is 17

Black Straight-wavy Hair

Green Eyes ( identical as edward's)

Tall Like his dad 6-3 or 6-4

Look's Like His dad (Jacob)

has His dad's Coloring

He's A jock

Has A Girlfriend named Samantha.

Like's Lions. doesn't like anything supernatural.

best friends' john, tom, Bryan and Justin and Annabella


tall 5-8

is 16

Long Black Wavy hair With red Highligts

Bitchy Attitude

Honey-ish Green Eyes (like edward's But more Honey-ish)

Look's Emo

has Preppy and emo Friend's

Has A Jerk Ex-Boyfriend

has A Great Body With Curves at all the right Places. (Like Rosalie). Loves Music and To Read Night World. is obsesed With Vampires. she's not shy and speak's what is in her mind. Best friend's her two sisters, her brother and samantha


tall 5-8

is 16

Long Black Wavy hair With Royal Blue Highlights

Bitchy Attitude

Look's Preppy

Has icy Blue eyes

has Preppy Friend's

Has a Horny Bofriend But caring at the same time

has A Great Body With Curves at all the right Places. (Like Rosalie).

Loves to shop.

Adores Clothes, and Musick.

LOve's Blood and Chocolate. is obsesed with werewolfs. she's really a girly-girl kind of girl(jajaj if that makes sense) best friend's Marie and Jessica


tall 5-8

Long Black Wavy hair With Blonde Highlights

is 16

Bitchy Attitude

Look's Emo

Has Honey-Hazel eyes

has Emo Friend's

Has Never Had A Boyfriend

has A Great Body With Curves at all the right Places. (Like Rosalie)

has Anger managment issues. Get's really Timid and nervious.

Love Musick, Love to read. Love's Buffy the vampire slayer and Dracula. Is Obsesed with Animals especificaly Wolfs, Leopard's and Cheethas.

obsesed with Vampires and Werewolves. Best friend's Bryan, marie and jasmine


he's 17 ,a really Horny Guy But he Loves sarah With His heart and will give anything for her. Has Deep Brown eyes, has jake's coloring is like 6-3 0r 6-4. has straight black hair and Has a lot of money. is really insecure, has 3 cousins.


he's 17,has a twin, Bryan. Love's Vampires' werewolves and anything supernatural loves to read and to listen to musik is emo and is really tall like 6-3 or 6-5

he is really strong and like's annabella a lot but he dosn't know that (jajaj) he's pale white. has a six-pack and has black hair alwais spiked and has onyx black eyes. is one of John's cousins. and he's a rebel. best Friend's Bryan

Bryan jackson:

he's 17, has a twin, Love's Marie but doesn't tell her (he's afraid to tell her). is emo . has grey black hair that falls in his eyes. has an eight-pack. is tall like 6-3 or 6-5. Love anithyng Musik. Doesn't know much of supernatural things (it doesn't interest him). is one of John's cousins. he's really shy. best friend's tom.


raped Samantha, is obsesed with annabella. has Blonde straight hair. has blue eyes. and he's 6-3.


Like's jace. is a slut. is a bitch.

is a preppy. is white, has blonde straight hair, and blue eyes. and is annabella's best friend. and is jace girlfriend. envy's Annabella, Marie and sarah.


her skin is tan, she has black wavy hair, has honey-brown big eyes. tall 5-8 or 5-7 and is a loyal friend.


is white, has red straight-wavy hair and has a barbie body. is tall 5-7 and has green eyes. envy's Sarah.

well, i don't think i forgot something about them but here are the main character's the other's are from twilight. so you must know how they are in there actitudes and phisical so ... pleas review the other chapters...