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Chapter 57

Adrian's POV

I had boarded the plane for Montana at little after 6:00 in the morning, normal human time. It really helped with this job that the sun didn't bother me any longer. It gave us the advantage of sneaking up on the den of Strgoi.

Without me, it made it even more dangerous, or so they have said while trying to convince me that I was needed here and if I didn't come along, it couldn't happen. I guess it made sense since I am the only one who can read the Strigoi's minds.

I didn't want to leave Rose and if I missed out on the opportunity to see my children born, I would probably want to kill someone. But, again, I had a feeling of something to come. I tried to turn my thinking towards Pavel who was leading the meeting with the other guardians.

We had went over our plans of action for the last hour, but I couldn't thoroughly concentrate on them knowing I left Rose the way I did. I knew she going to be beyond worried when she read the note and I also knew it wasn't right to leave it

the way I did. I really wanted to tell her about the caves even though it would bring up sad memories. However, Abe insisted it was best to let it alone. 'The less she knew the better' were his exact words. I still defied his orders in the end by leaving her the

note. He will be pissed at me but I didn't care. Abe was not my first priority, Rose was.

"Are you nervous about your first time? You seem preoccupied." Pavel said, turning my attention his way.

I glanced up at him from my daze. "Ahh! No, I was just thinking about home."

Pavel nodded his head. "You told her didn't you Ivashkov?" He nudged my arm with his fist. We have become quite close since the wedding and with all the training. I was glad that we were friends. Gone was the Mr. Ivashkov or Lord. I am glad he just sees me for me.

He was a genuinely nice guy. And I was nervous but I knew he had my back just as I had his.

I laughed slightly. "Yeah I did. I left her a note."

"You're a puss. Afraid of the little Mrs', huh?"

I gave him an incredulous look . "You do know my wife. I don't think you would be willing to piss her off either. Especially now…she is ready to rip someone apart with all the hormones surging through her."

Pavel laughed as he got up from the chair. "I guess you're right..good luck with that one buddy. You're definitely on your own there. Oh and by the way, we'll be landing within the hour. Try to get in the right frame of mind, okay?"

I nodded my head. "I will…thanks."

We finally reached our destination outside of St. Vladimir's. We stood at the entrance of the caves, it was still daylight, which was a good for us in the event we had to escape quickly.

Pavel turned to all of us. "Make sure you have your earpieces in place and turned on. Remember, Adrian will be making us aware of the current position of the Striogoi. He and I will enter the cave first to see if there are indeed any signs of them.

When you hear the word, Voda, you know to enter."

"I like that word." I said with a laugh.

Pavel grinned in response. "Me too Ivashkov. We can drink some when we are finished kicking strigoi ass."

Everyone agreed to the plan. Pavel and I entered with caution. It was eerily silent while we investigated the many turns and hidden caverns within the cave. "Maybe there are none here..or they are sleeping."

Pavel nodded his head. We continued deeper into the cavern when I stuck my hand out to stop him from moving any further. I motioned straight with my head and held up two fingers to make him aware that there were two strigoi not far from us.

It happened so suddenly, before I could form any words to leave my mouth, a strigoi lurking in a tiny grotto grabbed a hold of Pavel. The young strigoi, maybe no more than 16, held on to Pavel while he sneered at me. "What you you doing here with him? Are you a traitor?

How dare you bring the enemy into our congregation?" He turned his head in an awkward position and glared with his red, rimmed eyes with a smirk affixed on his mouth, while exposing his fangs. "You are aware of what happens to traitors, aren't you?"

My mind was now racing with thoughts from the 10 other Strigoi that have now assembled around the three of us. It was then that Pavel made his move while the young strigoi was preoccupied with taunting me.

"Voda." Within seconds we were literally in battle with the Strigoi. We were outnumbered but not by many. Pavel had moved like lightning as he staked the young boy first.

