"I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this, I HATE THIS!" yelled Vaati, while being caried by Dark Link in the middle of hyrule field, On there way to Hyrule Castle "Oh, quite sulking already, were almost there." "Did I mention I hate you too?" "Oh, Just stop whining already so we can see Link and Zelda to get you back normal." "No, You can go get them and bring them here. I'm staying right over there." Vaati ponited with his paw to ward a tree "Fine. ..." Dark whisperd. "WHAT did you say?" "Nothing. but you have to stay right here, ok." Vaati pouted "I'm not doing wat YOUR asking." Dark looked down at him with a seris face "that wasn't asking. that was a demand" Vaati coud not beleve HE had been demanded to something by him.

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