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Chapter 14: EPILOGUE/ Training Days

Daredevil's Training Spot: DAY 1

"Fear, is your greatest weapon Peter" said Daredevil as he and peter were practicing, Daredevil was showing Peter the correct way to throw a punch, and deliver a kick.

"Every criminal, hood, thug, or crime boss, whatever they want to call themselves they use fear to control people to make them submissive, so you must make them fear you" Daredevil continued.

"I must make them fear me" peter repeated as he threw the punch Daredevil just showed him.

"Good" said Daredevil.

Day 10

"Faster, you're attacks need to be faster, more fluid, everything is one motion, one step" said Daredevil as he used his radar sense to watch peter go up and down the floor practicing his punches and kicks.

"Understood" said peter as he threw a punch kick combo that Daredevil recently taught him.

"That's better….now do it again"

Day 20

"Peter exactly what are your abilities" asked Daredevil, while Peter was doing some kicks.

"I can adhere to almost any surface, my speed, strength, and agility have increased exponentially, I think maybe by a factor of 6 I'm not quite sure and as you already found out I somehow have an extra sense, I can sense danger…..but I don't think that what you wanted to know" said peter turning to face his 'teacher'

"No Peter….it isn't….I could care less about what your abilities are" said Daredevil in a matter of fact tone.

"Then why did you ask"

"Just because I asked doesn't mean you have to answer…..Peter never willingly reveal any information about yourself to anyone, let your enemies and in some cases your friends assume whatever they want" said Daredevil

"So what are your powers" asked Peter

"Who said I had any"

"Well I just assumed" started Peter before Daredevil interrupted

"Just assumed that just because I'm blind I have some type of ability that allows me to do the things that I do"

"Well yeah…I mean how does a blind man do the things you do...if you didn't have any type of ability" replied Peter.

"How did you know that I was blind peter" asked Daredevil

"You tilt your head slightly whenever there's a sound...I read that when a person loses their sight the other senses overcompensate for the loss, especially the hearing" said Peter.

"Hmph...well it seems there's something I myself will have to work on" replied Daredevil.

"This whole conversation is related to the secret identity thing isn't it" said Peter.

"Yes, that's what I was getting at as well, Peter your secret identity is everything, once it's known, it will never be unknown do you know why"


"Because people talk…..and once your identity is lost things will get really complicated, really fast" said Daredevil

"Sounds like the voice of experience"

"A story for another day…..now let's work on you speed and agility" said Daredevil going over to a wooden cabinet and pulled out about nine extremely sharp knives.

"Wait….are those" but peter never got a chance to finish that sentence, because his spider sense went off. Daredevil quickly spun around and toss two knives at peter.

'Well I did tell him not to hold back' thought peter as he continued to dodge the sharp projectiles.

Oscorp: Underground Lab

"DAMN IT!" yelled Dr. Miles Warren as he sat at an expensive computer, with a long chain of complex DNA patterns and formulas. He let out a sigh and leaned back in his chair.

"Another failure" said Dr. Stevens as she walked into the lab from the sick bay that was in the lab.

"Shut up woman" snapped Warren

"Don't snap at me for you failed formulas, so what are you working on this time huh Warren when you should be worrying about our future" said Dr. Stevens

"Woman would you stop worrying Osborn is fine, better than fine, I went over his entire physiology from top to bottom he is beyond good condition" said Dr. Warren

"Still…what we did was highly unethical and extremely dangerous"

"Ah but Stevens that's what science is all about" came Norman's voice as he descended the steps that lead into the underground lab beneath his facility.

"Norman you should be resting"

"Stevens I'm fine better than fine…I feel rejuvenated" replied Norman

"Considering you injuries you should be dead" Dr. Warren chimed in.

"Should be but I'm not" said Norman stretching out his muscles "This is how Captain America must've felt, I can feel every muscle in my body being energized by the OZ, my speed, strength, agility, and my intelligence….everything" Norman continued with giant smile on his face.

