Chapter 26

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There had gone a few days since the separation incident, and we was again leading our happy secure lives. One morning, something felt different

when I woke up, but I shook it off quickly. We all did our morning routines as usual, and nothing was out of place; I walked around in the house, when

the most of the pack had gone to school.

Jacob and I were excused from school, due to my pregnancy and Emily didn't go to school anymore (she is after all, pregnant too). She had left our

home for a few hours to clean her house, and Sam was working. So there was basically only me and Jacob left (and the babies), I did a few chores and

then relaxed a bit on the couch. Somehow I had fallen asleep for a few minutes and when I woke up, I was thirsty.

As I was about to reach for a cup, four things happened very quickly in a row;

1. I heard a splash between my legs and I felt something wet run down my legs,

2. I had a contraction which caused me to scream in pain and surprise,

3. Jacob came rushing in and stared at me.

4. I yelled to him "Jake get Kayla, NOW!"

Within minutes he was in action; he rushed into the forest and I heard the characteristic wolf howl. There went a few seconds, and all of sudden were

Kayla standing in the door, looking like she was ready for this any time. She went directly to a room, which she had prepared for the birth; it was clean

and big enough for the birth to happen. Jacob carried me in his arms, I was too weak, to be able to walk on my own, and every now and then he sent

me a worried glance. "Put Bella down on the bed Jacob, and before you ask, yes you can stay with Bella." I got my clothes changed into a more

practical shirt (one of Jacob's, they were like a short dress on me and very comfortable,) and I lied down on the bed. Another contraction came and I

screamed in pain, Jacob held my hand, while I contracted. He looked at me in a guilty way "what's wrong?" I panted when the contraction ended.

"I'm so sorry that you're in pain Bella." He looked sad; he obviously thought I hated him.

I smiled at him and said "I thought this over when I decided to have your children Jacob, and you seem to have forgotten that I've been through

worse, this is nothing." I laughed and he brightened a little "besides, I'm not the only one who is suffering here; our bond is a two way connection; my

pain, is your pain." I laughed and this time, Kayla and Jacob nodded in agreement.

Three hours went by in a haze, it was a clouded memory later, and it was a mix of reoccurring contractions, tears and comforting words. Finally, I was

allowed to push, and from there it was a haze again. The haze disappeared the moment I heard two healthy little wails and looked up, before she

handed me the two newborns, Kayla muttered a spell that cleaned us all up. They were both slightly older than normal newborns and their eyes were

intelligent and clear; they sensed what happened around them. We loved them already. Kayla decked me so I was decent and then she let the others

inside the room with a smile on her face.

Aliya and Faolan were instantly loved by everyone; Sarah was so happy with the new siblings, and she liked to play with them as much as possible. The

whole pack adored them and always watched out for them, so they didn't get hurt. Charlie and Billy where excited over becoming grandfathers. And

by now the whole police station knew he was a grandfather (and a happy one).

We weren't the only ones who celebrated their birth, though; The moment the news had reached Nature Ville (that happened when Jacob had

slammed the window open and yelled at the top of his lungs "IT'S HAPPENED I'M A FATHER!"), did the celebrations start; soon everyone was on the

phone, spreading the news and as soon they got off the phone, they started to put up decorations and dance to music. On the streets you could see

people hug each other. Soon there was coming reports in television, about groups of people from all social classes, who got together and started to

celebrate something. It was fun to see how the birth of Aliya and Faolan, had affected people all over the world. In the next few weeks we were

bombarded by greeting cards, gifts and flowers. I didn't want to throw them away, so I called Matthew for a meeting (he had quickly been included in

our family meetings).

When he arrived, we explained the situation to him; "we think it's a waste of those beautiful flowers to throw them out but we just don't have the

room for them." I spoke sadly; he had a thoughtful look on his face as he stared at the flowers.

Suddenly his face brightened up "why don't we use them to decorate Nature Ville? I mean they are beautiful and I know a spell that will make them

last forever. They will be a cheerful memory of Aliya and Faolan's birth, and I know that many of the people in the village are more than willing to help

you decorate." He smiled and we all agreed that it was a great idea, so I allowed him to carry out his plan, and soon enough, people streamed to the

house and offered their help. In no time we had gotten all the bouquets up and I had to admit; it was really beautiful.

When we walked down the streets, people would come over and congratulate us and hug us. They admired the twins and seemed genuinely happy

for us. People asked us for permission to hold them every time, and we often said yes. Aliya and Faolan didn't start crying, when strangers held them

in their arms; they smiled and looked at them with intelligent eyes instead.

In the first few days, the twins didn't change much, but slowly they started to grow. Just like Kayla had told us, however they didn't have a growth

spurt like the one Sara and Joshua had experienced, they grew a lot slower than her. One day, when we had a regular visit from Kayla, we asked her

curiously about the matter and she explained "Aliya and Faolan is born with the magic in their blood, so they will be strong and clever enough to fight

a vampire at an early age. They will also be quick to control their powers, so they don't need to be so old. The spirits wish to give you as much time to

bond as possible and they want give them a normal childhood. Bella, when you raised Sara, she had a normal and safe childhood, that is why she

easily trusted and bonded with the pack. She quickly accepted the supernatural world. If Sara had, had a childhood that was insecure and not filled

with love, she could have broken upon the pressure of being confronted with the supernatural. Also you made the Family Bond with her and Jacob. It

made it a lot easier for her to accept it, she was already a supernatural being herself. Sara needed to grow, so she could become stronger, and so did

Joshua. Now I know that you two, including the pack and your fathers, will be able to secure them a nice and happy life." All of sudden she turned to

Emily "can I have a look on your baby?" she asked calmly. Emily leaped slightly in surprise and then nodded.

