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140: Final Shuffle 3- Endgame

As the two fighters moved to clash, one moving to save the world in his own way, the other intending to stop him and become the Pirate King, the glory and size and color of One Piece stood behind them. Twenty-three years ago, Gol D. Roger left his vast fortune on Raftel, formerly home to theAncientKingdom, in hopes of sparking a revolution in piracy. It succeeded, of course, but Roger didn't just do it because he loved the pirate lifestyle.

The Pirate King knew that he needed an incentive to get more pirates out on the sea who bear the letter D. for their middle initial. The more "users of D." out there on the sea, the more likely their purpose would be fulfilled. Nico Robin had it half-right when she said that the Will of D. was to end the World Government. Truly, the descendants of the royal bloodline in theAncientKingdomwould want such a thing, but Roger thought there would be more than that. There had to be a symbol for the freedom the users of D. strive for, and what better symbol of freedom is there than being the Pirate King?

In the end, it would boil down to two ways of fixing the world: through destruction, or through freedom.

So the two men—both bearers of the initial D.—battle on Raftel, at the site of One Piece itself, symbolically, fighting for these two main ideas. If Victor wins, then destruction and purges pave the way to the new generation. If Luffy (and subsequently Dragon) wins, then the title of Pirate King is claimed and the ultimate symbol of freedom returns after a twenty-three year absence.

This fight decides it all, and this fight will soon draw to a conclusion…

— — —

Rarkin Island
The New World

"Bepo, Jean Bart, help me over here, willya?"

"Aye-Aye, Captain!"

Trafalgar Law kicked the door open to the restaurant (much to the aghast of the waiters), carrying none other than fellow Supernova Jewelry Bonney, who was currently unable to stand or walk.

His two crewmates quickly moved through and cleared a path for the pirate captain so he could walk more easily. Law uttered a low growl as he looked at Bonney and asked, "Why the hell did you eat so much food and drink so much ale?"

Bonney opened one eye and looked at him as if he was insane. "Because it tasted good…Now let me down, I'm fine, I tell ya!"

Law rolled his eyes. "You weren't able to walk three feet in front of you, hence why we're in this position. Next time, just eat less."

Bonney muttered something that Law couldn't hear (or comprehend, for that matter), before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep. Law looked around and saw that it was incredibly dark outside. Bonney sure kept them there late, especially since she kept eating long past the rest of them, and by the end she was so inebriated that Law had to cover the bill. He reminded himself to get her to pay up as soon as she was sober and able to move again.

"Bepo, which way are our ships docked?"

The bear pointed in the proper direction, and the captain began to follow it. The two crews—the Heart Pirates and Bonney Pirates—have been travelling together since the Vespian Isles. They have since let the death of their fellow Supernovas go, especially since they knew the reason they were captured and killed.

While first slightly unsure of the idea, Law had to admit that travelling with Bonney hadn't been too bad. She always certainly made things interesting, and, quite frankly, Law was tired of travelling alone all the time.

"I can carry her if she's too heavy, Captain," Jean Bart offered.

Law grinned and said, "That's alright, although I appreciate your offer, Jean Bart. I'm more than capable of such a simple task."

They continued walking towards the ships (they still had a week left to log the island), and it wasn't much longer before Law noticed that the sky began to get lighter and lighter. He looked up and saw something he hoped he would never see.

A thousand lava fists were falling from the sky.

"Shit, look out!" he said, as one struck just a few yards away, resulting in a large crash.

Everyone was immediately alert, as Law immediately began to move, yelling to his men, "Come on, we gotta get to the submarine quickly!"

As they were running, Law looked over his shoulder to see Bonney, who still appeared to be asleep (much to his chagrin).

"Hey, it's time to wake up!" he yelled.

This did the trick as Bonney's head immediately shot up. A lava fist ("An Akainu original, no doubt," Law thought) flew down and hit the restaurant they were eating at dead-on behind them, causing her to let out a small scream.

"What the fuck is happening?"

"It looks like lava is falling from the sky, if you ask me," said Law in a sarcastic quip.

Bonney smacked him in the back of his head, saying, "I can see that, idiot! I'm asking why!"

Law shrugged as he continued to run with Bonney on his back. "Hell if I know, I'm just running away from it…"

"Well put me down then," she demanded.