"So Osborn what are you're plans now that you've ascended, the so call ranks of human evolution" asked Dr. Warren.

"Now Miles I'm not going to tell you everything, but I will say this the world will remember the name Osborn…..and having said that we need to get to work on synthesizing more of the OZ"

"More….Why" asked Dr. Stevens

"Because Stevens I should not be the only one to experience human evolution, it should be for everyone, but only for those willing to pay for it, now get to work….I have some public relations to sooth over and a certain eye patch wearing man to calm down" said Norman ascending the steps and walking out of the lab.

"Something is not right with him" said Dr. Stevens to Miles as she watched Norman leave.

"As long as he let's me into this lab and pays me money I don't give a shit what's wrong with him…now shut up your voice annoys me"

"I knew there was a reason why I don't like you; you selfish, callous, asshole" said Dr. Stevens storming away in a fit of anger.

"You sound just like my first two ex-wives and you just did what they both did…walked away" he said to himself 'But I don't care as long as I get to do my experiments then I'm happy as a lamb….and Norman your OZ formula may have just given me the edge I need…but alas it will take some time, but that I've got plenty of….plenty' Dr. Warren thought to himself while looking back at the screen.

Day 60

"Better….You're getting better" said Daredevil while blocking a punch aimed for his head, "But remember everything is one motion" he continued while dodging a kick. Daredevil and Peter were sparring each other in their training area. It had been about two months, since Daredevil started teaching Peter, and Peter was making remarkable progress, but Daredevil knew that peter would probably pick up on the things that he showed him quickly. Daredevil did a backflip as Peter tried to sweep his legs.

"Good, that's good don't give me a moment to catch my breath, keep the attack going" said Daredevil. Peter Charged at him, jumped in the air for a kick, Daredevil side stepped the kick, but peter twisted in the air bringing his foot around and kicking Daredevil in the face. Daredevil taking the blow, used his momentum to do a cartwheel and then turn and punch Peter in the stomach, but Peter was prepared for that punch thanks to his spider sense and while he was in mid air, he grabbed Daredevils fist and as he came down he used his forward momentum to flip Daredevil over his shoulder, and onto the ground.

"Excellent" said Daredevil as he flipped up "That's enough sparring for tonight" he continued while taking off his masks.

"Seriously….I mean I just got here no to long ago" said Peter

"I said that's enough sparring, your training is still going on….you're doing exceptionally well, pretty soon you'll be ready for a field test, but now it's time to train your mind to strategize, and the best way to do that is to…" said Daredevil as walked to a closet in the open area, and took out a game board, "The best way to learn how to strategize and out think your enemies is to play chess" Daredevil continued placing the board between him and Peter and went about placing the pieces on the board.

"Chess" repeated peter before he started to laugh

"What's so funny" asked Daredevil while setting up the board.

"I'm a nerd at heart DD I've been playing chess since I was 7 and I was part of the chess team in Jr. High" said peter taking a pawn and moving it forward.

"Well then beating me should be no problem" replied Daredevil as he moved his knight forward.

Day 100

"Ron, I have to say that was a great play"

"I knew you would like it Marie, you always did have a thing for plays" replied Ron with a smile. Ron and Marie were a young couple that was walking down the streets of New York city. They had just came from a late play that was showing downtown and they were on the way back home. While holding her hand Ron caught a glimpse of something up ahead that could only mean trouble.

Standing on a corner were 7 guys who belonged to one of the minor gangs in the city.

"Hey boss look at the legs on girly over there" said a guy with a wolf tattoo on his neck

"Good eye….but whose the suit she's with" said the leader who had a bald head, a red jacket and some faded blue jeans.

"It looks like the two are on a date…..but I think she needs to upgrade" said one of the other guys in the group.

"Well then boys I think we found tonight's entertainment….let's go" Said the leader. The seven guys started to make their way to the couple that was walking across the street. The couple seeing them cross the street tried to turn around and walk the other way but 3 of the guys ran ahead and cut them off.

