The Girls are 16, not 15 and Jace is 17 and they are rich there names in order are Jace Sebastian Black Cullen, Annabella Morgan Black Cullen, Marie Ann Black Cullen and Sarah Marie Black Cullen :) lol. pleas read... and message me...pleas pleas review...pleas review.

Jace's pov.

Hey, Mom,

Hey, Baby what do you want to eat.


Yeah right.

What's Wrong.

Nothing, Mom. Goodbye.

Jace Sebastian Black, tell me What's wrong.

Bye, Love You Mom.

Jace come back here.

Bye, Mom. i yelled and ran out of the house.

My Mom, it's like to much, she just pokes and pokes until the balloon explodes. umph,

Hey, Watch where you're standing!

Hey, Jace.

Hi, Dad.

What are you doing, Jace.

Ohh nothing. about to go to school. why?

Ohh Nothing, i just talked to you're Mom.

W-What did s-She say?


W-Well, O-O-kay Dad. B-Bye.

Oh, Shit. It's not Mom the Only one that Pokes and Pokes my Dad Does too. And That is really Bad, What Mom Wants Mom Gets and What Dad Wants Dad Gets. That's really fucking bad, shit, shit, shit. Well it's not like i'm in drugs and it's just a girlfriend not my wife or fiance or lover or something like that... Well, it's just dinner Friday not my wedding and anyway today is monday 3 days until friday. Oh Shit, Shit, Shit, Shit.

I didin't even know i was in the car and now i'm in the school parking lot. I get out of my Blue Lamborgini when my 3 little sisters come from Annabella's white Massareti to where i am.

Annabella: Hey, Jace.

Sarah: Hey, Big Bro.

Marie: Hey, Sebastian.

Jace: Hi Ann, Sar, Mar.

Annabella,Sarah,Marie: Bye-Bye, Big Brother. The three of them say at the same time. well that's what's like to be triplets. identical, but at the same time diferent. one is a preppy girl (sarah) , one an Emo (marie) , and the

other a mix of all, she is really Emo but with a preppy side that has a little bitch side. She is tha one that has more friends but anyway the three girls, one with one group and another with another andthe other with all of the groups, makes them(3) the most popular girls in school. And Me well i am the most popular boy in school and i date one of my sister Annabella's friends Sam (Samantha) one of the most popular girls in school.

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