I had two strigoi on me at once, obviously I was targeted as a traitor within their ranks. I would be the first to be eliminated. I never staked the enemy before but I was instructed to when Pavel was able to grab a woman off of me.

He had exposed her chest, encouraging me to finish her when I plunged the stake deep within her heart. As I watched the woman's body become slack and fall to the ground, I was knocked on the back of my head.

I had faltered in that one moment where Pavel told me to never turn my back or never lose focus, and I did just that. I had too many voices in my head to concentrate on one specific thing. I wasn't prepared for all of this, mentally.

I fell to my knees as an older Strigoi, who appeared to be the leader, grabbed a handful of my hair, tilting my head back while exposing my throat. He spoke in a low, menacing growl as his icy cold breath saturated my face.

"What exactly are you? You seem to be like one of us, but you're not entirely?" The room had frozen as all eyes were fixated on the standpoint between the older strigoi and myself.

I noticed that when I glanced at the faces around me that all of the strigoi were already dead, except the one hell bent on killing me. I read his thoughts, he wanted to bite me, drain me of my blood.

The more his thoughts penetrated my mind, the more deranged I became. I couldn't bear the thought of never being with Rose and Ethan again, and mostly, never getting the chance to see my children born and to hold them in my arms. I was going to kill this son of a bitch.

I let him make his move. He came at my throat with his fangs exposed, I reached above me grabbing his neck and flipping him over me. His body hit the floor of the cave with a thunderous thud. He stretched his foot forward connecting it to my mouth and chin, splitting my lip open.

I didn't let it phase me as I lifted him from the ground delivering blow after blow to his face, chest, and stomach. The smell of the blood dripping from my mouth had caused him to enter some strength induced frenzy. He was able to manage a dropkick on me, pinning me to the ground as he

sank his fangs into my throat. This thing was not going to kill me, take me away from my family, it was as if an animal were emerging from me; a hatred for this unnatural creature, and a desire to kill it. I literally pulled his fangs from my throat while holding onto his neck. I gave a sudden,

powerful, sharp twist until I heard it snap. I knew it wouldn't kill him. But, it gave me enough time to straddle on top of him, driving the stake into his cold, non-beating heart. I staggered to my feet with my chest heaving trying to control the bloodlust that had consumed me. I needed to get

myself to repress the urge to kill. I went to take a step towards Pavel when I collapsed in agonizing pain. I clutched my stomach as I fell to the ground.

No…this can't be happening not now. Please god, not now. I kept repeating in my mind.

"Adrian..What's happening? Are you changing?" I heard the fear laced in Pavel's words.

I groaned. "No..it's Rose. It's Rose…Pavel get me home."

I made it to the plane in a complete fog. I knew that we were only a couple hours from home but I needed to get there now. I didn't know what was happening. All I knew was that it involved Rose and the babies. Every 15 minutes or so my abdomen would cramp up in the most intense pain.

I was resting in the chair when I heard Pavel hang up the phone with a conversation he was having with Abe. "What's going on Pavel?" I asked nervously.

He walked back and took a seat beside me. "Rose went into labor. She and Abe just arrived at the hospital. They took her up to the delivery suite." He stopped talking.

"And?" I questioned. I knew this was all my damn fault. She went into labor because of me and…Abe.

"Nothing…try to relax Adrian. You lost some blood and you need to rest. We will most likely make it there before she gives birth. Abe said her contractions were still far enough apart. It may be a good while before she has them."

I grabbed my stomach again and winched in pain. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." I said through clinched teeth.

"What? Are you okay?" Pavel frantically searched my face for answers.

'Fuck no..I am NOT okay. Obviously I am feeling the labor pains with Rose because of our bond."

Pavel burst out laughing as I glared at him. "Dude? Really?" I spat sarcastically at him.

He held up his hands in surrender…"Sorry Guy! You're on your own once again." He shook his head, laughing. "Do you need ibuprofen, midol, or ice chips" He burst out laughing even more.

