Dark Angel

Set after the Cullen's leave in New Moon. Twilight and its character belong to Stephenie Meyer. Vampire Diaries and its character belong to L J Smith.

APOV (Arabella/Bella's POV)

I was heading home. Forks was never home, it was a place to live. Charlie was never my father, he just believed I was his daughter; cruel but necessary. My Father and mother died long ago, around 200 years or so, not like I missed them. The Cullen's didn't really know me; they saw who I pretended to be. Isabella Swan doesn't really exist; the selfless, shy, klutzy and innocent Bella was just a mask I used to survive.

They think that they're so special, so unique being vampires and being the only supernatural things around. God they're so wrong. See I am a vampire, more of the typical movie kind, not the sparkly gay-pires that they are. I'm Arabella DeRossi, eternally 18 and get ready Mystic Falls, I'm gonna raise some hell.

SPOV (Stefan's POV)

I was sat in my room at my ancestral home, Salvatore Boarding House, brooding as Elena says, over the past. I looked up as Damon flew in.

"Brother", he smirked in greeting.


He sat next to me and was silent.

"Do you feel like something's coming, something powerful"? he asked me.

I sighed and nodded, "Yeah, and feeling like the pieces are coming together".

Damon walked to the window and stared into the darkness. I went and stood next to him; we were waiting for whatever this is and feeling brotherly again.