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chapter seventy-four

It was several years after official training began that Mamoru was finally deemed a master in the art of puppetry, even the looked down upon, by most other practitioners, part. Defiling the dead and all that. But he mastered all that the Jorogumo clan head had to teach.

Tobirama wasn't idle during those long years, he too decided to train in the art of puppetry, though he decided to stick to just three puppets, naming each one some rather unique names. His puppets were not made out of wood, but purely of metal, disguised as wood. If push came to shove, he could simply shatter his puppets causing a rain of bladed metal to cover the battlefield.

Tobirama's tactices would shred any normal puppet, but Mamoru's own were unique on their own.

Mamoru normally used eight puppets, that is to say he had eight main puppets but an assortment of backups. His eight puppets were in the form of eight of the Bijuu. His battle armor was a kind of puppet, but only the tails part, and wearing it made him look very eerily like the Kyuubi. They nine creations of his, like his other puppets, were coated in special chakra conductive paint and a hint of magic. They were resistant to a lot of damage, to the point one could argue that they were immortal in their own right.

The only way that Tobirama had managed to figure out to damage one of them was by firing a needle thin paper bomb into one of the nearly invisible joints of the Ichibi puppet. The tail of the puppet had been blown off, but it wasn't something crippling, since the tail actually grew back.

Mamoru used a nine layer defense. Each layer consisted of a puppet, Ichibi being the outermost layer, while Kyuubi-armor being his last layer of defense, and offense.

Tobirama didn't have some layer of defense, he simply decided to treat his puppets as if they were his students, which was why he'd named them: Hiruzen, Homura, and Koharu.

Mamoru had laughed his ass off when he'd been introduced to the three deadly tools of destruction. It was only thanks to his magic and the sage arts that he'd managed to stay alive after Tobirama's retaliation after thinking that his master was making fun of him.

Mamoru instructed Tobirama to remain with the Jorogumo clan, he had other things to do that didn't require the still living Nidaime Hokage to be revealed as being such. He still had his mission after all, the one where he was supposed to kick Mukade's ass and also seal away the well of chakra at Roran.

But before he could do that he had to figure out if that bastard Mukade was around and doing evil stuff already or not.

Then there was also manipulating Konoha in a sense, and also manipulating the future Yondaime Hokage into performing the sealing, which would serve as his way of sending core-Naruto back to the future.

Leaving the Jorogumo clan lands was a confusing quest, one that any normal person would have quit trying to do without a guide, but Mamoru was far from normal, just like his ancestor, and therefore did not quit. He also had an instruction manual and map from the clan head and so didn't get THAT lost, just a little lost.

He was somehow lost in time, so what was getting lost in hidden village protections compared to that.

He traveled for a good long while, around two years, before finally arriving in Roran. He scoped out the place before finally figuring out that he'd just missed Mukade's arrival by a few months and the man had already managed to integrate himself into the country.

That surely dashed his hopes in completing the mission without any hiccups, but training had taken a long time, and he wasn't as all-knowing as his ancestor.

He spent his time in the shadows, observing and wondering how to act. It didn't look like things had gotten that bad yet under the madman's machinations, but he'd noticed people vanish every now and then.

Then one day he'd stumbled upon an assassination attempt. Some quick illusions and substitutions allowed him to save the life of the Queen, but she'd still somehow ended up being in a coma due to an injected poison that had been faulty enough not to kill the woman.

He secreted her away, sending her to the Jorogumo clan to take care of while he took care of things in the place and with Mukade. He had clones take the woman there, they informed Tobirama and Miwaku that he'd have the woman brought to him after things with Mukade were resolved, unless she was still in a coma.

More months of observations were needed before Mamoru decided that it was time to strike.

It was a time when majority of the visible populace were no longer people, but artistically made puppets. It wasn't like the most important puppet of them all had any chances of seeing the outside world of her people after all.

Mamoru had a feeling that Mukade was going to truly start tapping into the Ryumyaku anytime soon. It was the perfect time to cause the man's fall and final defeat.

He had been watching from the shadows when Mukade, acting the part of adviser, had pushed the Queen, Sara, to fall from the balcony she'd been standing on and waving at her people from during a celebration. The man was quite arrogant, especially since he hadn't watched to see whether or not the young woman, teen really, had perished from the fall. Had he been watching, then he would have seen Sara be swallowed up by Mamoru's Ichibi puppet.

There were four other set of eyes that had witnessed the rescue.