"Oh..now you decide to become all social and a damn comedian at the same time! Fuck off Pavel." I laughed back at him because it was just my luck….payback was a bitch! Rose will have the last laugh after I teased her so much…She would say that I deserved it!

Rose's POV

"Old man if my husband misses the birth of our twins…I will kill your ass, got me?" I grabbed him by his beloved scarf and yanked his face close to mine. I saw it in his eyes…he better fear me. With as much pain I am in, he better do whatever I say until

Adrian gets here. He knows he screwed up, big time.

"Kiz, How was I to know you would go in labor?" He gave an antagonistic smile.

I pointed at him and growled. "Dad…I mean it! You're really pissing me off." He had the nerve to stand there and laugh at me. "I am not speaking to you." I pouted while putting my arms across my chest like a two year old. It worked, he instantly softened up….sucker.

"What do you need to be more comfortable?" His tone more soft and sincere.

"Call Adrian and get him home to me." My eyes pleaded with his. I didn't want to go through this without Adrian.

"I already did. They should be landing in about an hour."

Adrian's POV

Time seemed to move in slow motion and the plane couldn't come to a stop fast enough. We were on the tarmac at Court and I was about 15 minutes from being with Rose. My mind was racing with questions. Did she get her bag? Who had Ethan? Is she in a lot of pain because god knows

I was at times. It was like the pains were getting closer and closer and damn did they hurt. Finally, the plane came to a complete stop and the doors opened. I exited the jet and I heard Pavel on my flanks as I ran towards the hospital as fast as I could.

We entered the clinic but not in the most graceful of ways. I was winded, bloodied, and in a complete panic. I grabbed the first nurse I saw. "I need to find Rosemarie Ivashkov." I demanded while scaring her.

"Ahh…Who are you?" She asked nervously.

"I am her husband, Adrian Ivashkov. She is in labor with our twins. Please… I need to find out what room she is in. Can you help me?" I spoke more calmly trying to set her at ease. She eyed me up and down, taking in my appearance, obviously she has heard of me and probably couldn't

believe my semblance, it was enough to scare anyone. Pavel and I were both dressed in uniform, black from head to toe; long black trench coat, fitted t-shirt, black cargo pants, and combat boots.

If someone I knew saw me right now, they wouldn't believe what they saw. I didn't look like myself, more like a 'for-hire vigilante'.

"Yes, I believe she is in the labor suite. If I remember correctly she is close to having the babies." Just when she said that I doubled over again in pain. I couldn't move, I was frozen in place waiting for it to pass. Hell, these contractions were happening every three minutes or so.

After I gathered my composure, I walked into the room Rose was in. I saw her sitting up on the bed and she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen until she yelled at me. "Where the hell have you been Ivashkov?"

Okay, I thought to myself. I read in those baby books she may be a little cranky with me. So, I just needed to roll with the punches. "And why are you bloody? What happened to you?" Gone was her sarcasm. She was genuinely worried for me now. I went to her side taking her hands in mine.

"I am sorry babe. I am just so glad I didn't miss anything. And I will tell you later, okay? I promise. Let's focus on the bab…..owwwww." I grabbed my stomach with one hand while she squeezed the blood out of the other one.

She glared at me. "What the hell are you owwing about? I am the one in labor here."

I gave her a disbelieving look. "Rose..are you kidding me…I am feeling this shit right along with you. Remember our bond?"

After the contraction passed she started laughing as loud as she could. It was now my turn to be pissy with her. "How the hell can you laugh at me? This is not how it's supposed to work, Rose!"

Dr. Novikov made her way in the room and examined Rose. "Rose, you progressing beautifully. Now, we still have some time to give you some type of medication. Would you like me to administer you something? You will be ready to push soon and once you start, I can't give you anything."

I couldn't stop the words before they left my mouth. "Hell yeah! I want drugs. Knock me out for christ's sake. I can't take anymore of this. Shit!"

Rose gave me a death stare as Dr. Novikov looked at me like I was already medicated with something. "Jesus Adrian, you're such a baby. Suck it up." She sneered at me.

