There is a pain that burns, and builds. It ravages the body and mind until there is very little to continue forward with. This pain is no stranger to the Witch, nor the Witch a stranger to it. They both fuel each other, building the flames ever higher. Few escape, few cope, but none ever escape...

This is however proven wrong by one Witch who refuses to have her kindling lit ablaze. Follow her adventure through times of despair, happiness, and rage to the end of the outbreak, and to the dawn of the future.

**end description**

Alright, first L4D fic along with my second try at combat. My first try was a complete failure, so let's hope I do better this time 'round, mmk? Before we continue I want to be perfectly clear that this fic has no regular update time, it will be read over and corrected two or three times by me unless I get a beta, and will be following all of my theories from "The Many Strains of Ryphiebis". If you haven't read that, go do so now! If you don't you won't understand a lot of the crap being said in later chapters.

This is rated M for blood, gore, violence, depictions of horror, adult situations, and light sexuality (NO LEMON).

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**No POV**

The room wasn't what one would call large, but decently sized so that a family of four could seat themselves rather comfortably, and still have enough room to beautifully furnish. A three seat couch lay in the center, just across from an older looking TV in the corner of the room. A small coffee table intruded between the screen and love seat, angled so that it may also serve whom ever sat in the leather recliner to the right of it.

Off to the left of the couch, a window and entryway corrupted the dull white walls of the room, along with a light switch lacking a cover. Brand new, green curtains hung from small hooks jutting out just above the edges of the window, assisting in the almost eerie feel the room gave off.

Across from the entryway was another wall that to the left moved into a kitchen. A worn down wooden table had been placed in the center of the small feeding area, slightly in the way of all appliances or drawers.

Following the wall in the front room to the right, it led down a hallway fitted with three doors. One on the left, the right, and at the very end, almost seeming like a sort of prison. Two figures suddenly broke through the last door and flew through the hallway, headed towards the living room at a running speed, the larger one chasing the smaller.

The larger figure must have been just over the six foot mark, while the smaller figure was around the five and half zone. They slammed into the walls a few times before the larger finally caught up and...


The teenage girl fell to the floor beneath the figure of a larger man, small droplets of blood began to blanket her cheek and move to her stained red sweat shirt. She slowly began to sit up, letting her ragged brown hair fall across her wound.

"Get up!" The man yelled. She coughed up some blood, slowly trying to get to her feet.


The girl fell to the floor once again, clutching her stomach. The man walked over to her and delivered a swift kick into her tail bone and she recoiled in pain.

The man moved over her and grasped her chin in his hand, forcing her to look up at him. A stream of tears flowed out from the sapphires he stared into. "If you ever." He whispered. "Tell anyone about me beating you again, I will kill you so slowly, you'll wish you had a jagged knife so you could finish the job yourself, are we clear?"

She slowly nodded, trying very hard not to make her body hurt anymore than it already did. The man then let go of her and walked into the kitchen. The young girl slowly rolled onto her arms and legs, standing up, she left to clean herself of the evils wracked upon her.

**Teen Girl's POV**

My body ached everywhere, every move made the pain increase. I walked down the hallway, using the walls for support, and turned into the bathroom across from my room on the left. I gently closed the door behind and looked into mirror, not at all surprised at what I saw.

My right eye was a dark purple along with the cheek below. In the purple skin on my cheek, the skin had ruptured and was steadily oozing blood that had leaked down to my chest. I removed my bloody sweat shirt and tank top, wincing at the pain it brought. Welts lay scattered across my stomach, and arms, a few had ruptured and were bleeding.

I then removed my skin tight jeans to find the same had happened there, luckily, none of the welts here had ruptured. I turned my body sideways and looked at my hip and saw that there was a deep gash that was about 3 inches in length from when he ran at me with the knife.

My hand found it's way up into the medicine cabinet and retrieved some antiseptic. I carefully rubbed the antiseptic into the wound, not a stranger to the light burning sensation it brought. I moved to my face after that, cleaning the wounds there and wiping away any blood that got in my away.

I removed my undergarments, taking a quick glance in the mirror to see my b cup chest was undamaged by the onslaught. I reached into the shower and turned the small dials until the water was warm, but not so warm that it upset my skin any more than it already was. As soon as the water made contact, I regretted getting in so quickly, pain seared my senses but soon decreased as my body got used to the light patter of the water.

'At least he didn't stab me this time.' I thought, rubbing the scar that ran in between the 2'nd and 3'rd ribs on my right side. THAT had been the worst time. He had come home drunk that time, today though, he was just mad.

He, married my mother long after my real father had died. While they were dating he seemed liked a great guy, not as great as my father was, but descent enough. My mother was a smitten with him, as happy as could be. A month after their marriage though, he came home drunk, and without a job.

My mother tried to calm him down, but he just got angrier the more she tried. I had just come back from the mall with a few friends of mine and didn't know what was going on. He got up from his chair a slapped me, asking where I had been.

My mom slapped him in the back of the head for that, and he went into a frenzy saying that we were the reason he lost everything. They got in a big fight and I ran into my room. They kept fighting for about an hour after that, until I heard her start screaming and then a gunshot.