Law shook his head. "No can do. If I do, you'll be too uncoordinated to move, and you'll be left behind and most likely perish in a fiery agony."

"Captain, look out!" Jean Bart roared.

Law looked up and skidded to a halt, quickly running directly to his right. A lava fist collided right where he would have been had he kept running straight. The impact was enough to force him backwards, however.

He quickly regained his composure and kept running. "We have to get to the submarine—Heartless—as soon as possible and get into the ocean, where hopefully we'll be safe!"

Meanwhile, several fists made of lava kept pummeling Rarkin Island.

— — —

"Gum-Gum Stamp!"

Monkey D. Luffy threw his foot towards Victor D. Capere in an attempt to smash it into his face. Victor was able to duck, however, and moved towards Luffy. Acting fast, he threw his fist straight into Luffy's expose ribs, causing him to grip them in pain and hope away from his enemy. He quickly gained momentum again, though, as he jumped into the air and threw his foot back.

"Gum-Gum Stamp Gatling!"

His foot was thrown forth multiple times towards Victor, who threw up his arms in a defense and was hit with most of them, causing him to lose some ground. The handcuff on Victor's left wrist rattled as he saw Luffy land, panting heavily.

"The Haoshoku Haki's wiped out everything he had left," Victor thought in a rational tone. "I'm nearly finished myself, especially with the seastone suppressing my powers, but I still have enough power to finish him off!"

He moved towards Luffy, not wanting to waste any time. Luffy threw an outstretched punch, but Victor side-stepped it and continued towards him. Luffy, however, was able to grab onto a solid object buried within One Piece with his outstretched arm and rocketed himself forward with his other arm outstretched.

"Gum-Gum Sickle!"

It struck Victor dead-on in his stomach, sending him barreling towards the wealth of One Piece with a crash. There, he lay for several seconds, coughing, as Luffy gripped his knees and hunched over, trying to keep himself from collapsing.

"It's just a battle of endurance now," Franky said. "Whoever collapses first loses."

Usopp gripped his Kabuto and said, "This is stupid! He's our captain, and we should be able to help him out right now!"

He was about to aim his slingshot at Victor before Zoro (who was close to the sharpshooter) knocked it out of his hand. Usopp looked at the swordsman incredulously, but Zoro didn't return the favor, instead just looking at the fight.

"If you call yourself a man of the sea, Usopp," he said through gritted teeth, "then let them finish it themselves!"

Sanji looked over at Zoro and saw that his arms were shaking as he also tried to restrain himself from joining the battle to help his captain. Smiling, he took a puff on his cigarette and looked back to the fight…

Victor slowly got up, and Luffy let him, enjoying the small rest he got while Victor was struggling to stand. The Random-Random Fruit, meanwhile, gave off yet another shockwave.

Smiling, Victor wrenched his thumb behind him and motioned towards his Devil Fruit creation. "Every second you don't stop me, another island is bound to be doomed. So what's the problem Straw Hat? You have every advantage…you have your Haoshoku Haki, you handcuffed me with seastone"—he raised up his left wrist to prove this point—"and you've got your crew fully backing you. So why, oh why is the Random-Random Fruit still standing and producing its devastating effects?"

Luffy didn't speak. He just kept staring at Victor with resolve burning in his eyes.

Victor outstretched both his arms to show his body in full. "Come on, Straw Hat! I tried to kill you and steal your Devil Fruit for a reason; I knew you would be a great threat to me, and it seems like even with the Corps of Kings, Poseidon, and access to a plethora of Devil Fruits, it wasn't enough to stop you. So what are you waiting for? Come and fucking attack me! See if you still have enough strength to finish me off and show me that you're stronger!"

Luffy didn't move.

Victor lowered his arms. His voice seemed to regain its calm composure as well. "Of course, even if you do defeat me and destroy the Random-Random Fruit, nothing will change. If the World Government is overthrown, another equally—if not more—dangerous group will come into power. I hope you're not going to say that letting pirates run everything is better than the status quo, because to say such a thing would be lunacy. Pirates are the scum of the earth, and care about nothing but themselves. They'd just make this world worse! So tell me, Straw Hat, what do you think would be better for the world? Answer me, you son of a bitch!"