"Well….Well….Well…where are you heading to huh we haven't even introduced ourselves" said the leader with a wicked smile "I'm Marco" he continued looking at the woman with that sick grin.

"Listen Marco leave us alone" said Ron only to receive a fist to the nose which broke on impact.

"Hey I wasn't talking to you runt I was talking to the lady" said Marco grabbing Marie's arm and bringing her closer. Marie seeing her boyfriend go down, reached into her jacket, and when Marco pulled her closer she pulled out her small can of mace and sprayed it in his eyes.

"AUGH….BITCH!" yelled Marco pushing her down

"Boss you okay"


"NO…..PLEASE….SOMEONE HELP US!...HELP!" she yelled as the guys started towards her and her boyfriend.

"Hey BITCH! Shut up" said one of the guys raising his knife to stab her, but the attack never came, because the man's hand was suddenly covered in a web and then he was tossed into his friends.

"Boys what's happening" said Marco still trying to rub the burning spray from his eyes. Peter jumped off the wall he was sticking to and kicked one of the thugs in the head, while punching another in the face. Doing a hand spring Peter flipped and landed behind another and did a leg sweep, which knocked the thug down. Shooting a web line at another thug Peter yanked him forward and delivered a punch knocking him out. The three remaining thugs looked at Peter then at their friends on the ground. Deciding to take their chance the three charged at Peter. Seeing them charge peter crouched low waiting till they got close, Peter sprung up with a powerful uppercut to the guy in the middle, in the air Peter used his agility and kicked they guy on the left in the mouth, while grabbing the arm of the guy on the right and flipping him over onto the ground and then punching him in his face. Standing up Peter saw that the only one left was the Leader Marco, who had finally rubbed enough of the mace out of his eyes to see a little bit.

"Boys where are you" asked Marco looking around he looked and saw his group was beaten to a pulp and on the ground. Turning to the couple he pulled out a knife

"You did this" he growled starting towards Marie and Ron until a voice interrupted him.

"No…they didn't… I did" said peter standing behind Marco. Marco turned around in time to receive a fist to his nose which shattered on impact. Marco flew back a few feet and landed on his back in front of the couple. The couple looked down at Marco then back up at Peter.

"Who are you" Marie asked with wide eyes

"Someone who cares" Peter replied while jumping and sticking to the side of the building next to them and climbing to the top.

"So how did I do" asked peter looking at Daredevil who had perched on the each of the building watching Peter in action.

"Better, you're getting better…I'll give you that"


"But you still have some room for improvement" said Daredevil commenting on Peter's performance.

"Well sensei….the night is still young" Peter replied

"Don't get cocky; the first time you get cocky you die"

"I'm not cocky just assured in my abilities and you instructions"

"Boosting my ego"

"Maybe just a little"

"Wait…..there's a robbery in progress nearby let's get to it kid"

"I'm not a Kid…I'm Spider-Man"

"Not yet…but you're getting close" replied Daredevil jumping off the edge of the building and swinging to the robbery on his Club, with Peter not far behind him.

Day 250: 9:00 pm Fisk Tower

Well above New York City a very large man sat at his very large desk, and looking out of his clear window that showed him the Manhattan Skyline and his growing empire.

"Mr. Fisk one you're…associates is here to see you" came a voice through the intercom on his desk.

"Send him in Michelle" came the deep baritone voice of Wilson Fisk aka: 'The Kingpin'.

"Yes sir"

The expensive double doors opened to reveal a Tall, Bald, muscular man, practically the same height and size of Wilson Fisk, but Fisk had a little more girth than the bald man.

"Ah Mr. O'Hirn I've heard so much about you, a most impressive reputation you have earned for yourself" said Fisk turning around in his chair to face the rather large Russian.

