Kelly's pov

I was sitting listening to my I-pod when I saw movement outside.

"I told the first years to get in is 12 'o' clock" I whisper to myself. I turn the I-pod off and go outside to find the girls.

Its freezing I should have put on better shoes and a jacket would be nice.

I'm wearing my pencil skirt and heels which right now was not fun on the wet mud.

I stop in my tracks when I see a man standing staring at me. He moves towards me, slowly.

"Where's the dragon?" he had a voice that was both musical and terrifying. But, a dragon… what?

"I'm sorry a what?" I ask "and what are you doing here? This is a girl's school and it's nearly midnight!"

"Don't play stupid I know that animal is here and I'm here under my own business" He is standing right in front of me now. He has yellow eyes and orange brown hair, he reminds me of a tiger, standing straight and proud.

"Look. I'm sorry, I don't know what game you're playing or if you've just lost the plot but there is no such thing as a dragon not around here anyway" I smile and start to walk around him but I stop seeing something utterly bewildering.

Orange and black fur began to burst from his skin, his arms and legs shortened and his spine shifted as he went onto all fours. Cat ears emerged from his head and a tail appeared on his backside.

"Shit I'm screwed" I think as he turns to face me properly, baring his teeth.

"KELLY!" I turn to see flash running toward me.

"NO FLASH DON'T BE…"but I don't finish. I can't. I am completely speechless. Flash... my Flash had just changed into a snow leopard.

My mouth falls open at the sight of him. He's in front of me now. His white fur is glistening in the moonlight, but somehow I can still tell it's him. I hear a low growl escape his chest. The two cats face each other. As the tiger jumps forward flash moves. I jump out of the way and straight into the mud, right now how I look is the last thing on my mind. Flash could get hurt, or even killed. That's all I can think about.

My eyes are still on the blur of fur and claws in front of me. Both animals are growling and snarling. Within minutes the fight begins to slow, and I can see why. The tiger is weakening, Flash is winning. Finally the snow leopard pounces gracefully towards the tiger. Its teeth hit target and with a sickening crunch the beast's neck breaks.

The tiger lets out a last growl as it falls to the ground no longer moving. The snow leopard licking his lips clean of blood, then he changed. Flash stood like nothing had happened, looking normal apart from his hair which now looked more unruly then ever.

"Hi kel" he looked down awkwardly then turned to see the tiger which was slowly turning back into a human form.

"I...What... "I struggled to speak. "What the hell just happened?" I finally managed "How long have you been able to fucking shape shift?!"

"Urm… my whole life?" Flash looked at me and smiled. The smile didn't reach his eyes though.

"Look I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I'm not allowed. Its law" flashes smile was gone he was looking at his feet.

"I don't mind it's just… fuck you can turn into a leopard" I look at him and laugh and at that moment everything goes black.

Flashes pov

Shit shit shit Kelly saw me shape shift, but it's ok. She doesn't know everything; nothing about the night world, or me. I mean, no one has to know that she knows, so no one has to kill her, right? I carry her to her bed and lay her down. She looks so peaceful, beautiful. Right now I have a chance to kiss her. Just one little harmless kiss. Just on the cheek. No, she might wake up. But I just carried her up the stairs and she didn't wake up. She'll kill me if I found out. But look she's asleep... just a little one. I lean down and kiss her forehead. As I straighten I watch her looking childish. Covered in mud she looks like a first year again. I chuckle and turn to walk out when I hear her say my name. Oh god she's woken up hasn't she. I turn to find Kelly's eyes opening and I was stuck with running out of the room or staying and talking to Kelly, no doubt, about what she saw.

"Flash is that you?" I panic before answering.

"yer' kel its flash" she looks up at me and smiles. She smiled properly. A real, true smile that reached all the way to her eyes, warming them so they became like melted chocolate. I look down at her as she tried to sit up but she collapsed under her weight.

"Careful baby" I say as I pull her into a sitting pension.

"DON'T call me baby" Kelly grabbed my sleeve and half fell of the bed.

"Ok ok just kell be careful ok" I grabbed Kelly and sat her back on her bed. Kelly looked at me with fear and some other nameless emotion blazing in her eyes. Her mouth dropped and closed again. Kelly lost for words… never.

"Are you ok kel" Kelly gave a hysterical laugh which shocked me. Goddess has Kelly lost it?

"Do you think I'm ok? I just watched you change into a leopard and..." I stop her

"No kel it's a snow leopard… there's a small difference" Kelly looked at me mouth open half in a hysterical hyperventilation. This was… goddess shes scared of me. And no wonder! she saw me turn into a fucking snow leopard! I look away. I can't stand to see her like this. She's Kelly Jones nothing scares her. Apart for people who can change form apparently! But that's not normal so… its fine? Oh who am I kidding.

"Look kel I have to go ok" Kelly shook her head frantically.

"No! I need answers!" I look down at her face and gave a half hearted smile.

"Kel you need a bath or something you're coved in mud" Kelly stood up and I came over to support her but she pushed me away. That's my Kelly Jones. She turned to look at me.

"Please be here when I get back" Kelly looked different from her normal self. She almost looked childish but she sounded like the Kelly I know and love.

"Ok kell I promise" I don't know what I was doing, I am illegal anyway but… am I going to be doing something illegal. Did it matter if I told her about the night world now? I looked at the floor as Kelly left the room. I sat on her bed and listened to the silence.

Kell returned in about 20 minutes dressed in her pinafore, long socks and heels. Her hair was perfect and so was her makeup as usual. She looked at me and sighed.

"Now flash you're going to tell me everything"