Athendora and I were in my sitting room going over my wedding plans. I decided to go with an organza 3D floral gown. I chose burgundy and white for my colors. I've chosen to go with an A line strapless satin gown for the bridesmaids. I want lilies for my centerpieces, Aro loves lilies. I want this wedding to come off as elegant and fit for royalty.

Since I won't be the only human there, I'm having my chef make a 'Cinderella' style cake. I hope it turns out like his cooking. Aro said he wants Champaign, although he will only take a sip after cutting the cake. I never thought in a million years I would be excited over my wedding.

I've made arrangements for everyone in the wedding party to be here four days before the wedding, and leave the day after. I don't want any accidents to happen while I'm on my honeymoon. You can't blame a vampire for being a vampire, but still no chances being taken.

As my wedding day approached I was getting more nervous than I have ever been in my entire life. Since Marcus was a priest in his human life, I've asked him to perform the ceremony and I've asked Felix to give me away. He gladly accepted.

Athendora and I are flying to New York to meet the other girls and get fitted for our gowns. I watched her put the blue contacts in her eyes. It was sort of freaky. We met the girls and they instinctively stayed about two feet behind me away from Athendora. They generally seemed to like her, but it was their instincts. I wonder if they'll be that way with me, though I know I'll only talk to them on the phone and gradually we'll stop speaking because of what my future holds for me.

We had a great time getting fitted for the gowns, we laughed a lot while Athendora got to hear about my past. We had lunch, well the girls and I did, Athendora made the excuse she'd eaten on the plane and she wasn't hungry. We laughed some more.

We told the girls goodbye and left for the airport. I wasn't so lucky that my dress didn't have to be altered, so it was going to be sent to me in about a week along with Athendora's gown. The girls will be able to pick theirs up the same day ours were being shipped.

Aro, Caius, Alec, Felix, Anton, Marcus, and Demitri were having their tuxes made by someone in Rome. I can't remember what he said the designer's name is. Aro's tux is black with a white tie, while everyone else's tuxes will have the burgundy ties. I wanted everything to stay as traditional as possible.

The wedding is in two days, I'm not having a party like I promised Aro I wouldn't, so Athendora and I are going to take the girls shopping in Florence today, thankfully it's supposed to be cloudy there all day. Athendora doesn't have to take any precautions with her cloak or gloves.

We had fun in Florence, the girls had never seen so many designer shops, which is weird considering they live in New York City, with the exception of Caroline, she and Aaron still live in Langley, Virginia.

Caroline and Aaron learned she's having twins, so they're still naming one baby Isabella Renee and the other baby Mary Elizabeth. She says she thinks they might be identical. I am very happy for her.

We got back to Volterra just when some of the guests were starting to arrive. Aro told me to take the girls to our sitting room when that happened so he could declare all humans in the castle untouchable. He said the declaration of humans being untouchable had never happened before and I doubt it will ever happen again.

My wedding day is here. Athendora told Aro he couldn't stay with me last night, because of the bad luck thing. I protested, but he agreed. He said since everything else was sort of traditional, then not seeing me before the wedding should be included. I hate it when he's right.

Jane was in charge of helping everyone get ready for the wedding. That includes hair, makeup, nails, and dress. I decided not have my nails done, only painted. I wonder if Aro is going to change me while we are on the island. I think I might be sick from my nerves. I hope I don't laugh or choke on my words.

Athendora, the girls and I made our way from my room down the hall to the ballroom. I got to see it for the first time during the rehearsal three days ago. It's huge and beautiful. There are at ten huge chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. Aro had chairs set up on two different sides of the room, making an aisle for me and my wedding party to walk down.

Felix, Afton, Alec, and Demitri, met us in the hallway. I hated it, but Caroline was going to have to walk the aisle alone because Aro wouldn't listen to me when I told him he didn't have enough groomsmen, but I'm not angry. I'm glad this day is finally here.

I heard the music start up and Caroline started walking slowly down the aisle. After Caroline, Alec and Samantha started the walk, followed by Afton and Abby, then Demitri and Michelle. Once they were gone, Felix shut the doors leading to the ballroom and Athendora stepped in front of me and Felix. My stomach is doing flip flops.