An hour later they returned, "Kayla says that I will give birth tomorrow" she said with a shy smile, and I went over and hugged her, I whispered in her

ear "you won't regret the pains at all, when you hold your baby for the first time, I can promise you that." One evening she had admitted that she was

scared about having a baby.


We were sitting on a couch in the living room, just the two of us; Jacob was shopping groceries for us (he had been taken aback by the length of the list

I had given him) Sam was fixing a window in Quill's bed room, it was completely smashed; apparently footballs and sporty werewolves don't mix very

well, and the rest of the pack was either in school or patrolling. There was only me and Emily left in the house, so we did some rare girl talk.

Emily looked me in the eye and turned serious "Bella you are a really great friend and I really need to talk with someone about this, it's really bothering

me. Can you keep a secret for me?" her eyes where pleading me to answer, I nodded and looked her calmly in the eye "you can trust me; I won't tell

anyone, if you don't want me to." Emily looked reassured and said "Bella it's just… I'm so scared about this whole baby-thing, I mean sure I've watched

kids once in a while, but it's just something else when it's your own kid; there won't be any one to pick up the kid by eleven. I don't know if I can do this

Bella." Emily looked down at the floor, ashamed over admitting her weakness. I reached over and patted her hand "hey don't be ashamed about it; I

felt like that too when I decided to take care of Sara. I knew that my aunt would never be able to give her a childhood. I decided that long before Sara

was born and I fought with the same feelings as you do; I was worried about breaking down and ruining her life for good, I worried about if I would be

a good enough mom for her, but now that I've been through all that, I know it. And my life with Sara turned out to be good, back then I was a single

mom. Now that I have Jacob in my life it's going great and I love it. Emily you don't have to worry at all, you are a natural mother; we're both natural

mothers. I know you are a true mother; you and I are both the pack mothers, everyone sees that. Emily back then didn't it feel natural to be a loving

mother for the pack boys?" she nodded, smiling slightly at the memory. I continued "don't you just love the mother role?" she nodded again, smiling a

little more "that's because you are a motherly person, like me. Trust me, it'll be natural for you to care for the child, all you need to worry about right

now, is learning Sam how to change a diaper." I finished giggling madly, Emily burst into giggles too.

Flashback ends.

Emily whispered back "yes I trust you on that one, and don't worry; Sam can change a diaper now." I smiled and stepped back, so the others could

hug her too. "What did you tell her?" an amused voice asked me, I turned and smiled to Seth "oh nothing really, just some boring girl talk." I laughed

silently at his confused expression. The rest of the day was rather uneventful, in fact we spent the time talking about children, pregnancy, and birth

and, surprisingly enough, diapers. When I went to bed that night, I couldn't help, but think that my life must be a fairy tale.

And just like Kayla had told us, Emily gave birth the next day; however she hadn't told us that it was twins. Kayla chuckled, when we confronted her,

and she said happily; "well sometimes it's just more fun to let you meet the unexpected."

I don't think you're surprised to hear, that everything was chaos, in the next few hours after the birth; we did have to get an extra of everything, you

know. But everything turned out to be all fine in the end, so nobody got killed by a stressed Sam, and I'm kinda happy about that.

When everyone had calmed down (and Sam finally had recovered from the grenade shock, which was caused by not having one but two kids at once),

I sat down and started to chat with a smiling Emily, she needed my support right now.

Emily looked at me and said; "Sam and I haven't picked out the names for our children. I've realized that picking names out is a lot harder than it

seems." Emily sighed and I nodded in agreement. We both looked down at our kids and smiled a motherly smile, as they silently slept in their cribs.

Emily continued after a little while; "Ah well, long story short; we had picked out a lot of fitting names, but the thing is that we just can't decide." She

sighed. I knew that feeling very well during my own pregnancy…

The next few weeks went by, and the happiness practically radiated from the whole pack. Heck even the house was glowing of happiness for decades

afterwards, so strong was the joy we felt. Humans who passed by our house often felt a lot happier, I know because I sensed their feelings. Our lives

where filled with cute babies, bonding, chores and happiness. The pack members loved the babies and cared for them, like they were of their own

flesh. Especially Leah was really in her element and started throwing small hints at Embry, about them having a baby. Embry didn't really get them,

but he slowly started to want a kid too, and one day he plainly asked her "uh Leah, what do you think about us two having a kid sometime soon." Very

unromantic in my opinion, but Leah loved it.

And truth to be told; I am suspecting a baby boom in the pack in about nine months. And that's Leah, Jasmine and Kim, whom I'm thinking about;

Joshua and Sarah are content with just playing with the twins at the moment.

All in all; right now, life's just beautiful. And by god I love it.

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