"Why Am I here Fisk" replied O' Hirn in his thick Russian accent

"You see that's what I like and that's what I want in my organization Boldness….. Most people wouldn't dare to speak to me that way in fear of retribution….but you O'Hirn…. you have no concept of Fear do you"


"No... you don't...do you, I mean you did grow up in a pretty unsavory part of Russia didn't you"

"You still haven't gotten to the point"

"I have a job for you one that needs handling…..a job I hear you're particularly very good at".

"What is it?"

"To persuade a few of my non believers into seeing things my way"

"How many you want alive….how many you want dead" replied O'Hirn

"Leave 2 alive kill the rest…the address will be given to you, as well as the amount of money you will receive on completion of my little task on the way out by my receptionist"

"It will be done" said O'Hirn walking out of the office.

"I know" replied Fisk swinging back around in his chair to continue looking out over Manhattan.

Police Station

"So then what happened" asked Lieutenant Lee to a distraught guy.

" Well the guy pulled a gun on me and was about to fire, when this other guy swooped down on a web and beat the crap of guy trying to rob me" said a man while pushing up his glasses.

"Did he leave a name?"

"Said his name was Spider-Man"



"Lieutenant in my office" said Captain Stacy.

"Here take this and follow this officer, he'll take you to the sign out" said Lieutenant Lee give the man she was interviewing a slip of paper, she then got up out of her chair and walked toward the Captain's office.

"Close the door" said Captain Stacy from behind his desk.

"So 5 ½ months as Captain are you happy"

"Anything but this job gives me such a headache,…so what's with all the whispers out there" he asked

"It seems our mutual friend has been busy"

"Are you sure it's the kid"

"Unless you know someone else who can stick to walls and shoot webs…..oh and he's calling himself Spider-Man" said the Lieutenant.


"Yes sir"

"Stupid kid is gonna get himself killed tell all officers to be on the lookout for "spider-man" and to use minimum force to bring him in" said Captain Stacy

"Captain with all due respect I have to disagree with your orders"


"Well sir he might be a kid but he's quite capable; not only did he take out 4 of the dozens of gangs that's been causing chaos in this city, but he also delivered us Kassidy and you want to bring him in" she said.

"I can understand your point…but Terry he's a kid….a KID….and a vigilante at that he needs to know what's at the end of the road he's going down and I know your concerned about what's going to happen to him if we by some chance do manage to bring him in, but I promise you the only thing I want to do is talk to him, I guarantee you that he won't spend a day in jail but we do need to talk"

"I understand sir"

"Good….dismissed" he replied.

Day 315: Parker House 8:00pm

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!" yelled Aunt May, Harry, Mary Jane, and Gwen as Peter walked through the front door.

"OH MY GOD" he said smiling. Closing the door peter walked towards the kitchen table with the cake, ice cream, and presents.

"You thought we forgot didn't you buddy" said Harry

"What kind of friends do you think we are" Mary Jane chimed in

"Actually they did forget and I had to hunt both of them down" said Gwen hugging Peter and kissing him on the cheek.

"Dude she is mean when she's angry" joked Harry

"Yeah I still got the bruise to prove it" said Mary Jane.

"Serves you right missing Peter's birthday, when he went through some much trouble for yours" said Gwen.

"That's why you're the best girlfriend I've ever had Gwen" said Peter

"Don't you mean only" Harry joked

"Funny" replied Peter still smiling

"Okay….Okay…enough it's time for Peter to make a wish and open his presents….go on dear" Said Aunt May.

"Let's see I wish….."started Peter before looking up at the four most important people in his life, he smiled and then blew out his candles.

"Alright….open mine first sweetie" said Gwen handing him a big box. Ripping the paper off peter saw the gift.

"Gwen…..Oh my God….this is that chemistry set from that science expo a few months ago….how did you get this" he asked amazed by the gift.

"Now peter that's my little secret; just enjoy it, like I enjoyed that biology set you gave me for my birthday" she replied

"You guys are such science geeks" said Mary Jane

"And proud of it" they both replied at the same time.

"Here's my gift Pete" said Mary Jane handing him his present. Opening the gift Peter saw it was a sowing machine.

