It's been eight years since he left me in the woods in Forks. I went to college, got my Masters in Business Administration. I have a cushy job with a corner office with a marketing firm that brings in millions with every campaign we do.

I just finished the preliminary trials on a new campaign that will reach young adults in every English speaking country that has access to a TV or a radio.

I'm meeting with a group of friends at a favorite bar and grill for celebratory dinner. We're celebrating the promotion of my roommate. Michelle just got promoted to detective with the NYPD. We met when I was looking for an apartment after I graduated college. After all, I couldn't stay in the dorm anymore. We get along great. I couldn't ask for a better person to live with.

I don't think about Edward so much anymore. I had a steady boyfriend in college and then he got a position with the FBI in Langley, Virginia. It was obvious we wanted different things for our lives, so we called it quits and parted amicably. Aaron still emails me once a month to "keep in touch". I like that a lot. I really hope he finds what he is looking for.

Me, I'm still not sure what I want in my life. I thought I did, but after Edward, I'm not sure now. I know I'll never be a vampire and have that life I once yearned for. I've accepted that and now, and I'm searching for me. I often wonder if I will ever find her in this great big world.

I was making my way into the restaurant, which was right next door to a ritzy hotel, when I saw the jet black stretch limo. Not a thing out place in New York City. Then I saw a face I had only seen in paintings in Carlisle's study. I think his name is Aro, hell for all I knew, it was Marcus or Caius, I never clarified which was which. As soon as I saw him, my heart jumped and I gasped as I whispered "Volturi". I whispered it to me, no one else. I should have known he would hear me. Vampire, duh.

He turned in my direction and looked at me with a very questioning gaze. I turned and walked in the restaurant, hopeful no one was following me. How stupid could I be?! Of course they'll follow me. Their world was secret, I'm a human, I know about them, therefore they will follow me, corner me, and kill me.