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Note 1: AU.


chapter one

"So now that I'm all rested...what do I do?" Ryoku, also known as Harry Potter, asked as he sat infront of Alexandre Westwurld, his savior and teacher.

"I'm sure Aetas already told you or something to that end, about the abilities of those twin blades you have in your possession," Alex said, "No need to say anything, I already know that he did. Your first mission and test for me is complete, while not perfect, was more that satisfactory."

Aetas being the Supreme Being, or Supreme God of Aetas, father of gods and goddesses, a paradox in and of himself. God of Time, and so many other things of his own reality. Lord of Ryoku, as Ryoku is the Avatar of Aetas, the Avatar of Time. In case anyone forgot.

"Alright, so now what? Or rather, where?" Ryoku asked, "Oh, and do you know what the First Seed lets me do?"

"You mean after all this time, you still haven't figure out any of your new arsenal of powers?" Alex asked shocked, he'd have gone nuts trying to figure things out himself if he were in Ryoku's shoes.

"Well I figured you'd tell me anyway, so why would I have bothered?" Ryoku said, cheekily.

"Git," Alex muttered, then spoke more clearly, "The First Seed grants you the ability to have complete control over nature..well..if you were on Aetas of Aetas' reality's Earth. Anywhere else and you still have almost as much control, but with some limitations in place, I'll let you figure those out. On Aetas it would take no energy at all to perform, but anywhere else there is a price, with you it would be in the form of magic."

"So I can create life out of no life?" Ryoku asked.

"You mean create a golem, an actual living one with an aware soul?" Alex asked.


"Sure," Alex said, "You can make a field of flowers bloom, you can mold fire into a fox, and so on and so forth."

"What are the more or less supposedly obvious limitations?" Ryoku asked.

"Well...you can't create tsunamis, or world wide earthquakes," Alex said, "You definitely can't make volcanos erupt, or for tornadoes to form."

"Uhm...anything else?"

"Well you have a complete mastery, which you got from Aetas, over the elements, but when controlling and molding them you will still need to expend some magic. From this ability to mold, you will be able to create new life," Alex said, "Limitation wise...hmm...you can't make another person, nothing human or remotely like it. Mildly sentient sure, but with the ability to form rational thought? No way."

"Ok...so..where are you sending me? Another reality ruled by a Harry Potter?" Ryoku asked.

"Do you want to go to one?" Alex asked.

"Well...not really.." Ryoku said, shrugging.

"Then I am not chucking you in such a reality," Alex said, "I want you to learn Japanese."

"You're sending me to Japan?" Ryoku asked incredulously.

"Where I am sending you, the people speak the language more or less," Alex said, "I also want you to read up on some Japanese comics."

"Manga?" Ryoku asked, "I've read your collection of Bleach, and Nurarihyon no Mago, does that help me?"

"The Bleach...sort of, Nurarihyon no Mago...possibly," Alex said, "But they're not the ones I want you to read."

"What then? Your ninja comics collection, cause you know they're cool and all that, but..." he saw Alex begin to grin, "...you're not kidding are you..."

"I want you to read the Fuedal Japan comics, samurai, ninja, you name it, I know I've got it, and I want you to read it," Alex said, "Learn from them, pirate them, and when I send you off, I want you to be one of them."

"You want me to learn from comics?" Ryoku asked.

"Yup," Alex said, "Martial Arts, ninjutsu, swordsmanship, everything."

"I know my Avatar garb is cool and all, but do I get some ninja duds?" Ryoku asked hopefully.

"You seriously want new duds? Duds? Dudley?" Alex asked jokingly.

*insert death glare # 16 here*

"Ok, ok, kidding, kidding," Alex said, "Sure, sure, I'll whip something up, while you read. Happy?"

*insert death glare # 16, intensity setting at max, here*

"E..he..he..he," Alex said nervously, "I'll get right to it, you know where the library is right? Great, see you later!"


An indefinite number of hours later, Ryoku managed to finally file away the last bit of information in his mind. He'd read so many of the blasted things, but only one of them really caught his eye and mind for some reason. Naruto.

"You're finished, good, so am I," Alex said entering the library just as Ryoku was tidying up the place, Alex handed him a wrapped box, "Here, open it and try them on, they've got all sorts of spells on them."

Ryoku opened the package and tried on his new clothes. In the end he chose to just use his avatar garb for his everyday affair, all those people in the comics had a uniformed lifestyle anyway, they all wore the same thing day after day after day. If they could do it, so would he.

"Well, you can at least use the black suit when you need to be stealthy, or the dark gray one for that matter," Alex said, "All sorts of colors for differen situations, a few kimonos, yukata, and so on and so forth."

"You made me an entire wardrobe," Ryoku said, "Thanks, anyway, even if I wont use all of them."

"Since you seem to have everything, and no more than you did before you started reading," Alex said, "I will now be sending you to the Elemental Continent, you do know where I am sending you, right?"

"I do now," Ryoku said, resigned to his fate, "You got any minor and major objectives for me?"

"Thanks for reminding me," Alex said, "Almost forgot."

"Well?" Ryoku asked impatiently.

"First and foremost, I want you to help that world become what it becomes," Alex said.

"Help that world become what it becomes?" Ryoku asked, confused.

"The Sage of the Six Paths is the Father of Ninjutsu, yes?" Alex said.


"Before him, ninja were just assassins, blending in the shadows, and stuff like that, smoke bombs, you name it," Alex said, "After him there were specialized clans, ninja techniques, and the like, do see where I'm going with this?"


"He is the Father of Ninjutus, the first jinchuuriki, the Father of Ninja-kind as the comics know it," Alex said.

"I know I found books on my life, and possible future, so...I'm going to go to this ninja world and help the Rikudou Sennin become this Father of Ninjutus?" Ryoku asked.

"Something like that," Alex said, "There will be a Mother of Genjutsu, but there is no Father of Taijutsu. Please remember what I said about your abilities and powers."

"Ok...so I get to be the all around martial arts master...right?" Ryoku asked.

"What do you think?" Alex asked, "You know what, don't answer that."

"That all?"

"Nope," Alex said, "By simply being there, things will not go the same way as the comics."

"I know that, so..?"

"You get to somehow be the Yondaime Mizukage," Alex said happily, "You are semi-immortal by being Avatar of Aetas, so that wont be a problem, the living that long part."

"Anything else?" Ryoku asked impatiently.

"Help save the world, but do not try and save it yourself," Alex said, "It is not your calling."

"Alright, I think I can do that," Ryoku said.

"One last thing," Alex said, "Now that you have power, I want you to become powerful."

"I think I can do that," Ryoku said, "Before you do whatever to me, is there anything else? You seem to keep stalling."

"Fine, I want you to live," Alex said, "You nearly died once, this time the only way to return to your world, your original world is to die, and no you can't commit suicide or sepuku."

"If say, I do get married, have kids, and whatever, and I do die...do I get to go back and visit?" Ryoku asked, as he knew that he could visit his friends in Aetas.

"We'll see, we'll see," Alex said ending their conversation, he then walked up to Ryoku and shoved him into a portal with a palm thrust to Ryoku's solar plexus.

"Daaaaaamn Yoooooouuuu Aleeeeeeeeeex!" Ryoku shouted as he spiralled away inside the portal.