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It was an upsetting day for me.

I wanted to drown someone! Man, I hate my job! Sure it's glamorous, and sure I'm a star, but I get bossed around too much and I can't take it! I have the pressure of work, making other people happy, and Ikuto!

Especially Ikuto.

I hurt to know that I could have fame, fortune, but I can't even have my own brother to love me. Amu has none of those, but she can capture Ikuto's attention without any effort. It makes everything I do entirely useless and worthless at the same time.

I feel like this all the time. Normally, I just take long, thoughtful walks along the shoreline of the beach when the ocean is so phospheric, I didn't want to cry anymore.

Normally, I would just dig my feet in the sand when I'm tired and melt away with the ocean breeze.

But this time was different.

A familiar looking boy who was taller than me, but looked younger, ran forcefully past me. His face reminded me of someone. I'd seen him before, right? I'm sure I'd seen him with Amu before…?

I shook the question out of my head before I let the power of the tranquility take over.

Staring at the boy running his soul out, I smiled at his determination.

I then I suddenly tried very hard not to laugh.

He'd tripped over a sea shell!

I walked over to where the fallen boy had fell. His auburn hair and green eyes…I know them from somewhere.

"Idol-san?" His face glistened from sweat. The sunset seemed to emphasize the glow from his face.

"K…K…Uh…Kid…?" I replied, not sure what his name was… Was it Cookie or something?

"Kukai." He corrected, as if he read my mind. "What might a pretty face like yours be doing on such an empty beach like this?"

It seems as if I'd found myself a sweating flirt.

"You don't need to know."

"Oh, I see you're the stubborn type." He says, smirking. "It's alright, I like a challenge."

"You're talking to me as if you're some sort of dangerous raper. I'm going home." I declared.

Kukai wiped with sweat off his forehead with his hand, still sickly smiling. "I'll just call my brother to pick me up then."

It wasn't until I walked away that I realized what a kid Kukai was.

Kukai and I have known eachother for about two months. He's been nothing but nice to me, despite the fact he would sometimes slip out a pickup line of some sort.

Also despite the fact I fell for most of them.

I've been feeling my feelings for Ikuto gradually fade away. Not fading, but subduing. Could it be possible I was confused with my feelings for all these years? Could Ikuto mean just a brother to me?

One day, Kukai called me over to his house for some homemade ramen. I was extremely confused. Why didn't we just go out instead? Kukai was no cook, I knew.

Could this…could this maybe be an excuse for his family to meet me?

It couldn't be, right? Probably only in the friend way. Parents should know who their child's friends are.

I'd never gotten around to asking how old Kukai was. At the time, judging by his appearance, I thought he was older than me. Probably an average sophomore or junior in highschool. So I turned to him for love advice.

His brothers warmly welcomed me into his home. He had many brothers, and he looked like them, too. It made me smile at how siblingly they can all be towards eachother. Could this have been what I was striving for in my relationship with Ikuto? A friendly siblinghood?

The two bowls of ramen were already set on the dining table. Kukai, being ever-so gentlemany, pulled my chair out for me. I graciously nodded in appreciation.

"Ready to get powned, Idol?"

I diabolically smirked in disagreement.

"Ready when you are."

I was about half way done with my bowl when I asked him, "Kukai, can you tell me about love?"

He nearly choked on the fishball he was eating. From the living room, I could hear his brothers annoyingly cooing at him.


"Love." I confirmed.

Kukai seemed flustered at my sudden question. I didn't quite understand it back then. Remember I thought he was older than me?

"What do you want to know about love?"

"I wanna know when you love someone."

"I didn't know I loved the girl I loved until I told someone about it and they went, 'Ooh, you love her!'" Kukai embarrasingly confessed. I couldn't help but stiffle a giggle through my sleeve.

"How did you feel about this person?"

He smiled at me.

I smiled back.

He smirked at me.

I smirked back.

"Whelp, there's no fooling you, Idol-san~" he said, resting both arms behind his head. "I couldn't help loving her. I just wanted to be with her every second of the day."

My heart skipped a beat at his words.

Did Kukai say that?

"You know," I started. "If you wanted to be with her every second of the day, I can go so you could be with her right no-,"


He gave me a firm look in my eyes. I hadn't noticed before. I hadn't noticed ever.

I never knew what a handsome boy he was, or how smart he was, or how remarkably refreshing he was earlier…probably because I was so distracted looking into his eyes.

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