Rating: K

Pairings: Doctor 10, Donna and a couple of Liverpool lads

Summary: It is the 60's; the Doctor's can't find the TARDIS and Donna meets a couple of familiar faces.

Disclaimer: I own none of it, the true bits or the made up bits

Authors Notes: An idea that came to me while watching a documentary about British Pop Music.

Donna was annoyed; she was standing in a back street somewhere in Liverpool while the Doctor looked for the TARDIS. She knew this would happen one day, they'd land in the Sixties and, because this was the era the TARDIS came from, they'd lose it. She'd felt such a fool when they'd bowled through what they thought was the TARDIS door to find it was a real police box, with a real policeman making a phone call. They'd made a run for it and now here she was standing outside some grotty bar in some grotty backstreet in a grotty northern city, what made matters worse was the Doctor had told her it was London in June 1965 so she'd dressed in a mini skirt ready to hit Carnaby Street. However, it turned out that this was Liverpool in January 1962; it was three years too early for the mini skirt and it was bloody freezing. Donna bent over to loosen the strap of her shoes a little,

"OI! Keep your hands to yourself" she yelled at the leather-jacketed man who had pinched her bum.

"Sorry luv I couldn't resist it" the man gave her a cheeky grin "is that what they're not wearing in London these days" he replied. Donna tried to pull the skirt down in a desperate attempt to make it longer,

"Not yet" she said,

"Part of me hopes it comes to Liverpool but the girls'll never wear it, they'll bloody freeze" he said with a chuckle.

"I bet you'll bloody love it, all those girls flashing their knickers at you" she retorted. Donna looked properly at him and had this weird feeling she'd seen him somewhere before,

"Bring it on" the man said as he felt her ass again,

"OI! I'm warning you" then the penny dropped, she remembered where she recognised him "Oh. My. God you're John Lennon" she said. He smiled,

"You're a fan of ours?" John asked, Donna wanted to say so many things but the Doctor always warned her to be careful and think before opening her mouth,

"A friend of mine told me about you and your band" she replied. John looked over her shoulder and waved, Donna turned to see a very, very young Paul McCartney coming towards her,

"My mate, he's in the band too, Paul, this is our first groupie..umm.." John said,

"I've warned you and my name's Donna" she said. She smiled at Paul; wait until Gramps heard that she'd met John Lennon and Paul McCartney,

"Hi, I do like your skirt" Paul said, Donna tugged at her skirt again,

"Don't, it's so embarrassing" she replied,

"I hope it catches on in Liverpool" Paul turned to John "some bloke is coming to see the show today, he says he can get us a record deal" Paul said.

"Brilliant, who?" John asked,

"Mr Epstein, from the record shop" Paul said,

"Well, I suppose he has the best connections, being...you know...Jewish" John lowered his voice "and gay" he said.

"DONNA!, there you are, come on, I've found her" the Doctor yelled as he appeared round the corner,

"Your boyfriend?" John asked, Donna smiled,

"Nah, he's just a mate" she replied,

"Come on then" the Doctor said.

"Do we have to, can we watch them and their band play?" Donna asked,

"Why?" said the Doctor,

"This is John Lennon and Paul McCartney, I'm assuming this is the Cavern Club and this is the day they meet Brian Epstein, we've got the chance to see the birth of The Beatles" Donna replied. The Doctor looked at the two lads glaring at him and grinned,

"Right, yes, brilliant, yes, let's go and see this band play" he said as they followed John and Paul into the club. Donna slipped her arm through the Doctor's,

"I can't believe this, John Lennon pinched my bum" she said.