AN:IM NOT FOOKING LIL KID OK!? Your jest all jeouse dat im better den U|!1111 tara say u all fukin perpz wif ouit homes jobs or MCR pozterz! go to heven ALL OFF U DUM PERPZ!111111111111111111111111!1!1! AN I SO CANZ SPELL I GETZ 100%!1111 on mAH fooking test!

Ch 5

Death Death

As we walk into da ger8 heil, I, waz becanein to notice Proff snap waz back da line yellin at sum PREPZ!1111 I winced loudly. WE SSAW ALL DA MASS OF PPLZ as Ashley was getin da s-word I not loud to say dat ok? Out of her. By Snae,i lauged. We wentz up da left most right tabb-le(da most prepy fuker table:PREPENDOOR!(((geddit?))) When Ashley stoped to talk to a gurl who lookk jest liek Luna Lovegood from da 4th movie but I didnt give a fook . We gots to da front of da woned and Snack started to call out names from a MCR pozter(WHICH U PREPZ DON'tS GOT)an shorted us into houses leik da movies. I felt a bit hungry den so I bit a hufflepuff boy an drink his bloodz. Den she called mah name all sexaly and I rawed back down in da seat an all da room looked at me.

"WTF u sickos pervs!"I shooted in a depricess voice an started cryin tairs of blood(I waz nekkit))

.to Sum gurlz in matching blood chainz in blck dress with 666 on dem were locking at me an smiled.

"When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city
To see a marching band
He said, "Son, when you grow up
Would you be the savior of the broken
The beaten and the damned?
He said, "Will you defeat them
Your demons and all the non-believers
The plans that they have made?
Because one day, I'll leave you
A phantom to lead you in the summer
To join the Black Parade" the shorten hat begain to sin(geddit?)

I was so moved I couldz jest cut myself over how goffik dat was. I was den waz shorted into sliverin. Lillyrain cryed again as she waz shortend into giffrenfookingdoor liek I new she would.

"A hemm" sid an old man in his dressed in a blak lether GC t in his 80's said. "Im Al-bus dumbbledork he rawed hornly "da head mastah of Hogwartz tis year" everybody claped

"It is time to eat but 1st a sir prize for all da cool new goffik students" he went on.

Jest den Good Charlot avaperated into da skull wth there new sinner MARIA ANTOINETTE!

"OMG I FOOKING LUV CG!" I screamed I waz gettin an orgism jest looking at dem. Joel an Maria jest looked at me an smiled there wereing matching out fix a short skirt wif matchin berit on there head jest Maria's was white and Joel's was blck "letz kick tis BITCH FOR STAIN!" Joel said before they started sinning an playing. Food apaired on our table but there was no blood jello wich I was very depired about. Affter dinner all da perpz ran out of da gre8 hall as fast there fuking legs could go Joel an Maria came over as the otherz were takin a weed.

"Waz up" they said "OMSFG u are so awesum" I said suely.

We were takin bout how ger8 they were an how I coulds sin wif dem sum time wen those gurlz from before "hi" one of dem said she was bout 14 an in 4th year wif seaweed green curly har "mah name iz Kiwi Alexandersson(A/N:TIS IZ ME!)da other gurl have long ebony black hair (that's how see got her name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches her mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell her she look like Amy Lee wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. wearing black lipstick,(jest ieke me) white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. But it wasn'tzz Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way it was EBONY LEEEEEEEEE!(she da sistah of Amy lee) an she in da 7th year an 17 yar oldz.

"So wat u name?" I axeled her

"wat u's?" she acked back "I assed u 1st" I say

"Ebony" ebomby repayed

"Mah name iz Repare" I said

"Asums why day call u dat?" she smiled

"CUZ I KILL FOOKIN PREPZ!" I said with a giggle "an cuz I a vampire"

"Wowz" everyonez said

"Yea" I said

"So u drink bloodz" Kiwi asked

"Yea" I say


"OMFG u guys sould come back stage sumtime an we can cut ourselfs" Joel says

"Yea liek so den we can drink da bloodz!" she exzamed!

"We wil" I siad

I den wentz intoz da hailz an got up with Lillyrain an da rest of da 1st years. We walled to dat werid ass movein stair cast kit from da movie. Jest den the stairs started to move an 5 fooking perpz fell to da ground. I did a spell an put dem back to gatter, jest den proff Mcmango gave me an A++x for bein so good at magic an for bein so goffik , we got to da comen room an I gave da password to da fat lady.

"MCR!" I said in deprison voice

I felt liek putin up my posterz jest den so I wentz up to mah room. PINK!11111111111111111111111111111111an dare WAS BUMBLEMORT IN IT!

"WTF are UUUUUUU doin in here,even if u are da fukin headmastah you can't jest cum into a teen gurl'z room" I shitted angrily

"I HATH CANCER!" yelled at mez

"WTF DOSE THA-" but I was cutz off by dumbedoor

"DA FUKIN DARK LORD WILL NO KILLZ U IF U don'tz turnz back into prepz!1111"

jest den Lillyrain called me on mah cell phone.

"Waz up slut?" I say she was crying lil bitch

"They usein u fooking prepy music to tourcher mes" I hear back

"Those bitches!" I shoted den mah shellphone shoot out of mah hand an I hear sumone say

"U all outa wishes kiss yea goffick dreams goodbye" dumbulldork sais

"Shit"I was loud to say dat cuz he was a pedo an a prep nowz.

I Ran to da giffrendoor comen room. Whine in da comen room a preppy mother fucker with blond hair shoot emily wit her womb IT WAS LUNA LUVGOD! I busted into da room as Kwii was fightin off Luncha an saw Lillyrain's body get bosted out da windo(but she wouldn't die from dat thx stan) I started to bust into bloody goffik red tears as Ashly turned to me an took of mah clothes.

"NO!" I shooted an did a spell den toldz her to fuk off an her hair dyed(gettit?)

"DA music exboomed"

A/N:sowwy it tookz so fukin long ok? I iz hath promble wit da cumputter!