"Hello EVERYONE! It is I! Mirria1, also known as Fran! An-" "Whoopty do" "Shut up Dark" "I mean why do we have to do this crap?" "Oh come on Vaati, It's not that bad." "easy for to say, your not the one being turned into a cat" "Boo Hoo, cry me a river, build a bridge AND GET OVER IT!" "well she dose have point, I'm not being humilliated." "On the contrary Dark, I have plans for you... hee hee hee hee heee..." "This is bad." "What?" " that she can creep us out, and where the Villians!" "Exacly! That's the point! Creeping people out is my specialty" evil laughter inserted "WAIT!" "what?" "I forgot" "moron" "Aaanyway, I have in the need of time to think of sarcastic comments for Vaati's Curse, And the time to wright it all down. you see, I don't wright. I type. Okay back to the point, I have 'ADD' So I get distracted alot from the story to others in my head, so it will take a looooooooooong time to get it done, It will be up when it's up. I'm never on ther computer after ten pm, And sometimes I'm grounded off the computer. So, for the next week or so I'm going to be doing some seryis thinking. but not too much, cause my brain might explode. lol, I make myself laugh" " Yeah so we get to hurrass her!" "Screw off Dark." Oh! by the way these are MY OC's. Vera, Lyla, Violet, Lila, Dren, Valen, Vennie, Fuu and some others I forgot. Oh, The one that told Dark to serw off was Vera she'-" "YO, the name's Vera, you got a problem? I don't give a shit." " good for that -" "HEY VERA! how yall doing?" "Fine Lyla, You?" Oh' grea-" "SHUT UP WHILE I'M TALKING!" both "well, soooorrrry.." " wait, why are you here anyway? quit bugging be me. go push Dren over a cliff or something." "Can't, don't where the hell he is." "anymore..." both smerks "Well go find him, he's your stalker! wait, Lyla, where is he?" meanwhile- "how the hell did I get here? and why am I at the dump? ... of corse, Vera, Lyla." Back to the girls- "great, more crap I have to deal with. well, I gotta go, Hope to update soon. till la-" "GOOD BYE MIGITS!" "VERA!" "What?oh yeah. later for now-" both Vera and Fran/Me "Hope to see you in your nightmares!" evil grins