"Oh really Rose…You're going to feel really bad once all of this is over with. All this pain you are inflicting on me." I rolled my eyes at her while using the whiniest voice I could muster. I did sound like a baby and I didn't care.

The contractions were right on top of each other when the Dr. examined Rose once again. "Well, it's seems as though are ready. Do you feel like you have to push?"

Again I spoke up. "How the hell am I supposed to know. How can I push? I just want her." I pointed at Rose. "To make this pain go away."

Rose spoke through gritted teeth. "Adrian Ivashkov, if you say one more stupid thing…I will kill you." I can only imagine what we must have looked like, both panting for breath and breathing through the contractions together.

"Okay Rose…I need you to push." The Dr. instructed.

It was then everything went black…I fainted.

A nurse was standing over me with smelling salts while wafting them under my nose. "Welcome back, Lord Ivashkov. Your wife needs you to stay conscious for her." The whole room was laughing.

These people were starting to really piss me off. They had no idea what I was going through.

I took Rose's hand in mine once again as I tried to be there for her. The pain was excruciating for me, at least. Rose was a trooper as she pushed. I knew she was in pain and I felt horrible. "I am sorry baby." I whispered to her.

Just then another contraction hit me. "Jesus Christ get this thing out of her..me..us..I swear to god Rose..I am never having sex with you again." Everyone laughed again. "I am so glad that I am amusing you people. Can we hurry this up before I die."

The Dr. focused on Rose. "One more push Rose and the baby's head will be out, okay?"

I had to just bear with her, work through the pain. Rose put her chin to her chest and pushed as hard as she could and within minutes we heard soft whimpering. "It's a girl." The Dr. announced.

Rose and I locked eyes and answered together. "Sophie." They took her to clean her up and from what I could see she had a headful of dark hair like her momma. She cried softly, like a little lady.

"Rose, we have one more who wants to make an entrance. Can you do it?" The Dr. teased.

I let a big breath. "I don't think I have it in me." I was drenched in sweat and exhausted. I could only imagined what Rose was feeling. But, I was getting the death glare once again so I just shut my mouth.

Rose pushed once more. But, this time there was a loud cry. "It's a boy." He had lighter hair that matched the same shade as mine.

We smiled at each other. "Alexsandr." I leaned down and gently kissed Rose's lips. "You did wonderfully. Thank you so much. I love you, Little Dhampir."

"I love you too!" You could hear the exhaustion in her voice.

"I want to see them." She wanted to hold her babies and I didn't blame her. We waited a long time to meet them.

The nurse placed Sophie in my arms first. She was so small and beautiful. She looked just like her mom. I gently eased her into Rose's awaiting arms. "Hi baby girl. I am so happy to finally meet you." Rose said as she placed a kiss on her little head.

They then placed Alexsandr in my arms and he was a little bigger than his sister. I couldn't believe I was holding my very own child. I couldn't believe the love I felt for these little creatures and they were only minutes old. I loved Ethan, I did. But, now I knew actually how Rose felt for him.

Rose's POV

Adrian sat on the bed with me while we admired the twins, Sophie Rose and Alexsandr Adrian. Everyone had left the room to allow us some time to ourselves. "Do you want to switch?" I smiled at Adrian.

"Absolutely." He said as we exchanged babies. I watched Adrian stare at Sophie. He had so much love and pride in his eyes. I've have never seen him so happy. He was made for this moment. He glanced up at me. "What are you thinking?"

"How many women can say that their husbands went through labor with them..literally." We both laughed quietly to not wake the twins. I watched him holding her and he looked so different aside from being a new dad. He had on a new guardian outfit; an

all black attire. Adrian had on a black fitted t-shirt that hugged his defined chest and his muscular arms. He definitely was not the same man he once was. He was not the same guy I meet on that deck at the ski lodge years ago. He was much better and happier.