After several seconds, Luffy opened his mouth to speak…

— — —

The Vespian Isles
The New World

Julia Carrison was in the backyard of her newly-built home.

After the night of rebellion against Razeden Kaido, the Vespian Government finally began to regain control that had been lost when the Yonko occupied the isles, and things began to finally return to normal. In the end, the rebellion was a success—she had to thank the Straw Hats for at least that much—but the cost it came with was terrible.

She and Beau Daewn went to rebuilding her home that was destroyed due to William Helmont's artillery shell. It didn't take long, especially with their drive to finish the project, and before Julia knew it, she had a place to live in again.

However, on this night, she moved into her backyard and went to the far end of it. There, she kneeled down in front of a highly-stylized stone that was embedded in the ground. On it, it said:

Ridge Carrison
Beloved Husband and Friend

She looked at it and said, "Hey, how's it going, Ridge?"

There was, of course, no response. She didn't let this stop her from talking.

"Things are pretty good on my end. I wasn't able to sleep tonight, so I thought I'd come and see you to check up…I bet you're doing just fine and you're probably still celebrating about how well things are going on the Vespian Isles now. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you, but I won't wallow in grief for too long—I know what you'd say to me if you saw me doing that."

She wiped a tear coming from her eye, before standing up rather abruptly.

"I think I'll try and go back to sleep now. I'll come see you tomorrow and see how you're doing then…"

She moved three steps away from Ridge's headstone when she heard some mumbling and grumbling in the woods. She quickly looked behind herself to see none other than Beau Daewn ambling through the woodworks, a bottle of alcohol in his hand.

It took him a few seconds to notice her, and when he did, Julia giggled and held out her hand in a welcoming gesture. "Hey there, Beau. What brings you here?"

Beau raised up the alcohol bottle as if it was obvious. "The best place for a man to get solitude is in the woods, don'tcha know? The booze here is just to lighten my head underneath the airy night sky." He blinked and was silent for a few seconds. "Why're you outside so late? Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

"Couldn't," she said. "So I thought I'd come out here and talk to Ridge for a while."

Beau moved towards her, taking another swig of alcohol as he did it. He eventually walked right in front of the headstone and looked at it. "Yeah, that'd put your mind at ease, I'd imagine."

Julia looked at Beau and opened her mouth as if she was about to say something, but a large cracking sound cut her off. Before the two could question what was going to happen, the rumbling grew louder and the ground beneath them began to shake. All around them, the trees began to crackle and snap under the pressure.

"Either I'm fuckin' drunk to all hell," Beau said, trying to ground himself, "or we're experiencing a massive earthquake!"

He was right. The Tremor-Tremor Fruit had targeted the Vespian Isles.

The shaking only got worse, as whole trees surrounding the two began to be uprooted and crash to the ground. Julia looked at her house and saw that it too was creaking and shaking like mad.

"Just when it was rebuilt too," Julia couldn't help but think. The surprisingly-calm thought was enough to make her almost burst out laughing.

Beau, however, was less than enthusiastic about the predicament. "Shit! Julia, we're probably gonna have to abandon the isles and get to the sea for safety, assuming no tsunamis come out of this!"


Beau looked at Julia with a mixture of confusion and apprehension. "What did you just say?"

"I said no." Julia kept her firm tone, despite her increasing troubles of trying to stand upright as the individual isles began to rock back and forth.

Beau grabbed her arm and attempted to move her, saying, "Don't be fucking insane. If this keeps up, the whole island will be torn asunder again!"

Julia threw her arm to the side and broke Beau's grip. "This island was able to survive the warship Poseidon crashing on it, it was able to survive Razeden Kaido, and it was able to survive the same Ancient Weapon blowing up—it can handle a simple earthquake! And I'm sure as hell not leaving the isles that we just fought so fucking hard to protect!"

Beau remained silent and just stared at her.


The powers of the Tremor-Tremor Fruit didn't appear to heed her cry, as the earthquakes only continued to intensify.

— — —

"Like I said, I really don't care about your ideals or what you think this 'plan' of yours might do," Luffy said, breaking his silence, "but what I do care about is what you have done, whether it was to me or my crew directly, or not. Your lectures about morals and what's right and wrong means nothing to me; I'm a pirate, and being a pirate means that I don't get involved in government and politics."