"Thanks….MJ I'll find some use for this somewhere" said Peter

"Your welcome" she replied

"Here ya go buddy" said Harry. Peter opened it and his face fell

"Uh….Harry this is the exact same gift I gave you for your Birthday" said Peter holding up the sports watch.

"Is it…..I didn't even notice buddy" Laughed Harry "Omp, ouch MJ" he said after Mary Jane elbowed him in his side.

"Jeez It was a joke you guys" said Harry

"Thanks Harry" replied Peter smiling

"NO problem buddy"

"Here peter this is from me" said Aunt May handing Peter his present. Ripping the paper off Peter looked stunned at the gift, it was a gold picture frame with a picture of his Uncle Ben smiling inside. Looking the picture over peter couldn't help but smile.

"Thanks Aunt May I love it"

"I knew you would…..a-and he would be proud of you dear" she said "Now who wants cake" she continued taking out a knife and holding it over the cake.

Day 364: Daredevil's Training Spot

"It's been 1yr since I started training you…while your training is not complete, you are at a point where I don't have to worry about you so much"


"Listen Tomorrow is the day you step into the big leagues, throughout the past year I've taught you how to fight the scum of this city….but tomorrow we are gonna start the process of ridding the streets of them permanently and we're gonna start with the biggest piece of shit human being I've ever had the displeasure of meeting…"

"The Kingpin" peter chimed in

"Correct... the Kingpin or by the name you know him best by: Wilson Fisk"

"THE PHILANTHROPIST!" shouted peter "he's the Kingpin….he donated a whole computer lab to my school this past year" peter continued.

"Peter another lesson your gonna have to learn is to never…and I mean never take anything at face value…Philanthropy is just for show he's as evil as they come: he has hitmen from all over the world, he has damn near every politician and cop in his pocket, he takes a bite out of every criminal transaction: petty theft, grand larceny, white collar crimes, racketeering, arson you name it, there's only a few in this city that can actually oppose him, but every day his competition is dwindling and he is that much closer to controlling everything"

"Is that why you wanted to train me for a year, because of the potential backlash"

"Yes" Matt replied standing up and walking to the open skylight, looking up and closing his eyes. "I can hear the city Peter, Hell's Kitchen, my home…I can hear it crying out, I can hear the life being chocked out of my home Peter…and it's Fisk fat fingers that's applying the pressure and Peter it has to stop" Matt continued still looking upward.
"I'll help you take this guy down Matt….that's a promise" said Peter

"If you truly mean that Peter…..meet me at the Francisco building on 23rd and West, Hell's Kitchen tomorrow at 10:30pm and we'll take down Fisk for good"

"I'll be there…..you can count on it" replied Peter without a hint of hesitation.

Fisk Towers 9:00 pm

"HEY!...you called for me…I was in the middle of something" came a heavily accented voice, barging into Fisk's large and expensive office.

"Shut up Bullseye I have a job for you" said the Kingpin aka Wilson Fisk

"Does it involve my unique talents or is this grunt work" asked Bullseye walking up to the desk while twirling a knife.

"A bit of both Actually….tonight at the ship yard I have a shipment coming in… be there…and tomorrow I have some inside information that my secondary shipment will be attacked by Daredevil….let him destroy it and then kill him" said Fisk leaning forward on his desk, "NO….on second thought bring him here alive…beat to hell…..but alive so I can deliver the final blow…that man has been a thorn in my side for far too long and I want to look into his eyes as the life drains from them"

"Sounds fun" said Bullseye turning around to leave the office, but not before throwing the knife and hitting a fly that was on the wall.

"BULLSEYE!" he yelled right before he started laughing and walking out of the office. Fisk leaned back in his expensive chair and put his hands to together as a smile crept along his face.

"So it begins" he said to himself while turning his chair around so he could look at the city that was one step closer to becoming his, and the thought that he enjoyed the most was that there was no one that could stop him… no one.

End of VOLUME 1

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