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Chapter 11 The Doctors Last Day

The Doctor sets the computer on the ground and moves to the center console, he flips a few switches and the TARDIS dematerializes from earth, he opens the door and throws the computer into a huge data stream, the entity emerges and joins with the others like him.
"Allright", said the Doctor.
He closes the door and more switches. As he makes it back to earth his TARDIS makes a siren like sound. He flips a few switches and looks on the screen.
"Well", he said to himself.
There on the screen it showed the future, the next day a portal out of this universe was going to open, yet due to it not being time based, it was only going to appear at that moment and no amount of time travel would help to find it again, if there was a chance for the Doctor to return home, this was it.
"Tomorrows going to be my last day as a teacher", said the Doctor with no emotion in his voice.
He sat on the floor as he wondered what he should tell Haruhi, Kyon, Yuki, Itsuki, and Mikuru. He looked at the ceiling and soon fell to sleep.
The next day the Doctor woke, he gathered his things and left for the school, on the way he met the principal, he told him that this was his last day as some important matters have come up at home that require his attention.
"I'm sorry that you have to leave", said the Principal.
The Doctor nodded as they continued talking until the bell started to ring. The Doctor walked into the class and sat at his desk waiting for the bell to ring again. He saw everyone was here today. Haruhi was looking forward smiling rather than looking out the window bored. The bell started to ring as everyone looked at the Doctor.
"Class, today is going to be my last day", said the Doctor.
Haruhi's face had the combined look of shock and disappointment, Kyon's was just shock. Everyone began speaking amongst themselves as the Doctor stood and smilled.
"Well then, since today is my last day, what would you as students like to do", asked the Doctor.
"Why don't we do the questionnaire thing you did your first day", said one of the students.
The answer surprised the Doctor, but what was even more surprising was that everyone seemed to want to do it as well.
"Really", said the Doctor surprised.
"Well, it may be work, but it was funny", said another student.
"Alright, same rules as before, random questions, bla bla bla, then I say something funny, how does that sound", asked the Doctor.
Everyone seemed to like that idea, even Haruhi, but there was still a bit of sadness in her face, that was obvious.
The day went by with changes in the attitude of everyone who had the Doctor as a teacher. As school slowly drew to a close the Doctor decided that he would say his good byes to the SOS brigade. As he got ready to leave Kyon walked in the room.
"Hello Kyon", said the Doctor cheerfully.
"So today is your last day huh", asked Kyon.
"Yea, I was going to tell your club my farewells before I leave to my own universe", said the Doctor.
"Want to take Haruhi with you", asked Kyon jokingly.
The Doctor smiled.
"You know, outside of this universe Haruhi would have no power, but when I would have to take her back here, well I think I'll just let you imagine whats going to happen", said the Doctor.
"I'd rather not", said Kyon. "Well, I'm going to the club room now, want to come", asked the Doctor.
Kyon shrugged.
They walked out the room and headed to the room. They made it to the door and walked inside. Itsuki was sitting in a chair with his hands behind his head relaxed, Mikuru was passing out tea, Yuki read a book, and Haruhi looked out the window.
"Hello", said the Doctor.
Haruhi turned around and smiled.
"Hey Mr. Smith", said Haruhi.
"So why are you here", asked Itsuki.
"Well I thought that I would say good bye before I leave, I've only have about an hour before I go", said the Doctor.
Haruhi stood.
"Well then Mr. Smith, I think you should take this", said Haruhi.
Haruhi took out a marker and red garment. She wrote a word on it and pined it to the Doctors arm. The Doctor looked at it and read it out loud.
"Super Vice President of the SOS Brigade", said the Doctor.
He smiled.
"Thank you Haruhi, I promise I will never loose it", said the Doctor.
"Well since you are leaving in an hour, what do you plan on doing", asked Itsuki.
Not much, but I think I can stay for about 45 minutes", said the Doctor. Haruhi smiled. During those forty five minutes Haruhi named several games they could play and things they could do. "She definitaly is not as eccentric as she used to be, but she still acts like...Well, Haruhi', thought the Doctor.
The Doctor told them stories about a few of his adventures with a few details left out. Surprisingly even Yuki was listening. The time went by faster than anyone wished but eventually It was time for the Doctor to leave.
"Well I think I will have to take my leave now", said the Doctor.
"We're going to miss you Mr. Smith", said Haruhi.
She ran up to the Doctor and hugged him. The Doctor smiled and Hugged her back.
"Haruhi, remember what I told you", said the Doctor.
Haruhi looked up at the Doctor. He was smiling.
"There's no such thing as an ordinary human", said the Doctor.
Haruhi smiled and let go.
"It was fun while it lasted", said Itsuki.
"If your ever back in town, please come and visit", said Mikuru nervously.
"I enjoyed your company as well John Smith", said Yuki, with her head not in a book.
Kyon crossed his arms.
"Well, I hope we'll see you one day again", said Kyon.
The Doctor gave an unsencere smile, even he didn't know if he would come back.
He waved at them.
"Before I go, I just want you to know, all of you, were brilliant", said the Doctor.
He slowly closed the Door and left the school to his TARDIS. On the way he remembered all that had transpired over these days. He walked into the TARDIS. He walked to the console in the center of the room. He took out a small wooden box from a hatch at the base of the console., he opened it. Inside were a few knick knacks he collected over his travels. Under neath the lid carved in wood was the words "Memories of Travels". He took off his arm band and folded it, then gently placed it in the box. He looked at it before closing the box and placing it back in the Hatch. He closed it and bean to flip switches. The TARDIS dematerialized as it traveled through the Void. Then the Doctor got urled around the room, something had gone wrong. The console sparked as the TARDIS rattled about. When it finally stopped the Doctor looked at the screen.
"NO, No no no", said the Doctor.
He ran to the door and opened it.
"I'm still not in my own universe", said the Doctor.


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