WOW! I can't believe it. Rose Hathaway may actually accept a date invitation from me, Adrian Ivashkov. The gods must be shining down on me. It's about damn time. I mean sure, I can be a little arrogant, obnoxious, occasionally tipsy, and I may have

dabbled in a few**wink** sexual exploits. However, you still got to love me because well…..I am ME. Let's be honest, I've changed a great deal since Rose and the crew came crashing into my life. I was heading into a downward spiral with no control. It is a tough

job wielding spirit, the auras are enough to drive the sanest of men insane. I mean I like to drink, don't misunderstand. It's just somedays its all I have just to be able to cope. Well, I guess that takes us back to Rose. Let me start by saying she is the first girl I've ever

really loved. She will probably do a real number on my heart, but I just can't help myself. I am fully aware that Belikov is/was her first love. He will always be a part of her heart, I'm not a complete idiot. The Russian dude was pretty hot I guess, if you're into the strong,

silent type. Which I AM NOT. I am sure if you asked the ladies they would agree I am muter hotter. HAHA. Seriously, I accept this part of Rose because if you love someone as mush as I love her you have too. The good with the bad, Right? I would never hold Rose

to her promise she made to me before she left. I knew at the time she really didn't mean it. I just couldn't deny her my help when it was so desperately needed. Rose needed to go on her journey, no matter how dangerous, so she could heal and move on with her

life. I guess that is why I am so surprised she might actually go on a date with me. Well, that brings us back to the dating proposal. As I brought my pen to paper I began to write.

My Dearest Rose,

I want to be as honest as I can be with this proposal. I don't want to scare you or make you feel obligated to me. First of all, I love you, finally I said it. Rose, You are the most beautiful, amazing, strongest, and stubborn woman I have ever met. I guess

with being an Ivashkov things have always came fairly easy to me. To be honest, I've always hated that. I was slowly dying inside and you came along, breathing new life into me. I've never been given a chance to show someone the "REAL" me. You make me

want to be more. A better person, a better man. Rose, I don't try to pretend that I can take the place of Dimitri and honestly I don't want too. He is part of you and I accept it completely. I am just asking for a chance. A small part of your heart. I'll take anything,

anything you are capable of giving at this point. Who knows maybe someday you'll grow to be able to love me a little in return. So, with all that said. I, Adrian Ivashkov promise you, Rose Hathaway the following:

1. Remember I already served as your personal secretary.

2. I will try to cease all alcohol consumption, unless spirit gets to be too much to handle.

3. I WILL quit smoking…I know how much you hate it. (I'll be much more kissable)

4. I WILL take you on romantic getaways.

5. I WILL surprise you with picnics I will prepare myself.

6. I WILL make you breakfast in bed. **This is my FAVORITE**

7. I WILL remain completely faithful to you.

8. I PROMISE to protect you with my dying breath. I will forsake anything or anyone who tries to bring you harm. I would give up my name, money, title, and my family to keep you safe and in my life.

Rose, Please accept this proposal knowing I poured my heart and soul into it. Oh, and it only took me about six hours. You know, I didn't stay in college for a reason. Homework SUCKS.

All My Love,



With the envelope in my hand, I made my way across the schools quad to the novices dormitories. I stood outside Rose's room with my hand ready to knock. I was shaking. Christ, what will she say or do? I said a silent prayer, "God just this once, Please."

I knocked and Rose answered the door. Man, she is so beautiful. She smiled at me, "Hey Adrian, What are you doing here?" I grinned at her and said, "I am here with the dating proposal you requested."