"It was worth it. I am sorry. But, why the hell do women put themselves through that kind of pain over and over? I am definitely giving my mom a big hug when I see her, which should be soon. They are on their way here to visit."

I gave him a grin. " Like you said..It's worth it. However, you and I are not having anymore."

His eyes widened. "I concur. I can't do that again." He turned to face me directly as he spoke. "Rose, the twins are beautiful. You did a wonderful job. You have given me the best gift I could ever ask for and I love you so much for it." He pressed his warm, busted lip to mine and slightly

winced but continued to kiss with a little more vigor.

"Jesus Ivashkov. Girl just gave birth and already you're trying to get with her. I would divorce him, Rose." Christian said as he walked in the door with my other baby. Lissa followed in with Pavel and dad right behind. Balloons and flowers in hand.

Lissa ran straight to me, gave a quick hug and took Alexsandr from my arms. "Who is this? Sophie or Alexsandr?"

Adrian snickered. "My son doesn't look like a girl, Cousin."

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Come to Aunt Lissa, Alexsandr." She held him and kissed his little head.

I turned to Chris. "Give me my baby." I hated to be away from Ethan as long as I was. "Hey baby boy. Did you miss momma?"

"Yes." He smiled at me. "Babies?"

"Yes, those are the babies, your brother and sister." It was then Alexsandr started screaming and everyone's attention turned to him. Ethan reached over and laid his hand on Alexsandr and he instantly stopped crying. "No cry..Alec."

Christian was the first to say it. "Damn, my little buddy is talented. Hey Ivashkov that will come in handy around 12 ..aye?"

We were all stumped that Ethan had seemed to settle Alexsandr down. "You've got that right. Besides, I guess Alexsandr has a new name now. " Adrian answered while reaching over to touch Ethan's face.

Ethan understood completely as he answered his daddy. "Alec and Sophie. My babies." His vocabulary has soared lately.

My dad walked over to the bed and smiled at me. "You did wonderful, My Rosemarie. Can I hold my granddaughter?" He asked while Adrian placed her in his arms. My dad actually had tears in his eyes, watching her angelic face.

We spent hours visiting and talking. Adrian finally spoke up when he saw my eyes drooping. "Hey guys…I think the new mom is tired. Do you think maybe you can visit us at home when we all get there tomorrow?"

Everyone gave kisses, hugs, and congratulations as they left one by one. I saved my last kiss for my favorite little guy when Lissa and Christian left to take him home for the night. "Momma will see you tomorrow. I love you Ethan." He was fast asleep in Christian's arms.

A month had passed since we got discharged from the hospital. I couldn't believe I was a mother to three children all under the age of two. Who would have ever thought? "What are you smiling about babe?" Adrian asked, observing the expression on my face.

"I just can't believe how my life how turned out." I wrapped my arms around Adrian's waist pulling him towards me. "Are you happy?" Adrian questioned.

I whispered in his ear for only him to hear. "I am…but, I would be happier if you would put on your guardian outfit for me." I nibbled on his earlobe.

"Aww! My Little Dhampir you don't play fair."

"My babies are glowing, daddy." Adrian turned from me to look at the twins and then at Ethan, smiling.

"Is he seeing theirs auras?" I asked as Adrian nodded. "Are the twins spirit users?" Adrian nodded again. "And Ethan can read their auras?"

"Yep..It seems that way. My baby boy is talented along with his siblings." He finally said while keeping his arm around my waist.

Lissa chimed in while holding a sleeping Sophie. "It's going to be really interesting to see how these three turn out as they grow older."

"Very interesting indeed." Adrian agreed.

We welcome with love, Our little angels.

Sophie Rose, 5 pounds 9 ounces, arrived at 5:42 am, November 23.

Alexsandr Adrian, 6 pounds 2 ounces at 5:47 am.

Adrian and Rosemarie Ivashkov along with big brother, Ethan, would like to proudly introduce to you, the twins.

We are blessed to say that everyone is joyous, grateful, and healthy.

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