I'm Annabella Garnet, I'm 15, I Have Long Jet Black Wavy Hair with Blood Red Highlights, My Eyes are a Honey-ish Green. I Am in High School. And My Family Has A Shocking Secret.

Me: Mom, make Sarah leave.

Mom: Sarah, Honey.

Sarah: Yes, Mommi.

Mom: Come down to eat You're Breakfast.

Sarah: Comimg, Mom

Sarah: You Win at Least This Time Anna.

Me: Ja Ja Ja.

Me: Mom!

Mom: Come Down Here, Sarah. NOW!

Sarah: Okay, Okay Coming.

Now I Can't Sleep. She's just a fucking and Inhumaly Annoiyng Lil-Sis That i Can't Control. Well, i guess i'll just get ready for school.

My Door opens, and in comes Marie.

Marie: Oh My God, Anna get Ready.

Me: Oh, Shit. Can't i be alone for one minute in my Fucking Life, Marie.

Marie: Hey, Sorry Sis. But, I for once wants to go to school.

Me: What The Hell is wrong with you?

Marie: Nothing! *Blushing*

Me: What is it, Mary.

Marie: A Boy she *squeals*

Me: Oh, Shit!, Leave so i can get ready and then you can tell me.

Marie: Well, Hurry.

Wth, Marie Has a Boyfriend, My Little Sis has a Boyfriend. Wow, That's a Shocker, With her Beautifull Looks, She's identical as me and our other sister Sarah. It's Just that Sarah Has her long Black Hair with Royal Blue Highlights, her eyes are Icy Blue and She's a Preppy Girl. Marie Has her hair with Blonde Highlights, has Hazel eyes and is a Emo Girl. Well, i Have my Hair with Blood red Highlights, my eyes are a Honey-ish green and i'm a little Mix Of Preppy, Emo and Bitch. Imagine, That i'm a Pychmo, 25%-Preppy, 25%-Bitch, and 50%-Emo. I'm What People call Angelic in The Class Room, and a Devil outside of School.

Now, to get a Shower and bursh my teeth. *15 minutes later*

Now Make-up, a little of Ultra Black Eye-Shadow, A Lot of Ultra Black Eye-Liner, and a little of Ultra Glossy Lip-Gloss, My Outfite, Black Skinny Jeans, White Tank top, Black flats that have white circles. Hair, I'll put it in a pony tail with bangs in front of my eyes, and sunglases in my hair, with black hoops as earrings. Now, my black white and purple book-bag that contains my books, lip-gloss, eye-liner, my iphone, my ipod and my snow-white colored Massareti's keys.