Bella/Edward Rosalie/Emmett Alice/Jasper Remember, everyone is HUMAN! And Bella never met Jessica and Angela.

My life ended before it even started in 2005. I never knew they still had slavery in the twenty-first century. Didn't that end in the early 1900's? Late 1800's? My parents bought, then sold illegal drugs, and they owned guns that were almost impossible to get across the United Stated boarder. I don't even know how they got them.

Yet, they never were arrested. They never hurt me. I never hurt them. So, tell me, why was I taken from home to be in a house full of slaves, and have to put up with the constant hurt and torture my "husband", Edward, put me through?

Everything started in June. My two best friends, Alice and Rosalie, wanted to take a hike in the woods. I was never one for the outdoors, but I still wanted to spend time with my friends. I went with them, which was a clear mistake for all three of us. If only we knew that before we took the hike.

Alice and Rose were both extremely beautiful. I looked so plain next to them. Alice loved clothes and fashion. She had spiky, black hair that went in all sorts of directions. She was a hyper pixie, that was for sure. And very short. I don't know how something so tiny could hold so much energy. Rosalie was the most beautiful creature that walked on the planet. She had long, wavy, blond hair that went down her back and stopped mid-way. She was tall, and knew just about everything that has to do with mechanics and cars.

Anyway, we were walking in the forest when we heard a rustling noise. Two men approached us. Before we had time to react, they grabbed us, and dragged us across the forest until we reached a large van with no license plate. I assumed it was stolen. One man held both Alice and I. The other held Rosalie, and was struggling to keep her there. She was always wild.

"James! Take her, I got these two," The guy holding Rosalie said. I looked up at the guy holding Alice and I. I guess he was James. He had blond hair that was pulled into a ponytail and his skin was the same color as mine; pale white. He was really strong, by the looks of it.

"Okay, Laurent," James said back.

Okay, so Laurent and James are probably going to end our lives. Thats just perfect.

They switched places. James held Rose without an issue, and Laurent held me and Alice perfectly fine. It was when they tried to shove us into the truck, I had a problem. Alice and Rosalie were in when I decided to defend our rights.

I aimed for the place where James's manhood is, but he slapped me across the face. It burned where he hit me, but I ignored it. "Bella, just leave it alone!" Alice screamed. I ignored her, and landed a good punch at Laurent's nose. I heard a sickening crack come from it, and then blood gushed out. I could smell the blood.

I got dizzy and James took the chance to shove me in the van where Alice and Rose were and to lock the door. I pounded my fists against it, screaming for help. "No use on doing that, little girl. These walls," James hit the wall with his hand. "Are completely sound proof."

Our ride took hours. They never told us where we were going. We were all tied to chairs in the van. It scared the hell out of me when they turned on the road and the chairs would slide across the floor. I never fell asleep, much to afraid of what would happen next.

My mind went of red alert when I heard the engine stop. The doors opened and a man, with blond hair and warm, brown eyes was standing right there. I blinked twice before James and Laurent decided to come and untie us.

"Take them in," The man said, throwing his hands in the air. "Careful with this one, Carlisle. She's feisty," James said, grabbing Rosalie's wrist. "Thank you, James," Carlisle said.

They took us into a very large, three story house. We were taken to a room, with two other girls in it. One had long, brown hair and pretty, brown eyes. The other girl had black hair and also had brown eyes. Carlisle sat down in a chair.

"What are your names?" He asked.

"Jessica," The brown haired girl said.

"I'm Angela," The other said.

"Rosalie," She snapped.

"Alice," Alice said it so quietly, I barely even heard it.

"B-Bella, sir," I stuttered.

"Welcome! Let me explain. Three of you will become wives of my three sons, Emmett, Jasper and Edward. They will choose. The other two who do not get chosen will work as slaves for anyone in this house. You five are the only ones here besides the ones who already live here," Carlisle said.

At that moment, three boys walked in. One was extremely muscular, and his muscles were showing through his sweater, and he wasn't even flexing. He had dark hair and brown eyes. There was a honey blond guy, who was thin, but still had muscles, with ice blue eyes. The last boy looked like a Greek God. He had messy, bronze hair and bright, emerald green eyes.

He acted like we were animals. Like he was buying us. We are real people, not something you can just 'pick' to be married to you. What if we didn't want to get married to these men? What if they hurt us?

"This is Emmett," Carlisle said, gesturing towards the big, muscular man with dark hair. "Jasper," The honey blond. "And Edward," The Greek God. I was staring at Edward the whole time, before he came over and slapped my arm. "Staring is rude," He growled. I looked away and bit my lip.

"I'll pick first!" Emmett boomed so loudly, he made me jump.

"No, I will pick first," Edward said.

"Boys! Jasper will pick first," Carlisle said sternly.

Jasper smiled and went over to Alice. She cringed, but allowed him to stroke her cheek. "Would you like to be my wife, darling?" He said with a southern accent. She looked like she would melt any second. Slowly, she nodded and took the hand he offered to her. Jasper kissed Alice's hand and helped her stand up. I smiled at Alice. She smiled back and followed Jasper to the kitchen.

"Edward, go ahead,"

"Hm...who should I pick...," He mused. "I pick Bella." He declared.

Oh, crap.