Chapter one:

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Seattle, Washington

"Hey honey you lookin' for a good time?" A thin blonde smiled wickedly as she leaned into the open passenger window.

The man in the front seat nodded and opened the door, rolling up the automatic window as she got in the car.

"Money up front Sugar," The blonde smiled into his ear, putting one hand seductively on his shoulder.

The driver nodded as he leaned away from her turning up the radio, covering up the sound of the locking door.

"I know the perfect place," He whispered hoarsely as he put the car in drive.

"I'm sure you do," The girl said completely unaware of the danger she was in.

Quantico, Virginia

"We're meeting," Agent Jennifer Jareau popped her head into Agent Aaron Hotchner's office.

"Thanks J.J.," He said looking up from his papers to the smiling blonde that hung half inside his office, half in the hallway.

J.J. simply nodded and headed down the hall letting her smile slip only when she was alone in the conference room.

"I'm being punished," J.J. whispered to herself as she finished making everything perfect for the meeting.

"Who's being punished?" Dr. Spencer Reid asked as he took his normal seat.

She stopped and looked at the young doctor for a moment, "Who's being punished?" J.J. asked, slightly frustrated that she'd been over heard.

"I thought you just said… never mind," Reid said pushing his dirty blonde hair behind his ears, the curls at the end out of control as usual.

"Somebody please explain why I am up this early on a Monday," Agent Derek Morgan complained as he plopped in the seat next to Reid followed by Agent Emily Prentiss, Agent David Rossi, and finally Agent Hotchner.

"Long night Morgan?" Reid asked jokingly as he sat his messenger bag on the floor next to his chair.

"You know it, boy genius," Morgan said as a sly smile crossed his face, "Young, blonde, perfect…"

"J.J. you had something for us?" Hotch said coolly interrupting Morgan's day dream of his Sunday date.

J.J. stood nervously at the front of the table next to the board, which had six pictures on it.

"I got a cal last night from the Seattle Police Department," She stated answering Morgan's question, "In the past three weeks six women have been killed, two woman a week. Each worked a different part of the city, each was a petite blonde with blue eyes, and each body was found in the same condition."

J.J. pointed to the first picture on the board, it was a thin blonde lying naked in a pool of blood, arms spread with a teddy bear lying near her chest and the letters, T.G.T, carved into her stomach. The other five were found the same only with the letters, W.T.W, T.A., T.L., and E.T.C., carved into their stomachs.

"They were raped, carved into, and then had their throats slashed," J.J. said instantly sick to her stomach wishing she had left this case alone.

"They were carved first?" Prentiss asked with a sickened look on her face.

"That's what the medical examiner's report says," J.J. said stiffly.

"Any other link between the victims besides their physical appearance?" Reid asked noticing how much each dead girl looked like J.J.

"Just their occupation," J.J. said as calmly as she could realizing she was in a room surrounded by profilers, "They were all street workers."

"Prostitutes?" Morgan half shouted half asked, "Prostitutes couldn't wait until eight this morning?"

"I guess not Morgan," J.J. huffed in frustration, "It's not like they're people too."

"Ok I guess we're heading to Seattle," Hotch said ignoring the obvious irritation in J.J., "Wheels up in thirty."

As quickly as the meeting began it was over and each member went to his or her respected desk or office to prepare, except J.J. She couldn't move, she just stared at the photos each reminding her of someone she had known a long time ago, someone she hoped she'd never see again.

"You coming J.J.?" Reid popped his head back into the conference room, "Hello earth to J.J.?"

"Yeah sorry," J.J. smiled weakly and headed towards her office without waiting for him to ask her what was wrong.

"Anyone notice something weird with J.J. this morning?" Reid asked as he started riffling through his desk in the bullpen.

"Besides waking us up for something that could have waited, Boy Genius," Morgan said obviously irritated as he grabbed his cream colored carry on which clashed against his mocha skin.

"No Reid's right," Prentiss said as she pulled her jet black hair into a ponytail, "Every time we have a case in the Washington area she gets weird."

"I wonder what that's about," Reid thought out loud.

"I have no clue," Morgan answered a little less irritated than he was a minute ago, "J.J. keeps her business her own."

With that the three agents headed towards the jet, each left thinking of blondes.

Six dead prostitutes.

One sleepless night with a co-ed.

One secretive F.B.I. agent.