Tears streamed down my face, I tried to get up, to run, but I was glued to the spot in fear. He burst into the room with a large knife in his hand, staggering slightly. I stood up and screamed for help, but it was cut short when he stabbed into my lung.

He cleaned the blade's handle after that and left it in me, I'm not sure what he did with the gun. He called 911 after that saying that we had been attacked. I heard him hang up the phone and shatter a window.

The police got there minutes later and I was carried out. I looked around for the man that tried to kill me, but I didn't find him until I was in the ambulance. His right hand was being put back together by a doctor, apparently, he had broken it 'while beating the shit out of the murderer'.

After I had been fixed up enough to talk, I told them what really happened. There was a large investigation after that, but he got off a month later, scratch free. He was given complete custody over me until my eighteenth birthday, along with child care checks from the state. I never saw even a fraction of that money go towards me though. If I wanted something other than food or a place to sleep, I had to pay for it myself.

I was given my mom's car last year as a birthday present, or at least, what was left of the little Corolla. The man had beaten the shit out of it the night I came home from the hospital, only because he couldn't hit me without the possibility of killing me. Too bad I didn't stay that frail for ever...

He beat me every time I didn't come home before the street lights came on, or if I didn't buy everything we needed that week before we ran out of it. Little things always pissed him off too, like if I change the channel on the TV and missed the beginning of the show he wanted by about 5 seconds... Little things like that. He doesn't feed me very well either, I get school lunch with whatever money I get from work, and the equivalent to a sandwich for dinner.

He made me get rid of my friends too, he thought I would tell them too much. Sometimes he brings his friends home and I have to take care of them, I feel like a slave when that happens. Things get really bad when he falls asleep before his friends though... It never goes as far as rape, but it is still a scar I hold.

I only washed with water tonight, afraid that I might inflame my wounds. "Kate." I heard him call from outside the door. "Come here!" I quickly dressed after that, I've learned that when he calls, you come or suffer.

I ran as well as I could into the front room, still clothed in what I had been earlier. I rounded the corner and headed into the kitchen, there I saw him eating out of a TV dinner box at his usually end of the table. I looked to my end and saw a small container of spam, still needing to be cooked.

"Eat and go to bed. In the morning I want you to even your face out with make up and not tell any one about what happened, are we clear?"

"Yes, sir..." I answered quietly. I picked up the small container, emptied the contents into a small bowl, and put it in the microwave. The timer when off a short time later, and I sat down in my usual spot.

"Your cousin wanted to go to a movie with you tomorrow, she'll pick you up from school tomorrow so don't take your car. There is some money on your bed, enough for the ticket and a few snacks. She also wants you to stay the night, you may if you want, just be home before dinner tomorrow."

I didn't answer him when he finished, too engaged in my meal. I finished, then threw away the container and whatever dishes were in the sink at the time. I moved over to one of the cabinets and pulled out a glass then moved towards the fridge. I placed the glass into the right door of the fridge, pressing a button at the same time, and it filled with water.

Satisfied with the now full glass, I moved through the kitchen and living room, then into my own room. My hand closed the door behind me as I went in, lightly clicking as the small bolt went into place. Across from me, a twin size bed lay in the right hand corner, the end facing me. A small nightstand just to the left of the head board.

A window just to the left of the nightstand along with a closet on the opposing wall were all that was left in the room. I moved over to the closet after setting my glass on the nightstand and changed into a two piece. The top was a dark green while the bottom was blue, the words 'Old Navy' ran across the top.

I moved over to the bed, moving earlier mentioned items to the nightstand before pulling the blankets back so I could move under their protection. I tried to fall asleep, but the darkness would not claim my senses no matter how calm I forced myself to be. After half an hour of just laying there, I decided to think on what I would do the next day.

How long had it been since I last saw my cousin? I think I was twelve or maybe thirteen the last time I saw her. I bet she is in college now, hopefully learning to do what she always dreamed of doing. What did she want to do? I really need to pay more attention...

Something didn't really add up though. Why in the world would that evil bastard let me go somewhere with family? He could have just as easily told her that I was too busy with school or work to go and have fun. Whatever the case may be, I was still glad to be allowed to get out and interact.

For almost a year now, the only person I've really talked to was the school psychiatrist. She always asked me about my feelings and worthless crap like that, usually bringing up my mother's death. I had to hide my secret of who really killed her for such a long time, I finally snapped and told her everything, which is why I was beaten earlier.

I lifted the blanket to check my body once again, then shifted so there was less pain to do deal with and recovered myself in the warmth the blanket provided. I wonder what movie we are going to go see. I hope it's that new Avatar movie (AN-I don't own that either), I heard it was fairly good.

There was suddenly a crash from the front room and a few curses, but I payed very little attention to it since it was a regular thing to hear. Every few nights he would throw a fit or two over something a coworker did, nothing new.

I suddenly felt the darkness around me reach it's sweet smelling arms out to grasp me and I yawned. Finally feeling tired enough to sleep, I let the darkness slip itself deeper into my sight until I could see nothing but the darkness.

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