This is my first Harry Potter fanfic. My muse hit me hard but decided to send me in a different direction. Future chapters will be longer, but I just needed to put fingers to keyboard to set a foundation for this story.

Please let me know what you all think.

Ginny Weasley settled in by the window as the train pulled away from Platform 9 3/4. She was about to begin her sixth year at Hogwarts while her friends were entering their seventh, and final, year. She couldn't help but think about how quickly the time had passed. She could still remember waving to her brother Ron as he left for the first time as if it were yesterday. Now she was sitting in a compartment with him, bother siblings waving to their parents on the Platform.

If had been an interesting summer. Harry finally worked up the courage to ask Hermione out. Ginny got over her crush on him during her third year and had been encouraging him to ask her best friend out since. Ginny smiled to herself thinking about how Hermione had burst into her room at the Burrow after Harry first kissed her. She had never seen her friend so excited. Ron also finally found the courage to ask Lavender Brown out. The couple was going strong, and her brother was finally distracted enough to let her do her own thing.

Harry and Ron started a game of chess while Hermione and Lavender took naps. Bother girls were determined to finish their Hogwarts careers on a strong note and would probably spend most of their time in the library. Hermione was also Head Girl on top of everything else on her plate. Ginny pulled out the latest issue of Teen Witch and began flipping through the articles. Almost an hour into the trip, the trolley came by. Harry bought a variety of sweets and offered them to everyone. Ginny thanked him and took a chocolate frog, not yet over the last time she ate jellybeans. Not long after, Ginny realized she was the only one still awake. Ginny looked around the car at her friends and felt a pull at her heart. All of them were in a transition period in their lives. After graduation they would have jobs and live on their own. She would be at herself.

Ginny was pulled from her self-pity when the door slid open, only to reveal Draco Malfoy. His hair was longer than she remembered, and he had stopped gelling it back. He still wore that trademark smirk on his face, however—some things would never change. "Weasley." Ginny fought the urge to roll her eyes. "Need something, Malfoy?" He nodded towards Hermione with a look of mild disdain. "I would have love to start the meeting on time. You and Granger are holding us up." Ginny stood up and crossed her arms. "What meeting?" A low growl escaped from his lips. "The one she decided to have on the train ride rather than at school tonight. The one where Head Boy and Girl get all the Prefects on the same page, hand out patrolling schedules, and tell everyone their passwords." Ginny could have screamed—Hermione hadn't told her about it before passing out. "We will be right there, Malfoy." He spun on his heel and stormed back to the other end of the train.

Ginny shook Hermione awake and pulled her from the car. "I'm so sorry, Ginny! Harry was supposed to wake me up—knew I shouldn't have trusted him. Oh, Merlin! My first day as Head Girl, and I already messed something up." Ginny hushed her friend as they turned to the car. "Nice of you two to join us." Hermione ducked her head a bit, and Ginny nudged her before taking a seat in the corner.

An hour later, the group had covered everything they needed to. Hermione rushed back to their car while Ginny waited for everyone to move out of the way. When she made a move for the door, Ginny noticed a bag in the corner. She picked it up and turned back to the door, only to realize Malfoy was blocking her way. "Stealing now, Weasley?" Ginny put her free hand on her hip. "Actually, I was bringing it to Hermione. I'm assuming it belongs to someone from our meeting, and it will be easier for her to return it than me. Since you're here and apparently concerned about it, you can take it." She held the bag out to him, and he snatched it from her grasp. "It's mine, though I may have to buy a new one now that you've touched it." Ginny wasn't letting him get to her so easily this year. She closed the gap between them and brushed her long bangs from her eyes before speaking. "You're welcome." He stepped to the side, giving her enough room to pass. Probably worried he'll catch some humanity from me. She turned around, smiling. "Oh, and Malfoy, your hair looks much better without all that gel holding it in place." Ginny Weasley turned and walked back to her friends. It took all her strength not to laugh thinking about the look on his face at her comment.

Draco Malfoy stood at the cabin door, staring at the youngest Weasley as she walked away. She hadn't become the least bit upset during either of their encounters. He was beginning to think he was losing his touch. Something about her had changed, and he was intrigued.