'Pirates of the Caribbean' belongs to Disney


"Ana, be reasonable. We have expenses to meet, an' this prize'll fetch enough shine to..."

"You made me a promise, Jack. 'You'll get another one. A better one'. Those were your exact words!"

"Well luv, since I have, in fact, already made good on that agreed-upon repayment..."

"Are you referring to that tub I captained for a grand total of three hours before Barbossa sent her to the depths?"

"Our agreement was fer me to deliver said Better Boat into your possession. What you did with it afterwards was entirely up to you."

"JACK SPARROW! Don't mistake me for one of your strumpets you can sneak out on without paying, with only a slap for retaliation! We've finally captured a suitable brig with a willing crew, and I want it! "


"Or are you going to demonstrate to your whole crew, that they've got a Captain who doesn't honor his accords? Perhaps you've developed a taste for being mutinied on?"

"That's a bloody insidious tactic."

"Pirate! Surely you've noticed by now."

"I did notice."

"Then just give me my ship and I'll be on my way."

"Are you certain that's what you want, lamb? Yer bonnie presence aboard the Pearl will be keenly missed."

"Don't waste those kicked-mongrel looks on me! Hand her over now, and I might refrain from firing on you next time we meet."

"I really don't think I deserve that..."