Chapter 17

A/N: This is sort of a filler chapter, hope you enjoy.

Woods between Mount Horizon and Hope Falls, Agnes, Washington

"I owe you an apology," J.J. said as pulled her canteen away from her lips.

"I think we both have a lot of things we could apologize for," Scott smiled trying to decide if he liked special agent Jerau more than his Shelby.

"I'm sorry I hurt you, and that I left you alone with a broken heart," J.J. stared at her hands hating how open she felt, how vulnerable.

"At least I know you didn't leave because of me," Scott nervously played with his wedding band as he watched the rest of the group pull themselves together.

"I didn't say no because of you either," J.J. looked up for a moment knowing Scott deserved more than talking to the bottom of her head, "Not entirely."

"Why did you say no Shel?" Scott asked forcing himself to stare into J.J.'s sharp blue eyes.

"Because I was leaving… and because I didn't think I could show you all of myself," J.J. said quietly as Morgan and Reid walked past them.

"Did you find someone you could share all of yourself with?" Scott's hands trembled as he resisted the urge to cup her cheeks in them.

"I thought I did but I ended up chickening out," J.J. said as she thought back on the pregnancy scare and how heartbroken Will sounded when she told him to stop calling.

"Did you love him?" He knew her better than most and the way she tilted her head just slightly gave him more of an answer than her words.

"I thought I did," J.J. said solemnly Will's Cajun accent clear in her mind.

"What about Spencer?" Scott asked tilting his head towards the thin agent who was watching them from his seat on a fallen branch.

"Spence?" J.J. blushed ever so slightly giving herself away, "He's one of my friends that's all."

"Shel I loved you so much it hurt," Scott started giving into his urge and placing one hand on her warm cheek, "But Daisy is my world and I want you to find that. I want you to be braver than you've ever been and give happiness a chance."

"We need to get going," J.J. whispered as she stepped away from Scott raising her voice so the whole group could hear her, "I hope everyone feels refreshed because we still have a little ways to go."

Scott stood and watched as J.J. walked over to Reid and helped him get his backpack back in order.

"Do you mind if I walk with you?" Reid asked pushing his wavy locks behind his ears.

"Sure," J.J. smiled trying to erase Scott's implication from her mind, "You can help me with the map."

"I do enjoy a good map," Reid joked happy that even though J.J. didn't really need his help she still wanted his company.

"How bad are things going to get?" Hotch asked Peter as the two men watched from some distance behind J.J. and Reid.

"By now things should already be unpleasant so hopefully it won't be as bad as you think," Peter smiled as he adjusted his backpack.

"The F.B.I. teaches you to be cool under pressure," Hotch said trying to find the right way to phrase his next statement, "But there's a limit and I think she's getting closer to reaching it with each step we take."

"The night is always darkest before dawn and if your J.J. let's my Shelby loose than this is promising to be a nasty sort of darkness," Peter whispered knowing there was nothing he or Hotch could do to stop the frenzy that was sure to ensue.

"Scott's a nice guy," Reid said unsure of how to ask what he wanted.

"We were talking about our senior Morp nosy," J.J. laughed as she crossed a fallen log, "Bad Step!"

"Bad Step!" Reid yelled nearly tripping, "Was it fun?"

"It was emotional," J.J. said feeling the tiredness of the approaching afternoon settle on her for the first time that morning.

"What happened?" Reid asked noticing the change in J.J.'s body.

"He asked me to marry him." J.J. spoke softly as a gentle rumble in the distance let her know that they were nearly there.