He glared up at Victor, letting out a small burst of Haoshoku Haki to keep him on edge.

He continued. "What does mean something to me, though, is the damage you've caused—all the people who suffered and died because of it—just so you could vent out your frustration and carry out your petty little revenge plan against pirates because of what happened to you more than twenty years ago!"

Victor went to open his mouth, but was cut off as Luffy continued.

"It's because of your actions that I'm here on this night fighting you near One Piece, when I should be claiming it and becoming King of the Pirates! So nothing you say will lessen my anger towards you, and nothing can stop this fight from finishing, and I plan on finishing it now!"

He slammed his fist into the ground.

"Gear Second!"

He sped towards Victor and crouched beneath him. With a grin, he shot his fist back and slammed it into Victor's chest in an upward motion that sent him flying into the air. While he was in the air, Luffy put both his thumbs into his mouth, saying, "And…Gear Third!"

"He's using both Gears at the same time!" Chopper said. "His body can't handle it!"

Luffy sucked in a large amount of air and collected it into his stomach, twisting his body around tightly, while his arms began to grow larger. When he was wound up tight enough, he let all of the air inside him release, causing him to untwist while he let loose a flurry of massive punches towards the airborne Victor.

"GUM-GUM GIANT JET STORM!" he roared as his massive fists pounded Victor.

The momentum of the air sent Luffy into the air as well, and when his punches slacked off, he was above Victor, who was, subsequently above One Piece. Bringing all the power into his right leg, it grew to gargantuan proportions as he raised it high into the air, preparing the final blow.

Victor only looked at Luffy, not saying anything at all—not feeling the need to—as Luffy brought his foot crashing down towards him.


His foot sent Victor crashing down towards One Piece, slamming him right on top of the Random-Random Fruit, smashing it instantly, and sending out a massive shockwave that shook the entire room and cracked the walls on all sides.

Luffy only looked at the fallen Victor, unconscious and lying on top of the mountain of wealth known as One Piece, before shrinking to be child-sized, grinning from ear-to-ear, and falling to the ground in victory.

The end is nigh...

Behind the Character (16): Victor D. Capere

At last, it comes down to the main antagonist of my story, One Piece: The Night.

Knowing that this story would take the Straw Hat Crew all the way to Raftel and One Piece for its final setting, I made Victor knowing he was going to stay in it through the long-haul. As such, I wanted him to be a memorable character, and the clear villain in the story.

Design-wise, he's one of those characters I left somewhat ambiguous, so that the reader could picture him in his own way. However, if I was pushed to say who I loosely (emphasis on loosely) based him on, I would say it was Vladimir Laitanan from the show 24.

I created Victor with the mindset of making the archetypal bad guy. By that I don't mean I would make him so gleefully evil (although there's a touch of that) that it's incredibly obvious he's the bad guy. Rather, I made him calm, cool, collect, and gifted in the art of speaking so that he could fool almost anyone he was talking too. I always felt like the villain's plans should be a big thing, and boy, did I have to think up a lot for Victor to make, so naturally he was very smart and good at planning.

The biggest problem I foresaw with this character was his Devil Fruit power. And, wouldn't you know it, I turned out to be correct. Most of the time he came off as incredibly overpowered, breaking the laws set forth that only one Devil Fruit may be eaten by one person (a rule Blackbeard would later break in the series, but I had this idea before it came out in the manga). However, in a way, I think it was because of his overpowered Devil Fruit that made him such a credible threat.

In the end, I knew he had to lose, so I set several parameters to limit his power, and, in turn, limit his power and strength. In the end, his Achilles heel was Haki, an idea which I thoroughly exploited in order to reach this end. And it's because of the fact that he did lose in the end due to his weakness that I think his powers turned out okay.

Now that the story's almost complete and I look back on everything he's done throughout 140 chapters, I see that even if he was overpowered, Victor was a memorable villain. I don't think he'll ever reach the level of One Piece standards, but I did my best to try and make him reach that pinnacle (even making a seven-chapter flashback) to try and make him seem like a real person. True, in the end his motives might have been petty, but I think that just adds to the sense of realism, as most villains are selfish people.

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