog, Russell." We all looked up to Kat, who bit into her chicken drumstick, her eyebrows raised innocently, giving us all a wink.

"Why did I sit with them?" Ava asked, looking up into the sky. "Why, God? Why? I could have picked anyone! But no! I had to sit with the wierd psychopaths."

Annie jumped up, bounding over to Ava, then sat on her lap, straddling her.

"But I fucking love you, man! We bless the days you grace us with your presence!" She shouted, rubbing her hands all over Ava's face and hair.

Ava started slapping at any part of Annie that she could reach. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I never meant a word of it! I love you guys! Get your fat ass off of me! My legs have gone numb! Numb, I tell you!"

Annie smiled, standing up and then turning to us all, a proud look on her face. "Told you guys I could get her to admit it."

"To be fair," Babs said, "I'm not a psychopath. I'm just wierd."

"And I can't disagree with that," Nick said.

"What does psychopath actually mean?" Kat asked.

"Psychopathy is a personality disorder whose hallmark is the lack of empathy," Babs said, in a tone that can only be described as 'dork'.

We all stared at her in astomishment as she pushed her 'glasses' back up her nose.

She doesn't wear glasses, she often pretends just to make sure we all know that she is infact the clever one. I let out an loud breath, settling my head down again.

"Mind. Blown," I muttered.

"Who the fuck needs wikipedia?" Moose asked, as we gaped at the smirking Babs. "We have our very own free encycopedia."

Babs snorted. "Free? Honey – you guys are on a six month trial. I'm expecting payments in the next ten days."

"If I'm not paying for the ultimate pleasure, I'm not paying for you to tell me what a word means," Kat said.

Nick rolled her eyes. "Does your mind ever revert from sex, kitty-cat?"

Kat shook her head. "Nope. Right now I'm imaging jumping Brady," she said, staring across the room, biting down on her lower lip.

We all either laughed or snorted. "Sorry, pussy-cat, I think you're out of luck," Moose said.

"Eh? Some bitch stole my lust-object?" Kat said, then shrugged. "It's okay. Derrik Francis is looking mighty fine today!"

"Yeah, I heard from Collin that he's into someone," Moose said, trying to hold in her laughter.

"Ooooh! Gossip! Who?" Annie said, her excitement lapping in sarcasm.

Moose tapped her nose. "That, my lovely sweethearts, is restricted information."

We all rolled our eyes. "Like we care who some random dude like," Annie said as Moose pulled my head to rest on her stomach. I slapped my hand against her thighs a couple times in thanks for the lovely cushioning her stomach was providing.

"Aha, well, this is slightly interesting for us." Moose said, smirking.

"Doubtful," Nick said, "anyway, Don says you guys can sleep over Wednesday."

"Sweet!" We all shouted at once.

"Oh my god," Ava said with a sigh, shaking her head. "We have really got to stop doing that." She muttered and we all made agreement noises.

Don was Nick's uncle. She's been living with her uncle and aunt for the past two years. Both her parents ran away – saying they wanted to 'experience' the world. In truth, Nick's medical condition just put too much of a strain on their lives. They became to stressed with it and fucking legged it. Nick's life is constantly about her medication, new ways that she can fight the illness – tablets, surgery, chemo, that sort of stuff. Her life is a ball full of stress, and she needed her family to support her. But oh no, they couldn't even fucking give her that. They just had to leave her. If they dare return, the girls and me are kicking her parents' asses.

That's why we're so connected, I think. We had to pull through for Nicks. We were there when the people who created her weren't. There are people in our school who are so fickle, they jump from friend to friend, have fallouts over petty things. It's not like that for us. We know what it's like to experience true betrayal, hurt. We all do. In exceedingly different ways, but we understand how much we each need each other. We connect in a way that most school friends don't. If we hadn't been there for Nick, I don't know if she would have pulled through. We aren't just friends because we're into the same things – bands, clothes, movies – we're friends because we have the same personalities and we are there to support each other, properly. I would trust every one of these girls with my life – and that's the truth. We have a strong bond, and without it, I don't know if any of us would be able to pull through.

"Zoro?" Moose asked, running a hand through my thick, messy, mahogany hair.

I sighed. "Yes, Moo-Moo?" If you hadn't noticed, we all give each other strange names. Our normal names are either too long, boring, or just plain strange, so we always change them. There's me, Zoë Erin-Rochelle-Marie Stockholm. Yeah, great name, right? Erin-Rochelle-Marie. They don't even go together! I bet mom couldn't choose which one so my mom just thought 'eh, lets just bang them all both together and be done with naming this brat I just popped out my faj'.

There's Moose, born Molly Sofia Jones. But Molly is so boring, it just doesn't suit her at all. Then one day, she came to school in a top with a moose on it, and was thereby christened 'Moose'.

Babs was born Barbara. Barbara! Who honestly calls their twenty-first century child Barbara?

There's Nicola, who we call Nick, just because Nicola seems too girly for her. And then there's Ava. Known to her parents as Avangelina. Oh yes. Her parents were proper creative.

Then, there is our dearest Angharad. Or, Annie. Her dad's welsh, so, you know… weird welsh people. He's got a kick-ass accent though. So does Annie, I suppose. Her welshness isn't as intense and you can sometimes barely even hear it. Sometimes she starts speaking welsh, though. And then our minds are completely blown.

Last but not least, there is dearest Katherine. Or Kat. Or Kitty-cat. Or Pussy, as she likes to be called. Kat is our very own slag. We're very proud to call her our own.

"Oi, oi, lust-object approaching. I repeat, lust-object approaching." The very whore herself whispered.

"Hey," said a deep voice that I kind of remembered from somewhere, but I was too lazy to open my eyes. I wasn't really that interested in the next La Push guy Kat was going to bed. "Um, is she awake?"

I was then swiftly delivered some punches and I groaned and squinted one eye slightly open. "No," I mumbled, a little – no, completely confused as to why the hell someone would care. Me and the girls aren't exactly 'popular' or really even 'liked' at this school. Well, Kat was very liked by the male population, as I said before. So I wasn't quite sure as to why this 'lust-object' would grace us with his presence, let alone talk to me.

He laughed. "Sorry, you left your bag in class – Mr. Muffin came in with it, looking for you so I said I'd hand it to you."

The girls all snorted at me and I felt some more punches for being so forgetful. "Fuck off," I whispered to them, finally sitting up, feeling head rush and clamping my hand to my forehead. "Thanks." I said, taking it from him. He smiled an actually quite hot smile at me and nodded. "Seriously, thank you. If I had to spend one more time with Mr. Muffin, I would have crammed a muffin up his ass." I muttered, lying back down on Moose's stomach.

He snorted. "I know, I heard all last lesson." He smirked cheekily at me and I flipped the random guy off. He laughed.

"That's was so kind of you," Kat said, biting the very side of her lip.

And then, her flirting and operation 'hump the hottie' began once more.

I groaned, realising now from what he said that he had to be the guy I sat next to in physics. Great. He was condemned to be another Kat-follower. I guess I'll get to spend the lessons listening to the wonders that Kat can perform. Not that we don't all hear enough of that.

Brilliant. Abso-fucking-lutely brilliant.