Midnights End (Prologue/Summary). My new story. Sorry for any spelling errors/mistakes. This Prologue is told in first person. Enjoy. (:

I went to Bloomfield's House Reality to register a home in Bloomfield Hills. I went inside the building only to find some loveseats, bookcases and a desk. After looking around, I went up to the lady at the desk.

"Hello." she said. "I'm Miss Gretchen Mills. How may I help you?" I just stood there, thinking of what else to say.

"I-I'm looking for a house. I just moved here." I said, nervously.

"Alright," Gretchen said, "take a seat." I took a seat and Miss Mills got up, set a house book in front of me and sat down. I started looking through the book and I found a home that caught my eye.

"Ooh! I love this home!" I said. "May I take it?"

"Oh, that house? You may take it, as long as you don't mind a roommate…"

"A-A roommate?" I asked.

"Yep. Maria Lopez. She's a real man hooker, so don't be surprised if there's arguing and sex and all that going on while you're asleep." Gretchen explained.

"It's fine. Really it is. I had a sister, and she's like exactly like you said Maria was."

"Sister? Had?"

"Yeah. It's a long, yet painful story..." I said, about to sob.

"Oh," Gretchen said, sadly. "Anyways, here's the address. Bills will be sent home about once a week." she continued as she handed me the note.

"Thanks!" I said as I ran out the door with excitement running through my veins.

I called a cab outside Bloomfield's Reality to go to my apartment. In no time, the cab arrived. I jumped in and the cab drove later, I arrived at the apartment, in the bright moonlight. I thought it was very nice looking home, as any other home on Mason Street. Right when I was about to get my bags from the trunk, I heard some noise coming from inside. "I wonder what it is…" I thought to myself as I grabbed my bags and walked inside...