The wedding march started and someone on the other side of the door opened them, as Athendora began to walk slowly in front of me. Felix rubbed the back of my hand reassuringly and smiled at me. We stopped in front of Aro and Felix placed my hand in Aro's and stepped back. I couldn't smiling at him. All I could think was I can't believe this. I am marrying Aro Volturi king of vampires.

Marcus smiled and began with the ceremony. "Friends, family, we are gathered here today to witness the holy matrimony of Aro Volturi and Isabella Swan….."

I began to cry a little when Aro reached up and wiped my tears away. We said our vows and placed our wedding bands on each others hands. When Marcus told him he could kiss me, we heard quite a bit of people clearing their throats. We tried to ignore them until Athendora stepped up and whispered in my ear "Knock it off!" We laughed and turned to everyone as Marcus introduced us as husband and wife, "Mr. and Mrs. Aro Volturi".

We had pictures taken and we danced, cut our gorgeous cake that tasted better than sinful, we drank our Champaign and we danced more. We dance and laughed until half past midnight.

Aro took the microphone from the deejay and made an announcement. "Thank you everyone for coming, but Isabella and I are going to leave for our honeymoon. Abby, Michelle, Aaron, Samantha, and Caroline, the jet will be fueled and ready to take you to New York in the morning. Take care and thank you." With that, I took my hand and led me through the sea of people out of the ballroom and to the car so we could go to the island.

I decided I wanted to start my honeymoon in my wedding gown, so I wore it instead of changing. I want Aro to take it off me. Oh my god. I am Isabella Volturi Queen of the Vampires and I am not a vampire yet.

When we got to the docks, Aro took me to the boat first and he told me he would go back for the luggage. He returned as quickly as he left. He started the motor on the boat and we were on our way. At two thirty in the morning we arrived at the island and Aro carried me all the way to the front door. He said he didn't want me to get sand on my dress or in my shoes.

He sat me down just inside the family room to get the bags. When he returned, he put the bags upstairs in our bedroom. He came back to the living room and smiled at me as he turned the stereo on. "Have I told you how ravishing you look, my wife?"

"No, you haven't, my husband." I answered him with a huge smile. He took me into his arms and we began to sway as we kissed. He reached up and took the hairpins out of my hair and let it fall down my shoulders and back. He reached behind me and slowly unzipped my zipper, letting my gown fall to my feet. I pushed his jacket off his shoulders and unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off his with his jacket. I reached down and opened his pants. He laid me down very gently in front of the fireplace. He kissed down my body and back up. He took my mouth in the deepest kiss yet just as he entered me. He rocked us slowly until we both reached our climaxes.

He carried me up the stairs and laid me in the bed and held me until I woke the next morning. "Aro, when are you going to change me?" I asked him while we sat in our bath tub surrounded by bubbles.

"I thought about doing it last night, but I was enjoying you too much, my dear." He said, kissing my neck. "When would you like me to do it?"

"Now, there is no point in waiting, my love. Do it now." I told him, leaning my head to the side to give him better access to my neck.

"Perhaps we should finish with our bath first, Isabella." He whispered so softly I wasn't sure he said anything. He reached to drain the tub and helped me out of the water, drying me off. He then dried himself off, took me by the hand and led me back to the bedroom. He gently laid me down and kissed me deeply. He moved my hair back and sank his teeth into my flesh. That was the first time I ever screamed in pain when Aro touched me. I could hear him speaking to me as the fires took over burning me, killing my human life and bringing me into my new vampire life.

As I burned, he kissed my head, my hands, by face and my head again. "It'll all be over soon my love. Very soon. I'm staying with you, I'm not leaving your side for a second. Stay strong, my love. I'm right here."

I tried not to scream, but the screams came anyway. I felt him touch me and hold me, rocking me, soothing me. It felt like time stopped and I was stuck in this forever inferno. I wonder how much time has past. I felt the fire move from my hands, feet, then my arms, my legs. Then it was only in my chest, but it was burning worse than before. I could here my heart beating faster and faster. Until finally, it stopped all together.

