Sooooo, hi again! Sorry this took so long, internet crapped out and then I went on vacation. And sorry about the shortness, I had to really drag this one out as it was.

-1 Days Until Initial Infection-

I awoke with fluttering eyes to a blinding light before sitting up. Sun light poured in from in between the curtains, mostly landing where my face was moments ago, it was my way of waking up in the morning since I didn't have a phone or an alarm clock.

I removed the few blankets that still clung to my form and stood to a full height to stretch. I felt three of my ribs and a few vertebrae pop back into place then lowered my arms back to my side and relaxed myself. I had always been a very skinny, bony person so my bones cracked rather often and it was loud.

I was usually teased for it, called weak, and pathetic. At least, that's how it was until about a year ago when I gave a girl a bloody nose for making fun of me, after that people just generally stayed away and whispered when I passed them.

Those whispers turned into snickers recently, my guess being that there is a rumor going around. I don't really care though, I have no friends, I have no life, why should I rumor mean anything to me?

I opened the door to my room and lazily stumbled down the hallway, still a bit tired. Once in the kitchen, I fed myself some cereal, cleaned my bowl, then went back down the hallway to use the bathroom.

I came out a few minutes later and got dressed in my usual attire. When not around the house, I wear skin hugging jeans that, without shoes, would normally wrap themselves around the heel of my foot and drag everywhere I went. The pants are usually black, while my shirt, being the same color, can range anywhere from The Legend of Zelda, to Slipknot.

Today, however, I chose to wear a dark purple and black, striped tee, as well as an LP (DO NOT OWN LP) zip up hoodie on top of that. I don't know why, but I had always had trouble keeping my body warm, I guess it's because I'm so thin, but that's just my guess.

After dressing, grabbing both my backpack and the money 'father' left me, I left my house, locking the door behind me of course, and walked to school from there. I attended Mercy High, and am in 10'Th grade now. My favorite subject? HA! I hate school, I hate learning this pointless crap. For instance, when in the world am I going to need to know the many different types of algae?

With the way I have my life planned out, never. I want to work at Old Navy (AGAIN, NOT MINE) and work my way to the top, then I'm going to die of a drug overdose brought on by a deep depression at around 25 or 30 years old. No one will find my body until the neighbors next door in a shitty apartment, like the one I'll have, start complaining about the smell of rotting flesh and tissue.

But enough of my pointless, emotional ramblings, I have yet another day of crap to deal with.


I sat in the last class of the day, computer science, with my head on the desk in front of me, my work completed early, as always. It's during this time that I always feel the need to cut myself, but what's the point? I already get enough scars as it is. Speaking of which, there were a lot more whispers today than usual.

I was broken from my thought process with the voice of my 'grandma' teacher' suddenly breaking the unbearably dull silence that filled the room. "Ms. Laverne, could you please come with me?" She asked in an all too polite tone. Stupid buzzard, I'm still surprised that she knows anything about computers.

"Sure." I replied, standing up and following her out of the room. She led me through many hallways lined with dull, pale blue lockers until we stood in front of my own. Mine had very little paint left on it thanks to a prank about 2 years prior to now, but if you ask me, it was an improvement to the god-awful blue.

The old woman turned to me and motioned to the locker. "Please gather your things and then report to the principals office."

I looked at her with question. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked, trying to sound as polite and innocent as I possibly could.

"No dear, your cousin came early."

"What about my work?"

She chuckled at my words. "And that's why you're my favorite, always about your work. Don't worry about it, I'll save it as soon as I get back to the class room."

I smiled at her and nodded, all the while thinking; 'too bad you aren't my favorite'. I quickly gathered my things and bid her farewell, then walked towards the front of the school. I knocked on the door that read 'Principal's Office' and was greeted by a 30 year old woman wearing a white blouse and black skirt.

She was what most men would go after, fair skin, great smell, great build, but her feminine perfection only went so far. Now, most people say that blondes simply aren't as smart as other hair colors, the principal proves this theory to be entirely correct.

"Good, afternoon Mrs. Dunbar." I said with a false smile.

She returned the smile and motioned for me to come in. I could see my cousin sitting in one of the two chairs set out before Mrs. Dunbar's desk. She too was of a good build, though not as 'Beverly Hills' as the principal.

My cousin wasn't tall, nor large on the chest, but she had what some guys would call a cute physic, bearing the same features as I for the most part. She did however differ in hair and eye color, both being of a chestnut brown, and her smile... never fake...

She turned around and gave me one of her compassionate grins, the ones that made reminded me of my mother, full of truth and at the same time, a fiery spirit. She was dressed in basically the same attire as I, yet another reason I liked her, though she preferred the red hoodie to mine black one.

"Hi Katie." She said cheerfully. My mother had called me that and it made me think how ironic it really was, she already reminded me so much of her.

"Hi." I replied. Mrs. Dunbar smiled and sat down in her chair, but then oddly stared at me. "What..." I asked while staring back.

"So what happened?"

I was a little confused at that, I thought I was just getting dismissed. "What do you mean?"

"Why do you have a black eye?"

I knew I was forgetting something before I left the house. I looked through my bag for the small compact I normally kept with me. My fingers found it and I slowly brought it up to look at myself and sure enough, I had completely forgotten about make up this morning.

My heart sank with that, it was the one thing that I had forgotten and yet the most important. I quickly thought up a lie and relayed it as if it as best I could. "Oh that, I just tripped over some clothes in my room last night and my belt was on my bed and when I landed on the bed, the belt was where my eye was."

She looked skeptical of my lie at first but then relaxed a bit and took it in. "Alright, it wasn't that girl Stacie getting back at you?"

