This is apart of my Doctor Who series, so far the Doctor has visited the Twilight characters and now he will visit the Haruhi Huzumiya world. All of my Doctor Who stories will be intertwined but it is not necessary to Read them all as there connection is only mild between stories. The Twilight story was deleted because It was a bet and after I got the money I waited and now it disapeared into nonexistace. This story will be done in the third person like all my others. And will all take place as the Adventures he had between the waters of Mars and the End of Time. by the Doctors chronological time this happens before my twilight stories. Most of the stories will be the 10th Doctor until after I know more about the new 11th one. I should also note single quotation marks are thoughts from the characters.

note: I do not own Doctor Who or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya _

Chapter 1 Tokyo

The Doctor walked around his TARDIS, he had just seen the ood calling him, he knew this was an omen.
"It can wait", said the Doctor.
He flipped switches on his console. Then his console began beeping. Then The TARDIS thrashed around more than normal. The Doctor hit the walls and console.
"What", he said as he looked at the screen.
"I'm in a different universe, AGAIN", said the Doctor.
He continued looking "What", he said again.
"Hmmm, what is that", said the Doctor as he looked again.
"Only one way to find out", said the Doctor. He flipped the switches on his TARDIS. He held on as the TARDIS rocked and sparked befor coming to a stop he looked on his console.

"These readings are similer to the Skasis Paradigm, could the Krillitane be here", asked the Doctor to himself.
"Where am I", he said as he looked on another console.
"Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan, Kitaguchi Station, wow, that's specific", he looked up at his TARDIS.
"Your getting better at this, right on the spot, and all in another universe", he said affectionately to his TARDIS.
He grabbed his coat and walked out the door. He closed it behind him, the Tardis had landed on a very small patch of grass. He walked through the many crowds of people. He took out his sonic screwdriver and turned it on. "Ooh, there are quite a few signals", he said to himself.
He moved the screwdriver around him before turning it off, putting it away, and following the signal. He put his hands in his front pockets and walked around. He looked around until he saw a boy walking alone. The Doctor walked up to him.
"Excuse me", said the Doctor.
The boy turned around. "Yea", said the boy unenthusiastically.
"What year is is", asked the Doctor.
By the look on hs face the boy was still unenthusiastic. As if the question didn't surprise him at all.
"2011", said the boy.
All of a sudden a girl ran towards them. "KYON", she screamed.
She made it to Kyons side.
"There you are, have you found anything", she asked.
"Nothing", he said.
The girl looked at the Doctor.
"Who are you", she asked.
The Doctor smiled.
"John Smith", said the Doctor.
Both the girl and Kyon flinched at the Doctors alias 'So a name shocks this boy, but my asking about what year it is dosn't, guess I should make a new alias thought the Doctor to himself.
"If that name makes you uncomfortable, I also am called the Doctor".
The girl smiled. She put her hands at her side.
"I'm Haruhi Suzumiya, and this is Kyon", she said.
The Doctor smiled.
"Well, your cheerful, and I am sorry but I have a bit of business to do, nothing bad...Well maybe, so miss Suzumiya, it was good to meet you, and you as well Kyon", said the Doctor.
The girl's eyes seemed to light up.
The Doctor walked away. He quickly pulled out his sonic screwdriver and turned it on. 'The signal is coming from behind me', thought the Doctor to himself.
He turned around and noticed the girl was following him, she was hiding behind a bench holding the boys hand as if she was forcing him to follow her. The Doctor put the screwdriver in his pocket.
"I can see you there", said the Doctor.
They walked out from behind the desk. Haruhi walked up to the Doctor. She reached in his pocket and took out his sonic screwdriver.
"What is this", she asked amused.
"Oi, give that back", said the Doctor. "What is this thing, are you an alien, time traveler, esper is this some kind of cool weapon", asked the Girl.
The Doctor was shocked at what the girl just asked.
'Well thats unusual', thought the Doctor.
"Unusual questions Haruhi, now may I have that back", asked the Doctor.
Kyon took the device from her hands and handed it to the Doctor, but as he handed it to him he accidentally turned it on causing it to make a faster than usual whirling sound, the Doctor flinched.
'This girl is the temporal anomolie', thought the Doctor.
He took the screwdriver from Kyon.
"Sorry about her, she's, well she's Haruhi", said Kyon.
"You both look young, do you go to school, I am about to become a teacher at one which do you both go to", asked the Doctor.
The Doctor smiled.
"North high", said Haruhi.
"Well what a coincedence, thats the very school", said the Doctor.
The girls eyes lit.
"Well then I hope you are one of my teachers", said Haruhi. Right after she said that the Doctor felt something change in the time line, but ignored it.
"Sorry, but I have some more paperwork to finish before I go, but I should be in at the end of the week", said the Doctor.
They bid there fell wells as the Doctor walked up to another man.
"Excuse me where is North High", asked the Doctor.
The Man pointed and gave directions.
The Doctor walked toward the school. As he walked he saw a man leaving.
"Excuse me", said the Doctor.
"Yes", said the Man.
"Hello, my name is Dr. John Smith", said the Doctor as he pulled out his slightly psycic paper.
"I was wondering who was in charge of this school", asked the Doctor.
"That would be me", said the man.
"Ahh, lovely, look I know this is strange but I was wondering if you need a new teacher for anything I can do any subject for any class", asked the Doctor.
The man looked at the Doctor with several emotions that could easily be read on his face.
"Well, one of our teachers Okabe hes just called me saying he is leaving the country for a while", said the Man.
"Well I could have all my information and everything here by the end of the week", said the Doctor.
"Well Mr. Smith, if you do that it would save me alot of trouble, ok, but I will keep an eye on you", said the Man.
The Doctor nodded. He continued talking to the man and then left.
'I wonder if Okabe leaving was Haruhi's doing', thought the Doctor. He walked off back to his TARDIS.

OK let me clarify something, I know this is not how a teacher is hired, It like the leaving of there teacher is the abilities of Haruhi altering events so that her wish of this man being her teacher coming true.