As Jack sat battered and bruised in his cockpit, eyes barely able to stay open as everything around him no looked like blobs of black ink, he could make out the sound of a car pulling up.

Jack could then hear footfalls approaching his airplane and saw shadowy figures approaching his cockpit. Not sure whether friend or foe, his eyes searched for his gun but he was too weak to move. He only hoped these shadows that approached him were friendly and meant him no harm.

"Mighty big plane we've got here, huh?" said one rather deliberate, slower voice.

"No kidding. I wonder if the pilot's still alive?" the second voice, a more feminine, concerned tone wondered aloud.

"Speaking of which, Ms. Cunningham, you sure are lucky the plane didn't hit your car or nothin'."

"Would you mind checking the plane for me, Wildcat? I'm not too keen on looking inside, myself."

Jack, not thinking straight, said to himself, "Lucas…Need to find…Lucas…" Soon, all was dark as he slipped into unconsciousness.

What seemed like hours later, Jack's vision was still blurry, but now he felt like he was lying on a bed with a wet cloth on his forehead. He could also make out a blurry figure sitting nest to him, rubbing the cloth. He tried to move, but was still bruised from the crash. "Ugh…" he said, in slight pain.

"Don't move too quickly, now. You're still recovering from your wounds," the tender feminine voice said.

Jack could make out the voice, it was the one he had heard earlier from after his plane crash. Maybe this woman could help him out. "W-Where am I?"

"You're in Cape Suzette. Actually, you're in Higher for Hire. When I found you, you were banged up pretty badly. You're still in no condition to be moving around too much."

"Yeah…thanks." Jack lifted his right hand and felt something in front of him. It felt like a dog's furry snout, along with a hard black nose. "You have a…nice dog there…ma'am," he said.

"Um, sir, that's my nose you're squeezing," the feminine voice said. "Maybe this will help you see better."

Jack then felt another warm rag being wiped over his eyes. Slowly but surely, Jack's vision was starting to return to him. He began to see who his caretaker was. Oddly enough, she was not human as Jack had perceived earlier. Instead, she was an female anthropomorphic bear with a short, shoulder length haircut, wearing a mauve red sweater jacket and violet pants. Jack nearly screamed when he came upon this realization. Without thinking, he moved rapidly from one side of his bed to the other, doing his utmost to escape her.

"What are you?" he yelled, frightened witless and completely confused.

The she bear raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "What do you mean what am I? I'm a woman, can't you tell"

Jack then reached into the holster strapped to his pants and grabbed his gun, quickly pointing it at the bear woman. "Stay back, don't you come any closer!"

The she bear, though frightened, stood her ground. "Okay, okay, calm down! Don't go doing anything rash, alright?" She then extended her hand towards Jack. "So just give me the gun…"

Just then, Jack pulled the trigger and shot the gun, letting out a loud ear shattering sound and creating a small hole in the wall, near where the she bear was standing. "I said stay back!

The she bear's hair stood on the back of her neck. This alien was definitely serious about protecting himself. Not knowing any recourse of action, she simply held her hands up. "Okay, okay! If you want me to stay back, that's what I'll do," she answered, obediently.

Jack held the gun towards the she bear, ready to shoot again. He then shook his head in disbelief at what was going on. There was a bear in the room, and it could talk and wear clothes. "T-This isn't real, it can't be real! This has got to be a nightmare or something." He then proceeded to smack himself in the face repeatedly with his free hand. "Wake up, Jack! Wake up, wake up, wake up!"

The she bear could see clearly that Jack was losing all train of rational thought but wasn't really certain how to deal with a situation such as this one. "I hate to say this, sir, but this isn't a dream," was all that she managed to meekly state.

Slowly, Jack lowered the gun and placed it on the bed, and he put his face into his hands, trying to contemplate what's going on. He had a feeling it was going to take a while for him to completely understand what was going on. Somehow he had to make the best out of this situation. That's what Lucas would've advised him to do.

"Look," he said at last. "I-I-I'm sorry I shot at you. I just...can't believe what's happening to me right now." He then took a deep breath before looking at the she bear again. "Now, tell me exactly where I am and who you are...please."

"I'm Rebbecca Cunningham. Right now, you're at Higher For Hire, my business. Actually, you're in my guest room because there wasn't anywhere else to put you. Anyhow, you're in Cape Suzette. Once you're able to be up and around, I'll be glad to introduce you to everyone and give you a tour," Rebbecca offered. "Just as long as you keep the gun here."

Jack nodded. "Alright. But first...I need some sleep, to clear my head." He then slowly lay back down onto the bed and fell back to sleep.

Feeling much more relaxed, Rebbecca watched the man recline and shut his eyes. Creeping out of the room, she took one quick peak inside, thinking "He certainly is less trouble asleep. Maybe once he gets some rest, he'll be more amenable. I can only hope so."