Stacie was the cheerleader I had punched the year before. "No ma'am, it was my fault completely."

She slowly nodded then smiled. "Okay, thank you. You can leave with your cousin now."

The two of us slowly stood and exited, saying good bye as we went, and headed out into the parking lot. She drove an older Toyota, not sure of the make or year, but it wasn't something to be proud of, that was for sure.

She got in first then unlocked the passenger door and I got in along side her. She turned the key several times, trying to get the car to start, until on the fourth time it finally sputtered to life. We pulled out of the lot and drove down to a light and turned left, moving out of the smaller part of town and slowly into the business district.

"So," She started. "How was your day?"

"It was okay, perfectly boring, but tolerable. And yours?"

She sighed. "No different, I decided to skip my classes today and watch P2 (Good movie). Then, I went out for lunch and here I am."

A long silence followed until she pulled into a McDonald's drive through. "Would you like anything?"

I nodded and asked for a simple meal of fries, a cheese burger, and a coke. I wasn't ever one to eat much, just enough to get by. We pulled out with our food and drove a few blocks before moving into a parking garage.

She pulled into a spot by the door and the two of us got out and went through the door with our food. The garage was apparently part of the college because we obviously were among dorm rooms as soon as we went through the door. It was fairly nice, well carpeted and kept, however it smelled of smoke.

"Sorry, I forgot Smokey, as we call him, switched dorms." She turned left and continued down the hallway, following several turns until we came to a sweet smelling room. She turned to the door with the aroma and whispered. "My room mate won't be here much longer, I asked for her to switched with someone else because of the smell."

I giggled, she always had a good sense of humor. The door suddenly opened and some self conscious bitch suddenly huffed out with several bags over her shoulders. I burst out laughing as I watched her go, she really was one of those out of school teenagers. You seem to always hear about them but never see them.

"Why are you laughing?" My cousin asked.

I tried to slow my fit, without much luck. "She's like one of those out of school cheer girls you always hear about!"

She stared at me for a second then smiled and walked into her room. I tried calm myself, I was laughing at something wasn't exactly funny after all, and followed after her. The dorm was rather small, the living room and kitchen mixed together with the beds on either side of an entertainment center. Millions of dvds lay on it's shelves, most of them horror movies.

She flopped down onto the bed by the window on the far side the moaned into the pillow as I lay my bag atop the other bed. I walked around to the TV and looked at the case on top of it. It looked like a good movie, it was P2, she must have never put it away.

"Hey, how long until the movie?" I asked.

"I lied, we aren't gonna see a movie, I just wanted to hang with you."

I smiled, I knew why she lied. Just about every other time she asked to see me, 'dad' said no. It made sense to lie to him, he didn't really deserve the truth anyways.

She turned over and looked at me. "So how did you really get the black eye."

"I told you."

"Don't lie, the school called and told me what you told the counselor."

I looked down at my feet and sat down on the bed, keeping my head down. "He hit me..."

She got up and sat next to me, then slowly pulled the side of my shirt up. "God" She whispered.

I was probably still purple from last night. She poked at one of the welts and I hissed in pain. "Why didn't you tell anyone earlier?"

I slowly pulled my shirt back down and kept her gaze away best I could. "I wanted to, but I was afraid this would happen, and now look at me."

She carefully wrapped her arm around me, obviously afraid of hurting me again. I just let it go then, I started out slow, but soon was crying so hard that I was shaking. She just held me after that, slowly rocking back and forth and stroking my hair back over my head.

I don't know how long I cried, it didn't really matter though, she was there for me now, I hadn't been able to just cry for a long time, and it felt as if a great weight had been lifted. For the first time since my mother died, I felt safe and warm.

She just held me until I finished, waiting patiently. I wiped my eyes and slowly pushed her away, not out of anger or anything like that, I was just tired of sitting. I stood up and walked over to the bag of food on her bed and brought it back with me.

The two of us ate in silence after that, there wasn't anything that need be said. She finished first and turned on the T.V. To some reality show about six people. It looked like an older show to me, something made In the 90's.

"Do you like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?" She asked.

"I've never heard of it."

"Oh, I think you will." She turned her attention back to the screen and smiled as one of the characters told a joke. I didn't personally find it amusing but then again I did just finish crying.

We watched T.V. For the rest of the day, just vegetating and laying around. I liked not having to work all the time, it was nice for a change, even if it was just for today. The phone rang at about 10:30 and she answered in a cheery voice.


I couldn't make out what the other person was saying, but the voice sounded female. Her face suddenly changed from a cheery one to an overly cheery expression.

"Okay, thank you." She hung up the phone and with a beaming smile she stared at me. "What..."

"Guess!" She bounced.

"You had a stroke?"


"Just tell me."


"... Zoey..."

She huffed once and brushed her hair aside. "Fine, your 'father' had his throat slit and will be in the hospital for several months and then possibly prison depending on what his story is!"

I was visibly giddy with that, a little awe struck, but overly happy that things may have just cleared up, and my life had just fixed itself. I couldn't believe it, things had gone just I had hoped. He was hurt and may go to jail... I realized that I hadn't said anything yet, I had just been sitting there while she stared at me.

"A-are you serious?" I asked disbelievingly.

She nodded with that stupid grin plastered to her face.

It was really happening, my life was back, that monster was gone, the nightmares were over...

Yep, that's right, it's Zoey! Don't worry, I won't break into the l4d story and change it or nothing, I just thought t would be a neat little reference y'know? For those of you who actually read the journal, you know what's coming next don't you *evil smile*