"Those words," I said. "Are the eight words I've been waiting forever for you to say,"

Bella delicately blushed. God, she was so beautiful. Her chocolate brown eyes looked into my green ones, and I kissed her. The soft lips that belong to my Bella (I can't believe I have been so blessed. I never thought I would be able to say that) moved in sync with mine as we passionately kissed.

And what does kissing of this sort turn into?

Well, think about it. A twenty year old guy. A gorgeous nineteen year old girl. One bed. Two lips. No condoms.

Do the math. Here, allow me. Bella, plus me, plus a bed equals one night of heavy sex.

And that was the night Bella and I lost our virginity to each other. And judging by the noises coming from the room next to us, so did Alice and Jasper.

Three Weeks Later

"What?" Bella said.

"I have another four months of pregnancy." Rosalie repeated.


"Misunderstanding, I guess,"

"Well, yay?" Alice said, bouncing up and down in excitement. "I have news!"

"Well?" Esme pushed, holding Carlisle's hand.

"I'm pregnant!" She squealed.

"What?" Bella repeated. "Am I the only one who isn't having a child?"

"Check again," Rosalie said, bringing Bella with her to the bathroom. What the hell?


"Here is a pregnancy test. Use it. You may be misjudging the signs. Just try,"

I sighed. "Fine,"


"But I'm right, Rose. I'm not stupid. I know the signs."

"Check. I'll be back in two minutes,"

So I did. I waited for Rosalie to come before looking at the results, because to be honest, I was scared if I was wrong. I was scared to be pregnant.

"Back," Rosalie said, causing me to jump. "Let's see."

"O-okay," Without sneaking a glance, I handed her the pink stick and looked down, biting my lip in hopes of it have a negative sign on it.

"Look who was right." Rosalie sighed in defeat while I sighed in relief. I was glad as hell.






"Got it. Can we go now?"


I joined Edward on the couch where he awkwardly put his arm around me. Even though we have been noticed as a couple for over a year, we were still incredibly cautious. I mean, you'd think that we'd have trust in each other. But no.

So, I guess that's my explanation for forgiving Edward so early. I knew it would take a while before we went onto high mode in our relationship or friendship or comradeship. But I guess the last one and the first one are a combination of what we were. Companions but girlfriend and boyfriend.

I was in Carlisle's library when I found a very interesting looking book on the Cold Ones. It was a Quileute legend. I yanked it out off the bottom shelf and it lost balance. Too shocked to move, I was expecting the thing to fall on me.

But Edward caught it before any books could tumble on me. He tilted it back into place. Edward's arm, covered with a black hooded sweater's sleeve, was resting against it like some kind of superhero. How picturesque, I thought to myself.

"Are you okay? If I startled you, my apologies," Edward went all twentieth century on me. Great.

"Fantastic. Thanks," I said.

"You're welcome. Be careful next time," He slightly chastised.

"I usually am—careful, I mean," Edward helped me up and I brushed myself off. "Quick hands," I added.

"Only when there is need,"

"Okay," I mumbled, going back to my room to read the book. "Thanks again."

"Yeah. Happy reading."

"Thank you," I walked away with sort of a 'What the hell just happened?' look while cocking my head to one side, trying to figure it out.

I thought he had a multiple personality disorder.

Four Months Later

Rosalie's screams were louder than the hospital was all together. She was having twins, and Alice wouldn't stop going on about how lucky she was to have me with her when she was getting clothes for the babies.

She ended having a girl and a boy. When Edward announced the girl names we picked out, she loved them both and combined them to make Sapphira Alice for her daughter and Adam Jasper for her son. They were so beautiful.

Both of them had Emmett's brown hair, but Sapphira had Emmett's brown eyes and Adam had Rosalie's blue eyes. Rosalie was so happy when she found out both her children were healthy.

"I love you," She whispered to her twins. "Forever and always."

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