This is my first fan fic, I know that Dragons can't be unknown according to the books but this is my version. I co wrote this with MissSpasticEnthuseastic :) Please review

He ran. As fast as he could, but the werewolf was so close to him now. He could hear the way it moved, the way it ran. So close, but he just smiled and laughed at the wolf's feeble attempted to kill him. The last of his kind, and he wasn't moving on. He turned, and in one movement was a werewolf too. A small growl escaped his lips. The two wolves faced one another before the frenzy begun.

Kelly's POV

I jumped up from my bed. A nightmare… again. I flopped back down and giggled lightly before running a hand though my hair. The nightmares have been getting much worse lately, but I'm not going to tell anyone that now am I. Who would I tell anyway? I got out of bed and did my makeup, when suddenly I got the strange feeling of not being alone in my room. Shuddering I strolled from my room in a few quick movements.

"Tuck your shirt in!" I shouted at some chavs as they walked past me.

"Oi! Rea put her down" Andrea was about the chuck a small first year at Taylor... Tara I think, I can't see from here.

I sat down and sighed lightly, within a minute Polly joined me.

"Flash is here" she said

"How lovely for you." I grumbled back. "he wants a word doesn't he?" I added.

"Yep" Polly giggled as I got up.

"Andrea. I sai… ANDREA PUT HER DOWN" Andrea dropped the first year as the dorm want silent. I walked out down towards the basement. As I did I could hear the dorm start up again.

Flashes POV

I sat rubbing a small disappearing scratch on my neck when she entered the room, so beautiful, so wonderful.

"Kell" I greeted her.

"Flash" she look at me the way she looked at everyone. With a trace of disgust, and an air of superiority.

"Look the urm…. Miss F ain't paying me for 'elping last week... you know when that chavy one fell down the stairs and... Kinda broke the stair and I fix it and stuff…. You know wha'? Kelly just go 'n' get her I'll tell her myself"

I sat back and rocked in my chair. I wasn't going to try to ask her out this week. I looked up to find her smiling.

"Alright flash" Kelly walked away. I looked after her.I could see her count down on her fingers from 5 to 1. She stopped on 1 and waited.

"Can I 'elp you kell" I watched her back. She just turned and stared.

"You not going to try this week flash" she smirked. I chuckled softly.

"Not unless your gonna say yes so…" I muttered looking down at the papers in front of me. Suddenly the maths was very interesting.

"I'll go get Mrs Fritton" I sat and just listened to her heels against the wooden floor till they disappeared.

"Tar" I muttered under my breath as Tania and Tara stepped in front of me with the vodka.

"god girl what 'appened to 'ya 'ead" I could feel my eyes widen with shock as I took in her appearance. Tara looked down and told me exactly what Andrea did.

Kelly's POV

I watched him for ten minutes before getting my head teacher. The way he moves is so unreal, so inhuman yet beautiful. I was walking down the hallway to Miss Fritton's room when that feeling came back. The "I'm not alone" one. I turned around as fast as I could and saw movement. Just movement. Ignoring it I continued but that movement. Oh well.

"Mias, Flash wants to see you"