One of them, was Namikaze Minato, and he was quick to track down Mamoru and the Queen.

Their confrontation was a tension filled one.

The Queen defended Anrokuzan, formerly Mukade, as Mamoru informed her of all that he had borne witness to from the shadows as well as informing her that it had been his mission to take the man out, while making sure that certain unnamable conditions were met. The Konoha team informed the young queen that they'd been sent to assess the situation and stop anything that could further disturb the peace between the nations from continuing or happening.

Mamoru somehow managed to convince the future Hokage into joining forces with him in his quest to rid the world of Mukade, the queen was forced to go along with the two men. One who had saved her from losing her life from a fall, and the other since he was a quasi-known hero.

To get the young queen to fully put her faith and trust in Mamoru, the salt and pepper haired puppet master had to show her the true plight and status of her people, then it was all a matter of time for Mukade to spill the beans, show his true colors, and try and not only murder the young queen, but her subjects, and the interlopers, especially Mamoru who reminded him greatly of a foe that he'd wondered what had become of.

The battle was fast, deadly, and had to deal with multiple puppets on both sides.

Mukade and the Konoha-nins were certainly surprised when Mamoru flared his chakra and donned his armor. It was truly a fright inducing sight to see. Mukade's puppet army versus puppet bijuu, Minato wasn't sure if he was impressed or freaked out about it. Sara found it amazing, she didn't really have a choice in the matter as sheltered as her childhood had been.

Mukade, in a moment of genius or inspiration decided to send a projectile attack, not at those that actually knew how to fight, but at the one person in all the conflict, barring the fleeing civilians, that couldn't defend herself.

It is unsure what really happened between the time that the attack was blocked by a bijuu-mode Mamoru and the Rasengan barrage that slammed into the puppet-man. But what was certain was that Minato had landed on his ass upon seeing forty-seven of his own created jutsu slam into the puppet-man who had been drawing heavily upon the special chakra that had been found within the depths of Roran.

Mukade had been obliterated.

There wasn't enough of him to be used for a resurrection attempt with Edo Tensei. That was how thorough Mamoru had been, and he wasn't even sure himself what had gotten him so pissed in the first place.

"Sorry about that," Mamoru had said, once everyone had calmed down, "Must have been the adrenaline."

"Uh, sure," Minato said, "Let's get to sealing the well now, so we can each get to finishing our missions, part our ways, and not talk of this until we meet again, far off in the future."

"Sure thing," Mamoru said, and allowed Sara to lead the way to where the well's controls were found, the ones that were used in the past to temporarily seal the thing.

Once there, Minato prepared the set up, then activated the seal. He was very surprised when he saw something like a ghost get sucked out of Mamoru and into the seal. That was the part that had surprised everyone else present. So an explanation was demanded.

"It's a thing, kind of part of my mission," Mamoru said, "You've got to keep this part secret from the Sandaime Hokage and anyone not involved with this mission," he dug out his forehead protector with the Konoha symbol on it, "I'm one of you, but not originally from this time. That sealing thing was a catalyst of sorts, and I did need to send my report to my superiors, hence the soul-spirit like thing you saw get sucked out of my body."

"I see," Minato said, being the chosen voice of his team, "So, you're a Konoha-nin from the future, and now you're stuck in the past, right?"

"I'm not stuck," Mamoru said, "The important part of me went back to the future, thanks to your seal. Think of me as a very very very advanced Kage Bunshin or even a fucked up blood clone. I'm real, like you and Sara-hime, leave it at that. Just know that I'm loyal to Konoha and her allies, and I shall be til the day I die, which is a long time from now."

"Sure," Minato said, "Ok. Let's go with that. I'll let you go then, do your thing until you catch up with the future. Do you have anything that you'd like to be sent to Konoha?"

"Sure," Mamoru said, conjured a piece of paper and magicked some writing onto it, he then handed it over to Minato, "For the Godaime Hokage. Should help with assigning me my mission."

"Err...alright," the blonde jounin said, "I think I can handle that...somehow."

"Good man!" Mamoru said, "I'm confident in your abilities!"

The puppet master then turned to the young queen.

"What would you like to do now?" he asked her.

"I don't think there's much for my people and myself here anymore," she replied, "Since you're part of what started this mess, with it being your mission to stop Mukade, I'm depending on you to fix things for me and my people."

"Sure thing," Mamoru said, "It isn't like I've got much of a purpose now that Mukade has been defeated and the well of chakra has been sealed."