Chapter one.

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I stared at Edward while his words shattered my heart and destroyed my dream of him and me being together

forever, he told me mercilessly that he didn't love me anymore. Brokenheartedly I whispered: "you don't love

me? But why have you suddenly changed like this, yesterday was I everything for you." He just looked coldly

at me, while the tears ran from my eyes, then he asked me to promise him something, I froze by his words

and my sadness was now replaced with two other feelings; anger and hate towards Edward "why should I

promise YOU something now that YOU have broken my heart?" the look I sent him was hate full "Bella honey,

please list..." harshly did I cut him off: "don't you dare to `Bella honey┬┤ me Edward Cullen, you are NOT my

boyfriend any longer, so I don't need to waste more time here listening to you, goodbye and don't bother to

try getting me back again, that is a waste of time for me." And with that I walked away fuming of anger, when

I turned away caught I a glimpse of hurt in his face `good, now I'm not the only one who's hurt here┬┤ I

thought satisfied. After a moment he called out my name but instead of stopping or turning around, did I begin

to run away from him. For hours was I just running, not once did I stumble or slow down, until I ran into a


Slowly did my thoughts come back to my head. "Bells, are you okay?" a well-known and concerned voice made

me turns around. There in front of me stood Jacob Black, the son of my father's best friend.

Instantly was a feeling of being secure washing over me and I ran into his arms.

As soon I felt him wrapping his arms around me, was I crying. Finally the tears stopped and I calmed down so

I could release him from the desperate hug I held him in. Then something strange happened; a golden string

wrapped itself around us while two silver colored shadows flew together towards us, then they parted and

melted into both of us, thenthe golden string glowed brightly for a second, then it disappeared. The look on

Jacobs face resembled my feelings, we were both very confused and a tad scared "what the hell was that?"

someone said from the outer part of the clearing. Sam Uley walked over to us and looked for a long time at us.

Then we realized that we still held each other in a half hug, we let go of each other hurriedly, and instead held

hands. Sam spoke with his booming voice; "we must head back to Bella's house, her father is worried sick

about her."

After a quarters time were we at the front porch of her house, Sam Uley and Jacob followed me inside. After

Sam had told Charlie about how Jake found me, was I beginning to feel a bit sick "Dad I don't feel so great,

can I go to my room now?" Charlie stared at me with a worried look on his face and then he nodded. Thankful

did I walk up at the stairs, but as soon I reached the top did I feel the need to throw up so I sprinted to the

bathroom, afterwards did I brush my teeth and went straight to bed after picking up a bucket. As soon my

head hit the pillow was I asleep, I heard faintly footsteps on the stairs and felt someone putting a blanket

over me, then the dreams came and I didn't sense anything else.

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