"Isabella, can you hear me?" I heard Aro speak softly. I opened my eyes and turned my head toward his voice. I thought I saw him clearly with my human eyes, but they didn't do him justice. He had to be the most beautiful man in existence. He leaned in and kissed me so very gently, hugging me to him. I noticed I was wearing a white sundress. I looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"I dressed you. I know you and I are the only ones here, but I thought it best to dress you none the less. I found it in your suitcase. It's very flattering on you." He smiled at me as he ran his index finger down the side of my face.

"Thank you." I gasped as I heard the bells in my voice. I touched my throat and smiled. "Thank you for changing me and for wanting me for all of eternity. Are you sure you won't tire of me?"

"I told you before not to thank me for anything, just love me no matter what the future may bring. No, I won't tire of you, Isabella, never. Are you thirsty?" He had laid his hand on my face.

"Yes, I am thirsty. Will you take me hunting?" I asked him, afraid of what was to come.

"There is no need. I brought blood with me for you. Wait here, I'll get it for you." He smiled and left the room and returned within three seconds with a large cup of blood in hand. I drank it down and it soothed the burn.

"Would you like to go for a walk, my dear?" Aro asked as he held his hand out for me.

I nodded and took his hand. He led me outside to the beach and I watched in wonder as my skin shone like diamonds in the sunlight. We walked to the end of the pier and sat under the roof of the gazebo and just enjoyed each other. We talked and laughed, we made love right there. I can feel Aro is still holding back. "Stop holding back. I'm not breakable anymore." I whispered in his ear.

"Okay, no more holding back." He thrust hard and deep inside me, I wanted more. I began to meet his every thrust with my own until we were both climaxing very loudly. "I love you so very much Isabella. Thank you for being on the street in New York and recognizing me. Thank you for coming with me. Thank you for loving me, for marrying me, and for always wanting to be with me." He kissed me all over while I giggled.

I laid wrapped in his arms under the gazebo roof until well after dark. We just laid there listening to the night bugs and frogs sing their songs. I never want to leave this place. If I can stay here, wrapped in Aro's arms forever, I don't want to go start my life as queen. I would give it up to stay here. My favorite place in the world. "Can we stay here like this forever?"

"No, unfortunately we can't. We have to go back at the end of month. That's all we can afford to be away. Imagine what would happen if word got out that Volterra was one less."

I knew he was right. Damn I hate it when he's right. "Well, let's enjoy the time we have here. Why do you think you can't read my thoughts?"

"Well, I think you're a shield and your blocking me yourself. You just don't know you're blocking me. Perhaps someday when you're ready, I can arrange for you to learn how to use it. I won't demand or force you to, that's totally up to you."

"Yeah, I think I would like to learn to use my shield. If that's what it is." We finally went back in the house and decided to use the spill spa. This honeymoon is everything I could have hoped for.

When we returned from our honeymoon, I asked where Alessandra and Dr. Colletti were and what fate had in store for them. The doctor tried to leave, even after he was told he couldn't, then he took a swing at Caius, which in turn sealed his fate. As far as Alessandra is concerned, nothing has been decided. She still doesn't know what is going on, but I have a feeling she will be killed. I know there isn't anything I can do to stop it.

I heard some commotion coming from the throne room, so I went to see what it was. When I arrived, there were humans everywhere. Before I knew what I was doing, I grabbed a tattooed man and killed him, I drained him dry. Aro sold me he was meant for me because he knew how I felt about killing innocents. The man was a serial killer who prayed on children.

It's been ten years since Aro and I were married and he changed me. I haven't heard from the Cullens since Edward and Alice were let go. I've adjusted very well to this life and I've never been happier. I do feed from humans, but none are innocent by any means. The one I kill are killers, and rapists.

Aro sent a letter to New York five years after I married him and told Michelle I had a heart attack and died. I knew I would have to lose communication with them somehow so I wasn't angry at Aro, but it didn't hurt any less. Other than that, I love my life here. I have forever to love Aro. For that I am thankful