Hermione had taken to her journal writing in a sore attempt to ease the dull pain of the phantom knife in her stomach she always seemed to feel. She couldn't believe all the events in the past weeks had actually happened and writing them down seemed to have a soothing effect like she was purging them from her mind.

I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake trying to act my age and pull pranks. I messed up astronomically and now I fancy Draco and he doesn't like me and he never will because of my filthy blood. Of course, why do I care? He's a follower of Voldemort and he's evil. It's completely wrong, so I'll put it past me. Maybe I should date someone? That would mean putting some more effort into my appearance and of course I'd actually need an attraction to them and they might distract me from my studies! But...they might also distract me from Draco.

As she closed her journal she muttered a concealment spell and tucked it under her pillow. She looked at herself in the full length mirror the other girls used daily. She smoothed her hair with a charm, put a layer of lip-gloss on and applied a coat of mascara. It wasn't often she wore make-up, but she always had it with her encase there was a ball or special school dinner. Hermione looked at herself and approved feeling nice to look a little more put together.

Harry and Ron were waiting for her in the Great Hall to walk to potions and Harry's eyes widened slightly at her appearance while Ron glanced over at Lavender with wistful eyes.

"You missed breakfast, Hermione." Harry scolded her, but handed over two pieces of toast.

"I'm sorry, it took a little longer to get ready this morning. Thank-you." She gestured to the toast she was taking small bites from.

"Yeah, I noticed. You look really nice." Harry smiled as she grinned back.

The other students seemed to notice her improved appearance while they took their seats in class. The whispering hummed through the air and she rolled her eyes. She wasn't that different for merlin's sake. Everyone was acting like she always walked around looking like a caveman when in reality she only added a touch of make-up and smoothed her bushy hair.

"Quiet! You bumbling bees." Snape snapped as he strode into the class, "Today you will be performing a simple enough task. You will brew the potion of your choosing."

The class rejoiced and choose the simplest potion they could perfect while Hermione set out to challenge herself and brew a rather difficult one at the end of the potion engrossed herself in the mixture of ingredients and brewed it to perfection while she blocked the outer world out. Hermione didn't even notice Snape talking to her until he snapped his fingers.

"Uh- what did you say Sir? I wasn't listening I was engrossed in my potion." She blushed and looked down.

"Detention for your failure to use your ears, Granger. Meet me in this classroom at seven tonight." He swept off back to his desk with her potion in hand.

She sighed and walked off to her next class with Harry in tow.

"That was a little rough." Harry grimaced.

"No, I should have been listening. I can't believe I got detention!" Hermione shook her head as her chest tightened.

"Still just yesterday you were snogging and today he's the snarky bat to you."

"Oh, it's just-" She stopped herself and thought a bit. She and Snape might have something worth pursuing. Out of the whole school, he would be the one she would be most compatible with their thirst for knowledge. "It was awfully strange to ask for that last kiss if he was just working under the effect of the potion and knew it would wear off in under a minute."

"Maybe there's something more to his feelings for you." Harry ushered her into the next class. She was a jumble of thoughts the whole time and could barely catch a word the professor said. At the end of the class her note taking parchment was empty.